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Missing boy found dead in Marshfield

A thirteen-year-old boy missing since Thurday afternoon was found dead in Marshfield Saturday.

David Hill III

State police did not release the nature of the death of David Hill III, but said it “is not considered suspicious.”

Hill left his home on foot in Plainfield on foot at about 12:30 pm on Thursday, June 8, police say.

Woman falls from train bridge – A woman was hospitalized after falling off a train bridge onto the bank of the Winooski River in Colchester Saturday, according to Colchester Police.

The incident, reported at approximately 8:54 p.m., initially was thought to have occurred near Lime Kiln Road, but was later confirmed to be in the area of Gorge Road.

The woman was located lying on the river bank after her fall from the bridge.

Officers from South Burlington Police Department, Winooski Police Department, and University of Vermont Police Services assisted in the response to the incident. Train traffic was halted in the area as rescue teams from Colchester Fire Department, Colchester Technical Rescue, South Burlington Fire Department, Winooski Fire Department, and Saint Michael’s College Fire collaborated to retrieve the injured woman.

The woman was later transported to the University of Vermont Medical Center by Saint Michael’s College Rescue for evaluation of her injuries.

Fuel truck explosion ongoing – Investigation into last week’s fire involving a truck carrying compressed natural gas on Route 7 in Ferrisburgh remains active and ongoing. The Vermont State Police and the Department of Motor Vehicles Enforcement & Safety Division are working in close coordination on various elements of the investigation.

June 1, at about 11 pm, the Vermont State Police responded to a natural gas tanker that had caught fire and exploded on Route 7 near Dakin Farm Road in Ferrisburgh. The tanker had been traveling southbound on Route 7 when a motorist behind the tanker observed sparks coming from under the trailer. The motorist was able to get in front of the tanker, stop it and alert the operator to the fire. The operator was able to get out and away from the tanker before it caught fire.

The Vermont State Police provided the initial law enforcement response to this incident. Troopers will be interviewing involved parties and witnesses, and completing documentation of a non-collision vehicle emergency, which is standard procedure when VSP responds to vehicle fires.

DMV also responded to the scene and is performing an evaluation of the involved tanker truck due to its status as a commercial motor vehicle. This includes post-incident inspection and follow-up investigation as necessary, along with notification to other relevant government and private regulatory bodies as needed.

Work has been completed to repair the road surface and various cables including internet and electrical that were damaged in the blaze. Investigators have determined that the natural gas tanker did not explode, as vehicles transporting compressed natural gas and other petrochemicals have a safety mechanism designed to off-gas the contents in a controlled manner in the case of a fire specifically to avoid a potentially catastrophic explosion.

The tanker involved in this incident is owned by KAG Merchant Gas Group LLC of Lansdale, Pennsylvania, and the operator is identified as Tyshawn Brown of Colchester.

The Vermont State Police continues to be interested in speaking to any witnesses to this incident. Motorists and others in the area who saw the fire or the tanker prior to the blaze are asked to call the Vermont State Police in New Haven at 802-388-4919 and ask for Sgt. Brittani Barone.

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  1. The State of Vermont & indeed this entire nation is doing a remarkable job in making youngsters feel stable, safe, and joyful. What with our drug culture that enables & encourages both legal & illegal mind-altering substances, the demonization of the religious & emphasis on all things secular if not downright demonic, and the perverse teachings that proclaim human beings can transform their biological sex, or that Caucasians are the horrific oppressors of every other race extent in this world – truly are all creating happy, healthy, well-balanced kids!!!

    The blood is on the hands of all those who support and disperse this garbage.

    • Not to mention sudden cardiac arrest resulting from pericarditis/myocarditis from the spike protein.

  2. The company involved in the gas truck explosion was brought to DMV and FMCSA attention last fall due to poor safety performance in VT. Might be worth checking out what they did about it

  3. Prayers up for the 13 year old boy and his loved ones. Prayers up also for people to rise up to protect and nurture the sanctity of life against all demonic attacks.