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Meth user enters homes, attacks sleeping man with bat

Saturday, July 2 at 2:25 AM, Troopers responded to a home invasion in Bristol involving a meth user swinging a baseball bat.

State police say Isaac Crawford (22) of Keene, NH was high on Methamphetamine when he entered two occupied residences on Carterville Road knowing he was not privileged to do so. The residences belonged to Jason Jerome (46) and Anita Carter (56), respectively, who were asleep at the time and did not know Crawford. Crawford then unsuccessfully swung a baseball bat at Jerome, and a pickaxe at Tim Armell (56), who came out of his residence to assist.

Crawford was placed under arrest and transported to the New Haven Barracks for processing. At the conclusion of processing, Crawford was transported to the Northwest Regional Correctional Facility on $10,000 bail with a citation to appear in Addison County Superior Court, Criminal Division the following business day.

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  1. These stories will continue unabated in a once safe, low crime State. Please be sure to thank your local representatives, Senators, and Gov Scott, et al., for making Vermont a drug invested, perverted, cesspool of corruption. Can you see how their policies are working right in your own door yard? Give them credit where credit is due.

  2. These are the reasons I will never vote another democrat as ling as I live. — And if a druggie breaks into my home at 2am, his next ride will be ordered by the ME.

  3. Home invasions in the dead of night are one good argument against ANY limit on magazine capacity. One’s aim is expected to be a bit off when awakened suddenly. It’s not a “high capacity magazine”, it’s a life insurance policy.