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Morrison named top cop for Vermont

Commissioner of Public Safety Jennifer Morrison

Jennifer Morrison has been appointed by Gov. Phil Scott as the commissioner of the Department of Public Safety (DPS). She will be the first woman to serve in the role, overseeing the State Police, Vermont Emergency Management, Vermont Crime Information Center, Forensic Lab, Division of Fire Safety and more.

“Over the course of her accomplished career in law enforcement, Commissioner Morrison has demonstrated a deep commitment to service, dedicated to improving her communities and keeping Vermonters safe,” said Governor Scott. “She has been a great asset to our team and will continue to excel in the critical role of Vermont’s commissioner of the Department Public Safety.”

Prior to joining DPS in October 2020 as executive director of policy development and later deputy commissioner, Morrison spent three decades in Vermont’s law enforcement community. She joined the Burlington Police Department as an officer in 1990 and advanced through the ranks, ultimately becoming deputy chief. In 2013, she accepted the position of chief of the Colchester Police Department, a role she held for the next five years before retiring. In retirement she worked as a consultant and instructor before returning to the Burlington Police Department in January 2020 as interim police chief for six months. 

“I am humbled by the opportunity to serve in this capacity,” said Commissioner Morrison. “There is much to be done as we continue to modernize our approach to public safety. I look forward to learning from the outstanding professionals at DPS and leveraging 30+ years of experience and relationships to benefit all Vermonters.”

Morrison’s appointment is effective immediately. She succeeds Michael Schirling, who left the role in June to work for the University of Vermont. 

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  1. Isn’t THIS the same person who oversaw Colchester PD when one of their “detectives” practically EMPTIED the evidence room of drugs to “give to his gay boyfriend” and STOLE over a DOZEN guns that are still missing to this day? That’s Vermont for you, it’s the “Peter Principle” where you advance according to the level of your incompetence. All this happened under HER WATCH, why reward FAILURE? Oh right! Say no more..Phil Scott..And Schirling returns to UVM, never having to answer for HIS “enforcing” Scott’s stupid masking orders & shutdowns, blatantly unconstitutional? Guv Picklenose strikes again! At least he’s a….”republican”!

    • Thanks for the reminder. It’s just another example of the “systemic” corruption at every level of our so-called civil service class. Some of these people spend their careers as cogs in the government aparatus. And these days, some feel entitled to such promotions as payback for whatever victim class they identify with at the moment, as drummed into them via the corporate media/education/medical/ financial leviathan, each with their own lobbying division.

      It will be interesting to see how “public safety” fares in this state under her watch. I pray for the best, but as noted on another article, it is unclear if any statistics are being kept on crimes and criminals, nor on the unequal standards of accountability being applied by the criminal justice system. It seems a convenient aid toward avoiding accountability in office.

  2. continues to styme me when I see the term “civil servant” or “public servant” …local, state, federal
    servicing themselves is more like it…at our expense. lets call it “self service” from now on, at least that would be the truth of the matter……

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