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Mysterious blasts rock White River Junction

By Guy Page

Hartford (AKA White River Junction) police have confirmed the mysterious and very loud explosions heard Saturday evening. They and the Hartford Fire Department are investigating but have not yet determined the cause. 

Police this morning confirmed a report on an email ‘listserv’ for town residents: that at about 6:40pm on Saturday, September 10, two large explosions rocked Hartford from a location on Route 14. Police received multiple explosion reports at about the same time, they said. 

The listserv speculated that the blasts “are thought to be unpermitted dynamite blasts, the third such instance within the past year or so of blasts emitting from this same area.” However, police Monday morning would not confirm any cause, saying only that police and fire are investigating.

The most recent blasts on Saturday could be heard in many areas across the Town of Hartford. The second of the two explosions on Saturday was greater than any of the other blasts that occurred within the past year and resulted in a huge plume of smoke and dust that remained in the air for an extended period of time. 

The listserve report claims that at least one person on an abutting property was injured, possibly with a fractured leg. The blasts affected the wells on one or more properties in the area. 

The blasts reportedly were disturbing enough to cause at least ten people from various parts of town to rush to the area of the explosion to see what had happened and check on whether anybody had been injured or killed or needed help.

A Hartford Fire Department fire truck and about four Hartford police cruisers reportedly were dispatched to the scene of the explosion.

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  1. What was found by the investigators? An explosion of this reported magnitude would leave residue or a hole in the ground.

  2. Guess it’s a hush hush find??? Lot of strange things going on these days, right under our noses! It’s maddening!

  3. In the Catskills back in the early 1900s there was a creek that was known for its infamous Brown Trout that wouldn’t bite anything. People would go down after dark with live mice but nothing worked.
    Then one evening there was an explosion and the following morning Brown Trout could be found everywhere …. Today it’s known as fishing with Dupont sinkers.

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