Montpelier couple busted for public sex / Homeowner charged with arson / Goddard College burglarized

by Guy Page

A 49-year-old male and a 42-year-old woman were arrested in the late morning of Friday, September 1 by Montpelier police while engaging in a sex act in a public space in plain view of passing vehicles and pedestrians.

The event occurred at about 10:55 AM in a grassy area on Memorial Drive, AKA Rtes. 2 and 12 in Montpelier.

Officer Joshua Rolland and Corporal Michael Philbrick were on regular patrol when they observed a couple engaged in a sex act in plain view of passing vehicles and foot traffic in a public space, the MPD Facebook post said September 2. Officers intervened and stopped the graphic display.

“Our investigation revealed probable cause that a 49-year-old male and a 44-year-old female, both from Montpelier, had committed the crime(s) of lewd and lascivious conduct and prohibited conduct (misdemeanors) and were arrested. These informational posts are made in the interest of general transparency and community awareness of MPD activities,” MPD said.

Police did not provide either their names or addresses, other than to say they live in Montpelier. Exclusive video of the event, taken by a passerby and emailed to VDC, shows a man appearing to perform oral sex on a partially-clad woman. The video will not be made public by VDC.

Man set his house on fire, police say – Vermont State Police are investigating an intentionally set fire that occurred early Saturday, Sept. 9 at 68 Taylor Valley Rd. in Strafford. Troopers arrested the owner of the home, 37-year-old Edward Gallagher III, on a charge of first degree arson.

At about 8 a.m. Saturday, a caller reported that the home had burned to the ground and was still smoldering. The Strafford Volunteer Fire Department responded to the scene and based on evidence found at the location, requested the Vermont Department of Public Safety Fire and Explosion Investigation Unit investigate. 

Police say the fire was intentionally set in the overnight hours, and the homeowner, who was unaccounted for, was identified as the suspect. At about 9:20 a.m., troopers received a report that Gallagher was at a nearby store. State police responded and arrested him without incident.

Gallagher was ordered jailed without bail pending an arraignment scheduled for 1 p.m. Monday, Sept. 11, in the Criminal Division of Vermont Superior Court in Chelsea.

The investigation into this incident remains ongoing. Anyone with information that could assist investigators is asked to contact Detective Sgt. Christopher Blais at the Royalton Barracks at 802-234-9933.

Burglars in U-Haul steal $10K of tools from Goddard College – Thieves driving a U-Haul burglarized Goddard College in Plainfield at 3:35 AM Sunday, September 3.

State police say at least two suspects drove to the college in a U-Haul truck, entered a maintenance building, and stole approximately $10,000 worth of tools before leaving.

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  1. I guess the two sex maniacs from Montpeculier should have come to Burlington to perform their acts. In Burlington, as long as you leave home naked there in no crime. The crime ( at least in Burlington) is when you disrobe in public, not when you are naked in public.
    NOT THAT I AGREE, because I think it’s shameful. A time is coming where there will be public orgies, just like thousand of years ago for idol worshipers.

      • It’s pretty evident that most can be exhibitionists, hedonists & amoral too without putting in too much effort…oh wait, many in Vermont already are!

        Offering child sacrifice to evil through abortion? Sure!!! Mutilating the genitals of pre-pubescent kids? Why not? Inciting violence & murder to abet the overthrow of the US government to install a one-world order? Of course!

        See you on Memorial Avenue sans clothes tomorrow then, Jim?

  2. And let me guess: Droves of clueless “it’s Vermont, ya do what ya want” walking, cycling, and driving by and NOT calling this crime in to the police? After all, it’s the police who are the problem, not hedonistic exhibitionist lawless weirdo’s, right Vermont?

    Your devil may care abandon with regard to horrific behaviors & acts on the part of your fellow citizens AND your legislators make YOU a part of the problem. Good Lord, as in the Bible and in the song: To everything there is a season. And there is even a season (lately) to get NEW YORK with people! And that time is now.

  3. Didn’t think anything was illegal in VT.

    Not an issue on the arrest though Sarah George will have them out in a jiff Just in time for the second performance . This is art , isn’t it?

  4. Morality and decent behavior in humans is now sunk to animal behavior, except animals don’t want a crowd of onlookers!

  5. So, politicians want to give illegal drug users safe injection sites. Why not give this guy a place for a safe injection? I think the latter puts people in a better mood.

  6. Somehow I find it unnatural to condemn this act of friendship, however, I do wish they could have found a more private place to please each other. And perhaps the police should have just strongly suggested they move somewhere else much less public, after all…

    • It’s not an “act of friendship” – it is a pro-creative act first & foremost that two people share in a private space within a committed relationship so that whatever the consequences may be as a direct result of this act it can and shall be handled without the possibility of taking the very life of another which they created or result in acquiring unforeseen diseases. It’s not a display of amicability like exchanging a friendship ring is nor it akin to spending the day at an amusement park because it’s “fun”.

      This was all spelled out in the most read two-thousand-year-old plus historic text that most are now shunning if not mocking because, of course, we all know better than the most famous, revered, brilliant, and perfect human being who ever walked the face of this earth. And here we are – not even being able to supposedly recognize the difference between the TWO (as there are but only two) sexes, but we can smugly ignore His teachings & directives as we’re so very obviously handling things so much better!

      Want an audience? Learn how to sing and play a guitar.

  7. Next legislative session, Progressives will pass a law (veto proof!) legalizing, or at least decriminalizing public sex acts.

  8. More heart warming news from Bernie Sanders socialist Utopia. Vermonters vote for this reliably and enthusiastically every two years.

  9. As civil society collapses, don’t be surprised to see more displays of violence, sexual exhibitions, and bodies laying about half-alive or dead. The term “build back better” means destruction has to occur before building it back. As far the man burning down his house, that is not arson, that is climate change as we now know.

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