Montpelier considers allowing homeless camps

The City of Montpelier is considering allowing homeless encampments after the State of Vermont ends its homeless housing program July 1 – but there will be limits, according to a proposed policy draft.

Under the proposed draft, the city and staff (including police) “will take a general non-involvement approach to any found camping sites. Staff will intervene and ask encampments to relocate if they are on privately owned land, in the identified high-sensitivity areas,” or if health and safety problems exist.

“High-sensitivity areas are locations where the health and safety impacts of homeless encampments have a heightened potential to degrade sensitive natural resources, critical infrastructure, or create significant obstruction to residences, businesses, emergency routes and rights-of-way,” the draft says. “The City of Montpelier requests that camp sites are not established in these high-sensitivity areas: Schools and adjoining grounds, Licensed daycare facilities (including City-run day camps), Park walking/biking trails/paths (camping is not permitted after dark in City Parks, per ordinance), Jurisdictional wetlands, waters, and waterways.”

The policy also prohibits encampments near homes and businesses: “50 feet of the property boundary of any off-site residents or business, 50 feet of the activity limits of a playground, public park, soccer field, baseball field, basketball court, tennis court or golf course. If the encampment includes an individual who is a registered sex offender, this boundary extends to 2,000 feet.”

Compliance “must balance the rights of encamped individuals against its fundamental duty to maintain public safety and public health,” the draft says.

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  1. I guess the city council saw what a great success these kinds of policies have had in promoting scenic tent villages in large cities on the West coast and they dont want Montpelier to be left behind on this emerging social trend. Some of the added bonuses that can be counted on to enhance these areas are human feces, bloody syringes and public drug use…great topics for discussion with our children as we take them shopping and to the park. I’m sure the businesses will also welcome these encampments as enhancements to bringing people out shopping and dining.

  2. I propose the City Council open up their personal properties and City Hall for these unfortunate folks to reside and prosper in – isn’t that what unification is all about? Unify councilors and Madam Mayor. Bring these downtrodden, newly arrived world citizens into the City Hall chambers to live and proper in your spaces! Bring them home for dinner, give them your money, set them up with a family plan on your cell phone, let them live in your garage – certainly you can sacrifice a little bit of your space for the betterment of humanity! Unite them all under your gracious graces – show us all how it’s done and start showing what reparations is all about – you can do it!

  3. Vermont has LOST it’s mind thanks to Obama & his follower’s great nightmare of SOCIAL ENGINEERING. Vermont is RUINING itself from within & rampant drug abuse, violent crime, and pollution will ALL flourish as tourism FAILS.

    Good job in electing democRATS, VT!

  4. California is alive and well in Vermont. Congratulations in eroding a beautiful state into a complete Commie Crap Hole. Just wait until this whole thing plays out. No one is stopping it.

  5. Wow, the lengths Montpelier will go to to avoid setting up their own homeless shelter! For the last twenty years they have been avoiding taking responsibility for their own homeless and simply shuttled them to Good Samaritan in Barre, then sat back and smugly complained about how Barre has homeless people.
    Just build a shelter and stop expecting everybody else to do your heavy lifting for you.

  6. Camping, Bah!!! These lazy, drunken, druggies are not “campers”, they are bums. Blame it on mental issues, drugs, their rotten parents, what ever gives you a warm fuzzy feeling of “compassion” .What they need is a kick in the a$$, a warm cell to detox in, and a ja, ja, job !

  7. Is that what the citizens of Montpelier want? Tent cities across the town and all that goes with it, See some other areas that have allowed such habitation. And then what happens is when Montpelier permits this, it encourages even more homeless to come to Montpelier from surrounding areas. I would think local businesses, restaurants, shopping and tourist visitation would find this very disconcerting. And it doesn’t solve the problem, what when Winter arrives. i would bet the lawn area around the Capitol Building would be an attractive area that appealed to squatters with shacks and tents. Best to solve the problem at the beginning because once it happens, the problems will swiftly multiply. Who are these people that make decisions for the city? Suggest you find out! Discontinuing July 4, Independence Day for an African Celebration of Diversity is just an indication of things to come.

  8. With 2700 Vermonters due to leave our homeless hotel accommodations, I hope other communities will recognize a need for such policy considerations.

  9. Well of course they do…It wouldn’t be a liberal trash city without a homeless camp…Good grief, the local and out of state liberals would get lost without that sort of landmark.

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