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Memo: Omicron causes “emergency staffing situation” among UVMMC nurses

By Guy Page

The number of University of Vermont Medical Center staff out of work due to Omicron has doubled in the past week, forcing temporary emergency staffing measures, Chief Nursing Officer Peg Gagne said in Tuesday, Jan. 11 memo to all UVMMC nurses.

“The Omicron variant is sweeping through our communities and our care teams,” the memo says. “The number of UVM Medical Center staff out of work due to Covid has doubled in the last week, and current projections indicate that these numbers will continue to grow.

The illness-related shortage is occurring as patient volume is growing.

“At the same time, our emergency and inpatient volumes are high as we see increasing numbers of Covid patients throughout the patient population.”

The “emergency staffing situation” has led Gagne and other UVMMC leaders – after discussion with the nursing union – to impose the following changes:

  • Leaders deployed to clinical/support roles
  • Flexing of staff assignments to areas of highest need
  • Circulators and charge nurses assigned to areas of highest need
  • Staff, beginning with traveler” nurses, will be deployed “voluntarily/involuntarily” to areas of highest need.

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  1. I suspect that ’emergency staffing’ criteria qualifies for additional governmental funding – whether or not its proven to be necessary.

    Isn’t it a shame we now have to be so skeptical of our healthcare professionals and their motivation? Whatever happened to ‘do no harm’?

    • It became irrelevant ever since doctors became legally able to murder innocent babies in utero and then years later – murder the elderly or ill in VT as well. Who’s next?

  2. I do hope your skepticism is unfounded- and that the health care professionals are but following orders and diktats from above- all the way above the CDC to whomever is orchestrating this madness. Regardless it does cast a dark shadow on the health care profession and what we can believe.
    fauci, wallensky and countless others bear responsibility, but they too are following orders. I suppose biden cannot be where the buck stops- his cognitive condition makes him but a pawn in this charade.

    • I understand that I’m in a position to voice my unadulterated opinion on these matters because I’ve positioned myself to be relatively safe from reprisal. Nonetheless, if we could hear from some of these medical folks (Dr. Levine, for example) here on the open forum for open debate, it would go a long way toward re-establishing our trust. But the fact that they choose not to expose themselves to questioning adds to my skepticism. In that regard, I’m looking forward to seeing the December data on Covid hospitalization and deaths by age group and vaccination status that was so curiously absent from their recent reporting.

      The same goes for the politicians that enable them. For example, I look forward to reading Mr. Walz’s answer to Guy’s query on the ‘Flag issue’.

      • I’d love to see that data too. Unfortunately, it will be a cold day in hell before we will see it. You can’t have data that shows everyone dying of covid, while heart attacks, cancer, influenza, and car accidents have miraculously disappeared. Why they would be incriminating themselves, and who would do that?

    • The vax was not worthless. Vast majority of Covid patients I have seen in the ICU here were unvaccinated (and all of the pregnant patients in ICU due to Covid). VAX is indeed helping keep people out of the ICU and helping reduce the severity of their infections.

      • davidcjones
        a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, prepared from the causative agent of a disease, its products, or a synthetic substitute, treated to act as an antigen without inducing the disease.

      • This is misleading. As you know it’s fluid and changes almost daily. For example today, your claim is false. We could discuss day by day and agree at times we’ve had >50% unvaccinated. If we talk overall, you are incorrect.
        It’s rather irresponsible to not add the caveat that (not including pregnant women), comorbidity plays a generous role for these folks also.
        Re vaccine working- it would be interesting to see how many breakthroughs we’ve had admitted vs reinfection admissions. That’s one incredible number to look at but no one seems want to. Then we could argue vaccine efficacy vs natural immunity.

      • If you define “unvaccinated” as “not fully vaccinated”, your 2nd statement makes sense.

        The clotshot is putting people into the morgue. The following theoretical article applies both to covid and to covid vaccines causing abdominal aneurysms because the cause is postulated to be immune response to the spike protein.

        “Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2, coronavirus disease 2019, and abdominal aortic aneurysms”

        My vascular surgeon buddy tells me that this year business is booming for vascular surgeons. Lots of clot patients are vaccinated. About half of his clotting cases are due to new onset clotting issues due to covid (both vaccinated and unvaccinated) and about half are vaccinated non-covid. The numbers unvaccinated non-covid haven’t changed.

        I’m sure doctors can follow the CDC guidance about how to detect a covid vaccine cause of death. If the CDC gave such guidance. But would doctors feel free to voice any opinions or offer data against covid vaccines without fear of losing their license or termination by their employer?

  3. I have to wonder if this report from UVM is in anyway the truth,I mean it is cold and flew season?!

  4. Guy- it’s important to note that since this email, many of us uvmmc RNs and hcw have offered to pick up shifts and return to the bedside if they would simply retract the testing policy for us that are unvaccinated.

    As one of my colleagues noted in reply to the email, it is a punitive and discriminatory policy- only unvaccinated employees must test weekly. Particularly given our own head of CDC has admitted the vaccine does nothing to stop transmission. Uvmmc is slow on the uptake of this science it seems.

    Even more intriguing is that many of us are covid recovered and have robust natural immunity.
    The balls in Dr Leffler’s court – we addressed it with him directly.

  5. Voluntarily or involuntarily??? What type of communist garbage are we employing now?? What is VT going to do to the nurses? Have their BFF Xi come here and bind & gag the nurses as they’re “forced” to render medical care threatening them with placing them into Chinese concentration camps if they refuse to comply? I mean, we don’t have our own camps here. YET.

  6. Here’s a novel idea: Cut the bull, stop making heathy, asymptomatic health care workers test every week just for the “privilege” of working. You don’t have the luxury of imposing this on them anymore. It’s time to admit that it doesn’t matter if they are vaccinated or unvaccinated. The playing field is level. You’ve forced these vaccines on your employees, lost some of your workforce because of it, and now treat the rest like they are a danger to society, when the real danger is not having the staff to safely meet patients needs. Not to mention using a thin workforce that is already weary from long hours, and who barely have the time to attend to their own health needs. No wonder people are getting sick! How’s that working out for you?

  7. Hey David Jones, why are non-covid hospitalizations and deaths so high in vermont and all the other places that have high “vaccination ” rates? Dont tell me its due to a gap in regular checkups. An Indiana insurance company recently reported non covid deaths among 18-65 year olds is up 40%. The shots might work a little at first but then 2 months later their efficacy is actually negative, making people who took them more likely to contract, and likely spread the covid. And, they are destroying people’s immune systems and causing untimely heart attacks, strokes, cancers and autoimmune disorders. Its not normal for kids to have heart attacks and strokes but thats what they’re prepping us for. With all due respect sir, if you cant see it or are not willing to speak the truth about what you do see, you shouldn’t be working anywhere near a hospital.

  8. Seeing how Dr. Fauci lost his cool (again) testifying in front of Congress this week. We have the Pentagon document regarding gain of function and the use of therapeutics written by a Marine Major (SEMPER FI). The CDC witch doing the chicken dance on MSM trying to explain the death counts for real. By the way, has anyone found the public disclosure of Fauci’s financials? We must demand the financials of all the government officials, hospitals, and all involved in these crimes against humanity. Fauci’s gain of function research will prove lucrative financial gain for those willing to kill and maime in the name of science and public health.

    • ‘We must demand the financials of all the government officials’ – except for Mr. Trump, whose saint-like motivations are as pure as the driven snow and must never be questioned by us lower-order people. As long as we stipulate that, this sounds good to me.

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