NEK high-voltage transmission project eligible for federal $$

The U.S. Department of Energy has selected Twin States Clean Energy Link as one of three projects to participate in the Transmission Facilitation Program, making it eligible for federal funding.

The project would cross the Canadian border into Vermont near the New Hampshire border, and then mostly follow the Connecticut River until it crosses into New Hampshire south of St. Johnsbury.

“The proposal is unique in that it utilizes roadway burial and existing transmission corridors in Vermont and New Hampshire to deliver 1,200 MW of clean energy directly to where it’s needed most, while unlocking new renewable development potential in the region,” stated National Grid in its announcement about the selection.

The existing overhead lines are carried on three sets of towers: one 110-foot central tower flanked by two 60-foot towers. In local presentations, Twin States officials said the new project will replace lines on the two outer towers to increase voltage capacity. In some cases, the entire towers may need to be replaced. But in most cases, Twin States Clean Energy Link has said, the outer towers will need to be lifted approximately 15 feet to accommodate the increased capacity. – republished from today’s Journal-Opinion.

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