More mayhem in Burlington

Two shot to death, car hits pedestrian on sidewalk

By Guy Page

Two people were shot to death, another was seriously injured by gunfire, and another was struck by a car while walking on the sidewalk over the weekend in the Old North End of Burlington. 

With the number of Burlington patrol officers down to 53 from a full roster of over 90, the Burlington City Council will decide tonight whether to approve a proposed police salary increase/retention bonus package meant to reverse the outflow of Burlington Police officers. 

Regarding the weekend’s carnage, BPD published two press releases this morning providing basic details but no names or information about the causes of the crimes. 

Sunday July 24, at about 11:37 pm, dispatchers from the Burlington Police Department received a 911 call about a bleeding male lying on the grassy area at the intersection Manhattan Drive and Rose St.. The intersection is located in the Old North End not far from the Northern Connector highway. 

Officers arrived on scene as well as Burlington Fire Department to find a male with significant injuries. Based on the evidence on scene, it was determined a vehicle drove up and over the sidewalk at the intersection, striking the male who was walking on the sidewalk, and throwing him to the roadway. The vehicle immediately left the scene leaving the injured male in the roadway. 

Burlington Fire Department transported the male to the University of Vermont Medical Center’s Emergency Department with serious non-life threatening injuries. Burlington Police Department is asking the public for help. If anyone heard or saw a vehicle leaving the area quickly is asked to call the Burlington Police Department.

About three hours later, at 2:20 AM Monday July 25, Burlington Police Department dispatchers received calls about gunshots at an apartment on North Winooski Avenue. Police responded and discovered one male, 27, and one female, 22, dead from gunshot wounds. A second female, 22, was seriously injured from multiple gunshot wounds and was removed to the hospital. Police recovered the AR-15 believed to have been used in the crime. Police currently believe that all involved persons are accounted for, and there is no additional danger to the public. 

Police did not say whether the incidents are related. The firearms homicides are the second and third in Burlington this month. 

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  1. “Qualified Immunity” should be waived for Burlington’s City Council members and charges or civil lawsuits should be filed for their “Defund the Police” crusade.

  2. Mayor Weinberg was quoted as saying that these deaths were residual from a prior, unnamed BTV administration and just recently discovered .—-Nothing to see here —-keeping annual shootings in the Queen City at well below the 250 per annum rate.

  3. I like the claim, “There is no additional danger to the public”! Sure, as far as anybody knows now! But there was somebody running around with an AR-15 that could have let loose on some of us public! Atta’ go Burlington City Council!! Shame on you!!

  4. True Cause of the murders was reduced Police, Drug dealing, A Nobody prosecutor, and ignorant judges, Filled with politically correct Bull-crap.
    “Help these poor devils ?!?!?
    Plain language

  5. Aren’t ar-15s already illegal to possess in Burlington? We should pass some more laws. Those darn guns keep pulling their own triggers!

    • I don’t see how they could be, but it’s irrelevant. A man interested in killing two women and then himself wouldn’t be slowed down by lack of a firearm, no matter what color it was.

  6. People lost loved ones today. May the LORD bring comfort to family and friends of the victims of the murder-suicide shooting. I pray the hospitalized woman lives and heals from her physical and mental wounds. May they all turn to the LORD for peace and healing.