NEK mom: ‘breaking through one-sided propaganda’

The following note accompanied a Northeast Kingdom resident’s $120 contribution, mailed last week to Vermont Daily Chronicle, P.O. Box 1547, Montpelier, VT 05601. The Chronicle is deeply grateful for readers who invest in the free press in Vermont.

Our family appreciates the unheard Vermont and beyond stories captured within the Chronicle

Although I do not agree with some of the opinions and commenters, I do very much support free speech. My fridge is graced with the Bill of Rights magnet which is a favorite of my young daughter. 

I contribute to try to be optimistic that freedom will win in the end. I don’t believe most human beings want to live under constant lockdowns and surveillance. The modern-day printing press is vital for breaking through one-sided propaganda.

I believe we can continue to be the light on the hill, but have to fulfill our responsibility as citizens. Thank you for keeping freedom and liberty at the forefront!

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