Muzzleloader antlerless deer permit applications available

Doe photo by John Hall, Vermont Fish & Wildlife

Vermont’s muzzleloader season antlerless deer permit applications are available online at Vermont Fish and Wildlife’s website and from license agents.  A link to the information and online applications is on the home page. 

The muzzleloader seasons on October 27-30 and December 3-11 will have antlerless permits available for 19 of Vermont’s 21 Wildlife Management Units. 

Landowners who post their land may not apply for a landowner priority muzzleloader antlerless deer permit.  They are eligible to apply in the regular lottery for an antlerless deer permit.

“In recent years, the department has successfully reduced deer numbers in many parts of Vermont to bring populations into balance with their habitat,” said Nick Fortin, deer and moose project leader for the Fish and Wildlife Department.  “As a result, the goal is now to maintain current deer numbers in most of the state.”

Deer populations in five wildlife management units, primarily in the Champlain Valley, remain above their respective population objectives.  The goal is to reduce deer numbers in those areas.”

The deadline to apply for a muzzleloader antlerless deer permit is August 3.

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  1. yessiree…..we are going to reduce the population to an extinction basis for the love of all those license $’s. I stopped buying a license years ago as I disagree with the number of antlerless permits every year (kill one doe in the fall…your killing 3 deer) and as the season lengthened to now October thur mid December (they do not mention the youth hunting weekend that happens well before the start of the first “season”
    And heres my humble thought; what are the deer doing in October into November…they are preparing for winter, eating, gaining fat so they survive. and we start chasing……I’ve lived here all my life, I’ve hunted about half of that……

  2. Agreed, so the answer may be to get a license and retire that opportunity from the system. People around here say the deer population is way down.

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