More boring photos that tell a story

by Guy Page

A couple of Fridays ago, Vermont Daily Chronicle printed a boring photo of empty parking spaces. Specifically, they were the three spaces reserved for legislative carpooling at the State House. Today, the House passed H736, the Transportation bill, which (among many other provisions) requires employers to develop a carbon-reducing commuter plan for their employees.

Also recently approved by the House was H606, setting a goal that by 2050, 50% of total Vermont area will be off-limits to development. The bill, sponsored by House Natural Resources Chair Rep. Amy Sheldon (D-E. Middlebury), explicitly includes Vermont as promoting a U.N. “50 by 50” global biodiversity initiative. If successful, half of all Vermont land area would be ineligible for any development – about double the current acreage of national and state forest, wetlands, land trust, and other property where development is not a permitted use.

This bill has been eagerly received by the slow-growth members of the General Assembly. Below are satellite photos of the homes (marked by pins courtesy of Google Maps) of four Vermont House and Senate leaders in the forefront of land conservation and preservation. Their names and hometowns are not included, and where possible identifying highways are cropped out. The point is….. well, the viewer may draw his or her own inclusions. That’s what boring pictures are all about.

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  1. Legislator hypocrisy on parade. Development for me not for thee. Thank you Guy Page for pointing it out.

  2. Next will be check points at the real estate offices to make sure you are an ‘approved buyer’:
    Been in the State less than two years.
    Income of 80k or higher.
    Home in Vermont is second not first home – the ‘get away’ home.
    Drives an EV they can’t get from heah to theah with – especially during mud season – so the next big initiative will be to pave ALL the roads in VT, and at each ‘top of the gap’ going east to west or west to east, an EV station is located that required powerlines to be put in.
    Kids will masks until they are adults.
    Parents black, female, or transgender (preferably all three).
    No background checks – just show up with your glam fam and glitz on (i.e. Cabela’s or LL Bean faux country attire). We’ll make sure you are one of the above just by looking at you.
    And top of the list is to post your land so locals cannot access (dirty heathens).
    That’s the vision of Vermont those brainless deadhead zombies want for us Vermonters.
    Gonna’ go right down and pat’em on the back for that one.
    Welcome to: You’re not Welcome Here Vermont. Especially if you’re been here longer than 2 years let alone generations.

    • Remember that old TV show that interviewed the elderly VERMONT farmer? ‘You see them from time to time with their foreign cars, bicycles on top. They buy land, build a fence and lay low for a year, maybe two. Then they commence to notice there’s land on ‘tother side of that fence. That’s when the trouble..,,,”.

  3. Most conservationists already have land so they don’t care if others can’t own land and put a house on it.

  4. The homes on display are probably owned by the same ones who have reserved and unfilled carpool parking spots.

  5. Excellent! Ha Ha Ha! I bet some of those nearby roads often top the list for infrastructure improvement paving too! Thanks again!

  6. A photo – or four – is worth a thousand words! Great visuals to accompany recent hypocritical ideas for the little people

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