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Motorcycle group speeds, crowds, tailgates cars, with no cops to stop them

A 53-year-old Montreatl woman from Montreal was cited Saturday, September 30 after police say saw 15-20 sport-style driving dangerously on Vermont 111 in Morgan: operating at high rates of speed, crowding, tailgating, and unsafely passing vehicles.

A trooper was able to catch up and stop one of the vehicles, which was tailgating, unsafely passing, and traveling at speeds between 70-80 miles-per-hour in the posted 35 miles-per-hour zone near the Morgan Country Store.

The rest of the motorcycles continued east on Vermont 111 unpursued, pursued, because there were no other law enforcement units in the area.

Marie Voyer, 53 was issued a criminal citation to appear in court on November 14 and released from the scene. Shortly thereafter, the motorcycles were observed again traveling in a similar manner, however there was no law enforcement in that area at the time.

ST. J car theft – A 41-year-old woman was arrested following an incident in St. Johnsbury Friday, Sept. 29. Authorities say they were notified that a vehicle had been stolen from a home on Memorial Drive at around 8 AM.

Following an investigation, police allege that Susan Siewertsen, of St. Johnsbury, had taken the vehicle without the knowledge of the owner. It was also found that Siewertsen had operated the vehicle with a criminally suspended license.

State Police located the vehicle and Siewertsen on Main Street with the assistance of the St. Johnsbury Police Department.

120 MPH on I-89 – A 27-year-old Milton man from Milton was cited for excessive speeding in Colchester September 29 after police say he was clocked at traveling 120 miles-per-hour in a posted 65 miles-per-hour speed limit zone on I-89 north at around 10:35 a.m. Draven Seats was issued a Vermont Civil Violation Complaint for speeding with a waiver penalty of $806. He was released with a citation to answer the charge at a later date and time.

Fatal motorcycle crash – Roy Loomis, 70 of West Rutland was driving his Kawasaki motorcycle  west on N. Shrewsbury Rd. in Clarendon Sunday, October 1 after 11 AM when police say he failed to stop at a red light and was struck by a southbound pickup truck driven by Nicholas Winne, 38 of West Rutland. He was pronounced dead at the scene. No charges are pending at present.

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  1. Well, when you de-fund the police, and don’t prosecute criminals to the full
    extent of the law, per the liberal mindset with their policy decisions, well this
    is what you get !!

    Enjoy what you got, you voted these fools in …………………………..