Miro says ACLU “badly out of touch” about policing & violence

The ACLU of Vermont’s support for continued low funding of police fails to appreciate the connection between police staffing and reducing violent crime, Mayor Miro Weinberger said today.

In a September 9 letter to the City of Burlington, the ACLU points to the Burlington Police Department’s (BPD) own data showing crime is down significantly this year, in the midst of new police reform initiatives and a reduction in the police force. Also, BPD data shows the number of incidents is down 46% from 2016 thru 2021, the ACLU says.

Weinberger said in effect that the ACLU analysis misses the increase and impact of criminal violence.

“We welcome Mr. Diaz’s endorsement of the many progressive police reforms and innovative public safety investments that have driven the dramatic decrease in overall police incidents across the City since 2015,” Weinberger responded.

“However, his dismissal of the significance of the recent dramatic increase in gunfire incidents, and failure to understand that there is a direct relationship between police investment and violent crime is badly out of touch with the major challenges facing the Police Department today,” Weinberger said. “Mr. Diaz’s flawed analysis should not carry the day as the City confronts critical decisions about police recruitment, retention, and the authorized number of officers in the weeks ahead.”

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  1. Miro should be concerned, Burlington’s already understaffed police department is poised to lose even more good cops from the decimated remnant still sticking it out. Those progressive lunatics that voted to defund their own department will beg for emergency police assistance from surrounding communities as more out-of-state gang members flock to their city to shoot at each other among assorted other violent crimes. Bad news flash for the BTV progs – our departments are already understaffed so, while you may not get what you’re asking for, you may well get what you deserve.

  2. Does that lunatic on the City Council that proposed that Cops should not have firearms still think that was a good idea ????? The people of Burlington need to wake up, not woke up, before Burlington turns into just another ___hole of liberal humanity.

  3. It’s the sane people who recognize that Burlington Progressives are totally OK with putting safety and livelihoods at risk. As always, it’s their high ideals and lack of principles that drive violence and mayhem (which, evidently, is just fine) . Turn the tables and boycott the City of Burlington. Stop patronizing establishments and events in the city to draw the ire of businesses and the citizens to speak out against the Mayor and the City Council. In the end, it’s economic decline that will bring change to the City.

  4. Is there anything the ACLU is in-touch with? I gave them thousands back in the day, and now they’ve been hollowed out and worn as a suit by a bunch of sociopaths.

  5. The national ACLU has also been taken over by “woke”. As have countless other organizations. Younger people with little experience and no seniority take over leadership. The head has stated that Amy Schrier’s books should be banned.

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