My talking head debut / roadkill app / pesticide-ridden pot

by Guy Page

Friday I made my talking head debut on Vermont This Week, the long-running Vermont Public weekly current affairs program hosted by WPTZ news director Stewart Ledbetter. 

The show was prerecorded Friday afternoon at the new, roomy, high-tech Vermont Public studios in the VSAC building on East Allen Street. 

The huge office building was locked and almost vacant – VSAC works a hybrid schedule with almost everyone out of the office on Fridays – so I stood outside in the -35 windchill trying to call someone inside when by grace or serendipity former lawmaker and VSAC leader Tom Little drove up, recognized me, and let me inside. BRRR…..

The one-take, half-hour program went quickly. We covered the extension of the emergency housing funding, the wildly fluctuating cost estimates of the so-called Affordable Heating Act, and other top news for last week.

I am grateful to Stewart Ledbetter for inviting me and to the Vermont Public production staff for make-up and miking. It was an exciting “first” for me, and hopefully not the last.

Fish & Wildlife creates roadkill app, want your help – Vermont Fish & Wildlife has a new roadkill app it wants traveling Vermonters to download and report roadkill wherever they see it. But pull over first – don’t text and drive, F&W warns.

It’s all about improving wildlife habitat, a F & W statement says. “Roadkill tells us where our road system is still acting as a barrier and can be helpful information to Fish & Wildlife and Transportation managers about spots where improvement is necessary. In some cases that could mean enlarging nearby bridges or culverts to allow for under the road movement.”

NEK pot producer hit with consumer warning – 

the Vermont Cannabis Control Board (CCB) issued a consumer protection warning for flower produced by Holland Cannabis due to pesticide contamination.

Holland Cannabis is located on Valley Road in the Northeast Kingdom border town of Holland. 

The CCB say they received a report of an adverse health impact allegedly related to the smoking of an unregistered strain of Holland Cannabis flower.

The CCB obtained a sample of this product from the complainant and other samples of Holland Cannabis flower from a retail establishment and has verified that samples of multiple strains of Holland Cannabis flower tested above action limits for the active ingredient myclobutanil, a chemical used as a fungicide.

The following licensed retail establishments have sold Holland Cannabis flower:

Zenbarn (Waterbury) The High Country Cannabis (Derby) The Green Man (St. Johnsbury) Lamoille County Cannabis (Morrisville) Capital Cannabis Company (Montpelier).

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  1. Congrats, Guy. Hope you take center stage many more times in the Green Mountain state. Applause! Applause! Applause!

  2. Wish I could post a picture, it would be of the million dollar plus cannabis removal from state/national parks where illegal, highly toxic pesticides and fungicides were used on illegal cannabis grows in our park system. The toxicity was such that even big game – bear, moose, mountain lions… were found dead near the perimeter. Much more common were the smaller animals. and sadly down stream after the rains washed it into the rivers, fish and even eagles and other birds of prey.

    The ranger’s jobs were redefined from other tasks to be clean up crews for all of this and airlifts of the miles of waterlines and other debris were needed. In many fishing and hunting grounds it is unsafe for hunters and fishermen to eat their prey.

    There are so many ways in which our conceived added revenues for our new commercialized cannabis revenues will become added costs that readily deplete our resources. This is one of many.

    We truly would have been better off letting those who want to use arrange to grow their own perhaps in some cooperative fashion.

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