Meiselman: Jews today, Christians tomorrow

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by David Meiselman

It’s vitally important to understand what’s really going on in the Middle East because what we see there today will be here tomorrow. 

Here is what it’s NOT about. The Palestinians (actually Hamas, actually Iran) say it’s about land. Really? Israel, one of 17 countries that comprise the Middle East occupies 1/6th of 1% of the Middle East landmass. That’s 1/6th of 1%. And unlike so many other Middle East countries, its soil has neither oil nor valuable metals. Thus, the land itself has no intrinsic value as it does in Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Middle East countries. So obviously, this dispute has nothing to do with land. In fact, Israel has already given away land, including Gaza, and nothing came of it but war. 

The other claim is supposedly one of “independence.” Not only does Israel not oppose Palestinian independence but it has on numerous documented occasions offered to support such independence. Yet, each time it’s on the table, Hamas has rejected it. Why? Because an independent Palestinian state could have elections that would vote Hamas out. Additionally, it would be harder for Hamas to steal the money given to Palestinians for humanitarian aid. The truth is that the enemy of the Palestinians is Hamas, not Israel. Any knowledgeable Palestinian not afraid to speak will tell you how badly Hamas treats the people of Gaza. 

So if it’s not about land or independence, what is the fight really about? If you listen to Iranian mullahs and their followers in the Middle East, this is a religious war. We have been told repeatedly that the radical Islamic world has declared Jihad which by definition is a war against the “enemies” of Islam. In other words, Jews and Christians. Their goal is very simple. It’s to convert the rest of the world to Islam or kill those unwilling to convert. You either understand and resist this threat or you live in a dream world of unicorns and rainbows. 

Predictably, they start with the easiest target, the Jews. Jews are the low hanging fruit for those filled with hate and violence. A state of 9 million people surrounded by 16 enemy countries, consisting of nearly 500 million people. With 1/6th of 1% of the land and less than 2% of the population of the Middle East, Israel is called an “oppressor” and an “occupier.” Go figure. 

Much of the world including the United States didn’t see Hitler coming despite years of warning. Most of our newspapers barely covered his threats and pronounced objectives. It was not a secret. And neither is Jihad. The threat to the world is now radical Islam and yet we’re still giving them billions of our taxpayer money in the hope of appeasing them. In reality all we are doing is funding our own destruction and demise. 

Every crisis is an opportunity. This moment is America’s opportunity to assert its moral, economic and, if necessary, military strength while it is still capable of making a difference. The enemy in the Middle East is Iran. Without Iran, there is no Hamas, no Hezbollah. Just peace.

We must not be afraid to identify evil, call it out for what it is and do our best to eradicate it before it eradicates us.

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  1. Well said. But the US is full of ignorant people who just think it’s only about Israel and the Jews and they don’t like them anyway so who cares. Lots of that here in VT; only gotta read the comments on VDC. And I’ve yet to see any Christian church here put up any supportive signs for Israel or Jews; still plenty of BLM signs and flags of course.

    • Evangelical Christians are probably the strongest supporters of Israel except for Jews. I’m not sure why. Probably has something to do with reading over and over in Scripture that the Jews are God’s chosen, beloved people. And the Jewish nation is, figuratively speaking, our mother, both geographically and spiritually. In all of my years hanging out with Bible-believing Christians, I have never heard an anti-semitic epithet. I’m sure if you looked hard enough anywhere you could find some anti-semites, but it’s not part of the current or recent evangelical culture. (Neither are BLM signs!)

      • @ Guy

        I’m aware of that but honestly can’t say I’ve seen a single sign of support for Israel outside any of them. And no, the BLM signs aren’t outside those churches.

  2. I find it interesting NY Governor Hochul, CA Governor Newsom, and many other names making trips to Isreal since the 10/7 conflict erupted. Reminds me of all the celebrities and names traveling to “war torn” Ukraine. If it’s so dangerous in these places, they don’t seem to mind stopping in at ground zero for photo ops and meetings. Isn’t there a travel warning currently for Americans? What’s up with the story circulating about USA representatives having dual citizenship with Isreal? Conflict of interest? Who is zooming who?

    • @ Melissa

      It is and it isn’t dangerous there. If you’re unlucky to be in the wrong place at the wrong time it certainly is; imagine thousands of missiles being launched at New Jersey for an apt comparison. But perhaps it would be best to drop the conspiracy theories for a while because your online sources are clueless. And lots of Jews are dual Israeli-American citizens; doesn’t make them dodgy character out to screw over one country or the other. If you’re an elected or appointed Israeli government official you have to give up your non Israeli citizenship but otherwise, for most, it’s not an issue. Most care deeply for both countries and want the best for both of them. Can you only love one child? And there are plenty of Israelis who are dual citizens of France, Canada etc; same thing.

      • The problem with dinging me as a “conspiracy theorist” is since the “grassy knoll” days, many of the theories turn out to be quite accurate do they not? Enjoy your spoon fed kool-aide, I’m sure it tastes great! Yet, watch out for the bitter aftertaste that takes one by surprise upon reguritating operation mockingbird talking points.

  3. The Progressive/Communists are already coming for the Christians. They are coming for Jews and Christians and using the Muslims to do so. The reason being that our founding documents, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were constructed on best ideas of ancient Hebrew law, Roman and Greek law, English law and Natural law. While Islam is the complete anthesis to our Constitution. There is nothing in our Constitution remotely related to the Koran. To destroy the Constitution, they must destroy the Judeo-Christian ethic our country was built on.

    John Adams: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”.

  4. The Neocons have been gunning for Iran for 20 years or more, and one of the main reasons they hate Putin is his stopping of the planned dominos in the Middle East, leading to Iran, by successfully eliminating ISIS and their ilk. (That and Nuland & co.’s pathological hate for Russia.) The US government, directed by the likes of the Neocons, has long been supporting Islamic extremists in order to topple disfavored governments, often more peaceful, secular and democratic, for the simple reason that they’re successful and therefore represent a potential eventual threat… to Israel. For some reason, the Neocons would prefer that Israel remain a “regional superpower,” via American blood and money, and even chaos is preferable to the alternatives. That there’s now vicious blowback all around should have been perfectly obvious to everyone involved, but in any case, it’s not my fight and it hasn’t been picked on my behalf. At all. You’ll pardon my indifference.

  5. First they come for the Saturday people, then they come for the Sunday people. The terrorists want everyone. How many terrorists have come through our open borders?

  6. So, kill them before they kill us…in the name of God? Maybe the world would be a more peaceful and tolerant place if dominated by Atheists and Buddhists.

    • @ Brian

      The basic laws that we are supposed to follow, the Ten Commandments, Noahide Laws for non Jews etc come to us via Judaism. Christianity has adopted the Ten Commandments and much of the Old Testament. Atheists are unlikely to be a peaceful law abiding people on their own; we aren’t born with a moral compass. It has to be taught and developed. Buddhism I can’t speak towards. To reject the Judeo-Christian faiths because you somehow believe it would be more peaceful if it didn’t exist isn’t realistic.

      • To Anonymous VTIndependent,

        To ignore the fact that most wars over the last 2,000 years were due to Judeo-Christian and Muslim-Hindu conflicts is unrealistic.

        To state that Atheists have no moral compass, is ignorant and prejudicial. I suggest that you research the history, tenants, and beliefs of Atheism and Buddhism; and, maybe have a conversation with some actual Atheists and Buddhists about their morals.

  7. Well, Mr. Meiselman’s broad-brush and tired assertions while leaving out any acknowledgement of the apartheid policies of the State of Israel evidence a serious lack of objectivity. I encourage readers to view the following video documentary of life in the occupied territories and 3 interviews with both an orthodox Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss and Jewish Journalist Dan Cohen who provide what I see as a more accurate portrayal of what is going on. Israel is not surrounded by the enemy on all of its borders. The enemy lies within its facist, right-wing government that arrests Israeli Jews who dare speak against the imminent invasion of Gaza and seek a ceasefire, peace and an end to the cruel and ILLEGAL (under international law) occupation:

  8. Yeah, pretty amazing Brian Costello. I have been thinking the same for the last 50 years, how it is those who profess their religious beliefs the strongest in our western society are those who promote the military industrial complex ardently and using weaponry to resolve conflict rather than dialog, love and the promotion of peace. But to do so would require compromise and tolerance, something those whose religious teachings say we should always pursue in lieu of war and murder. This is clearly a What Would Jesus Do moment. War is inconsistent with Judaism and Christianity, yet seems to be an embedded in its corrupted forms.

  9. Apartheid? Israel has 2 million Arabs which is 21% of its population. Palestinians allow 0% Israeli’s. It’s 51% Arab when including Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem. Aparatheid? Israel is 73% Jewish, 18% Islam. Arabic is the second language of Israel. Arabs are publicly elected officials in Israel, including in the Knesset. Arabs have more rights, including freedom of speech in Israel, than they have in Gaza. Apartheid?
    Gaza is a slum because of Hamas, not Israel.

    • To call Israel “apartheid” is an absurdity. Palestinians in Israel vote, have political Parties and representatives in the Knesset.

  10. David. Did you watch any of the videos at the links provided in my first comment? Israel cannot bomb their way to peace and instead puts more of its citizens at risk as a result of this testosterone driven policy driven by hate toward an entire people.