National crisis draws conservative to Windsor GOP meeting

by Aaron Warner

Joe Trottier, former GOP Chair for the town of Hartford, will be attending his first Windsor County GOP committee meeting in several years, tomorrow at 9:30 am at the VFW on Main Street in Hartford. Trottier, who served for several years on the county and state committees, is seeing a resurgence in interest among Hartford conservatives. 

“What’s gotten everyone excited is what’s going on in the country,” he exclaims with concern in his voice. 

“These expensive programs are going to ruin the country.” When asked he refers to the $3.5 trillion budget proposal that is full of hand-outs he says will bankrupt our society. 

“I believe in hand-ups not hand-outs. I took out student loans and I paid every penny back that I borrowed plus interest.” His concerns focus not just on the fiscal irresponsibility but the lack of personal responsibility they foster.  Like so many others he sees the countries lack of workers as a direct result of government handouts, and doesn’t mince words explaining how stupid they are if we want restore America’s once vibrant economy.

“I don’t believe in a free ride,” he reiterates.  Speaking of free rides, Joe was a school bus driver in the Upper Valley for nearly twenty-six years.  Along with the country’s fiscal concerns are the rapid decay in basic morality. He has seen it among the students in recent years. 

“The kids on the bus are out of control. They are so self-absorbed taking all these selfies. They also don’t know their history. They are not being educated.” He tells of a radio program he heard earlier in the week where no one who called in could accurately name the year Columbus sailed to North America. 

“You remember that – 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” he sings melodically.  I do remember, and I understand now more than ever why Columbus is such a significant historical figure. Despite the schizophrenic retelling of his exploits here in the west, even his critics can’t argue the courage and adventurous spirit he had. 

Other concerns that will no doubt be discussed among the GOP members will include the defund the police movement alongside Critical Race Theory. Trottier cites murderers being released in Chicago and the failing state of law enforcement in Vermont’s largest city, Burlington. 

This meeting is looking for people who share these fiscal and patriotic concerns who are also willing to get involved. 

“That’s the real problem with our government.  People don’t want to get involved.” He agrees the smaller government attitude among conservatives tends to discourage their involvement in keeping the government from steering away from America’s historical values. 

All are welcome to attend tomorrow’s meeting held from 9:30am – 10:30am at the Veterans of Foreign Wars building in Hartford at 97 South Main Street.  County chair Suzanne Butterfield who is expected to be in attendance.  

The author is a Hartford resident.

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  1. Re: ““That’s the real problem with our government. People don’t want to get involved.”

    I would like to get involved.

    Can someone explain how we can become ‘poll watchers’ in the upcoming election. It’s an off-year and it would be good practice for 2022. Who do we contact (Town Clerk, Board of Civil Authority). Keep in mind that the odds are they are likely not conservatives and won’t know – or they won’t say. What’s the process? Be specific.

    Then, give us a list of what to watch out for. How are the voting machines supposed to be handled? How are the votes (especially the mail-in ballots) supposed to be tabulated? Etc., etc.

    If the Republican Party wants to be proactive, start with creating a primer on how an average citizen can get involved at the ground level – without having to run for office.

  2. Hi,
    Former Windsor county chair and state rep candidate here. Apathy. THAT is why our GOP isnt gaining traction or attendance. In Springfield we have a population of about 9,600. WRJ/Hartford has now surpassed us. We had a whole 10 people show up for our local caucus. TEN.

    We also havent had any attention from state leadership ( to my knowledge) in quite some time.

    It’s not the national epidemic of spending and NON-accountability like drunken senators that we can locally address. It’s the local county and state level things that we CAN address. Yet, this party is somewhat anemic as I type and I’m not sure WHAT we can do about it at the grassroots level.

    I DO know that we need a better apologetic than ” Democrat BAD, Republican GOOD!”

  3. Thank you Joe T for your comments here and Thanks Guy for your continued, dedicated ‘reporting’. Only thing that’s incorrect in the article is Suzanne Butterfield has been out of the County Chair seat for a few terms now but IS currently the County Secretary. All hands on deck for tomorrow’s meeting which WILL prove to be a good one after a lengthy drought.

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