Meyers: Balint team falsely called Molly Gray ‘homophobic’

by Dr. Louis Meyers

VTDigger is now reporting on the massive amount of dark money which Becca Balint received in the latter stages of the primary congressional campaign.

As we now know, a young cryptocurrency billionaire in California donated over one million dollars to Balint’s campaign under the auspices of a LGBQT Super-Pac. Ms. Balint used this gusher of money to flood Vermont’s television, radio, and newspapers with her political ads, and also blanketed the state with thousands of yard signs.

She turned what had been a close contest with Lieutenant Governor Molly Gray into a rout.
When Ms. Gray questioned during the campaign where all of this money was coming from, the Balint team insinuated that Gray was homophobic – which is absolutely false.

When the F.E.C. documents – after the primary had ended -revealed the true source of the money, Ms. Balint stated that she had not been aware of this; and that federal election laws clearly needed to be changed to open up fundraising to increased transparency.

What Ms. Balint did not mention is that her campaign staff had met with some of those PAC donors several months prior to the donation.
While it is admirable that VTDigger is now pursuing this story, where were they when it was actually taking place?

Why was there so little curiosity about how an LGBQT organization suddenly had all of this money to donate to one candidate?

Why were Becca Balint’s aspersions on Molly Gray not questioned?

We know that the big breaks in the Woodward and Bernstein Watergate investigation came from doggedly pursuing the money trail. As Deep Throat advised: “Follow the money.” VTDigger failed to do that when it really mattered.

This was not a Watergate moment for this news outlet.

The author was a Democratic candidate for Congress. He lives in South Burlington.

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  1. I am just guessing but —-if Rebecca did not know this in detail and was an active participant in securing these funds any point she should not be heading to DC as VTs congressperson.
    My second guess there is more to this and there lies criminal activities or intent somewhere in this bucket of worms.
    My third guess is that Vermont’s press will blow by this quickly ( Vermont Chronicles the exception here) to distance themselves of the shame of their failure.
    There is no plausible deniability here only culpability . It will be interesting to see who falls on this sword.

  2. I responded to Ms. Balint’s requests for funding: To one request such request, I suggested that she might ask for it from pharmaceutical corporations. The response expressed that no funds were being received from pharmaceutical companies.
    I also emailed and Posted to Ms. Balint’s Facebook Timeline a question as to how she felt about puberty blockers for children. I got no response. I assume that my Timeline Post was Deleted.
    The extended transgender medicine industry, which includes the pharmaceutical industry, is preying on children.
    From where is this campaign money coming? Reportedly, a man who set fire to a police officer during summer, 2020 was released on over $2,000,000 bail, although he was immediately re-arrested on federal charges.
    There is interconnection. Karlyn Borosenko is doing brilliant work in exposing it.

  3. Maybe I’m just unusual this way, but when someone spends a million bucks on me, I like to know who they are and what they want. Just sayin’.

  4. I love that today’s Digger headline is that Balint and Welch are donating their donations from FTX crypto CEO to charity. Oh wait, you mean $2,900 not the $999,000 that Balint received?

    • I used corrupt money to win. I stole something. I’ll give it back and now I’m innocent.

      And the people eat it up.

    • But they did NOT return the money to the victims of this thief to help mitigate the losses of the victims. They donated it to charity, which probably means they’ll be taking a tax credit for their “charitable donations”!
      Is there some kind of race in politics to see who can become the MOST corrupt in the shortest time?? These two sure seem to be in such a race! Such sleaze.

  5. Why are we surprised by this? How much more evidence do we need?

    Becca Balint has shown herself to be a Radical Progressive with
    Marxist/Socialistic beliefs. She could easily be deemed a traitor and insurrectionist if the words were used correctly with their true meanings.

    Like many other elected persons of her ilk, rather than serving her constituency and upholding our Laws and Constitution(s) as she has taken an Oath to do, she is working against the foundational structure of our Constitutional Free Republic Government.

    If the Vermont election numbers are true, it’s very sad to see so many self-destructive Vermont Voters who continue to vote for her and somehow can’t see her as the enemy of our Government and our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms that she is.

  6. And THIS is why the Republican Party needed a coherent challenger. The two party system is broken. Most states like Vermont, on the national level, which is where the most influence is wielded, will perpetually vote for one party no matter what. If the moderate Democrats in those states (Molly Gray in this case) are going to be pushed aside by Progressives and vice versa with “maga” republicans there needs to be common sense alternatives (not implying Molly Gray was necessarily the case here.)

  7. Apparently even a signed confession from balint would not be enough to convince many Vermont voters. The gaslighting is too complete, too permanent in Vermont.
    That VTDigger chose not to publish any negative story on balint is not news, the protection of a pre-ordained female congress member was demanded well before 2022. Bonus points for sexual orientation. No, molly gray was and is not homophobic for her statement- but it makes a headline. The corruption in Vermont politics rivals that of New York, Connecticut, Mass. and other D controlled states. Add in the election gimmicks of mail-in ballots and Vermont will not ever elect conservative voices to high statewide positions. james condos, balint, krowinski and others have made a permanent change to Vermont elections in 2020. One that will not change in future decades. Campaigns are now moot, the new direction is ballots, not votes.
    The party that controls the ballots wins.

  8. I think she meant commiehilic, but then she decided on a different term because she didn’t want people to understand who was more a more friendly commrade.

  9. Rather than allegedly giving the funds to a “charity,” since the entity that gave the monies to the fund declared bankruptcy, the monies should be handed over to the Trustee in bankruptcy to put back into the pool of funds for the unsecured creditors that were harmed.

  10. Louis Meyers letter is important, particularly as a Democrat, as it demonstrates to the electorate, that there are Democrats that are outraged by Balint’s behavior.
    It is beyond reprehensible to call Molly Gray “homophobic”.

    Such behavior by Balint is what you get from someone pushing the “castration agenda” which is what Article 22 is: State power over all reproductive rights, such that those who got vaxxed and might have had a still birth or are now infertile, are now further without rights…

    Now did any candidate for Congress run to establish a National Infrastructure Bank….no instead we get hate speech from Becca, the leader in grift.