McKibben to Biden: decree things Congress won’t pass

By John McClaughry

Middlebury College climate activist Bill McKibben gave some advice to President Biden last week, after West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin put an end to Biden’s  $2 trillion dollar Christmas Tree spending bill.

McKibben says stop trying to placate Sen. Manchin: ”That need to appease is gone now, and not just on the climate. If you’re the President, there’s no need to prove to Manchin that you’re going to be “tough on spending,” so why not call off your plan to start collecting student debts again? Why not use every power still at your disposal to do what you can for the country while you’ve got some power? Acting boldly carries risks. With the Senate split fifty-fifty, if you give Manchin reason to switch parties you lose your ability to appoint more judges, for instance; the power that comes with even a tenuous majority is very real. But using executive authority—and boldly—may be the only way that Biden will get anything done, as long as Manchin… blocks effective legislative action, alongside a solid phalanx of fifty Republicans. [Let’s give] points to Biden for trying, but, at some point, even in Washington, no really does mean no, and you need to move on as best you can.”

McKibben is urging Biden  advance  every liberal cause using Executive authority to decree things that Congress won’t pass.  This advice, from a liberal member of the party that’s always worrying about threats to democracy.

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  1. William McKibben. A little background from Wikipedia, “an American environmentalist, author, and journalist who has written extensively on the impact of global warming. He is the Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College and leader of the climate campaign group Born: December 8, 1960 (age 61 years), Palo Alto, CA, Education: Harvard University (1978–1982), Lexington High School (1975–1978)”. To me sounds like a believer in autocracy as well.

    • Go to and type in Bill McKibben’s name…….You’ll immediately arrive at the Official Bill McKibben website, which is also the Bill McKibben Book Store.

      Selling books, or even more books, is what Bill McKibben is motivated to do……Climate change is the simply the issue he’s chosen ride to accomplish selling more books and in turn making more money……It’s all about the money, a motivation that overwhelmingly permeates the climate change movement.

  2. It is always $ behind what they say , write preach…ON BOTH SIDES ! WHY IS THAT ? MY ANSWER IS …MONEY IS POWER..AND YA CAN,T HAVE TOO MUCH OF THAT…RIGHT !

  3. Democrats appear to think they will rule forever, because this decree by pen and phone goes two ways and you can rest assured they would never tolerate this behavior from a Republican president…They are setting so many precedence’s of unconstitutionality and dishonorable house tradition, that when the shoe is on the other foot and Republicans are in charge and get a back bone, they can and should make the Democrats lives very, very miserable…One can only hope.

  4. I can’t be quite as harsh as i would like to be with a guy like Mckibben.
    What I believe is everyone LIKE McKIBBEN on the far left…..actually BELIEVES they are…um…Right !

    What i think is there are decent people [“right” and “left”] and there are also TOTALITARIANS.
    You could get my vote for trying and hanging all TOTALITARIANS.

  5. Please do not refer to McKibben as a “climate activist”. He is an opportunistic, globalist, fascist tool, and nothing more.

    • True that! And you can add dictator, control freak and idiot. But in my book – “climate activists” are one of the biggest threats to Vermont. And like McKibben, all they do is figure out how to become more powerful so they can ruin our lives, I write them all on a regular basis. All of our senators and house members. I ask them to vow to not use air travel for the rest of their lives. Even they don’t believe their own BS – they are ALL total hypocrites. With all of their bloviating, I get crickets when I ask them to take actual actions and make sacrifices for their beliefs. They are all idiotic hypocrites!

  6. Mr. Mckibben, Sorry, that is not the way our government is supposed to function. Pity the unfortunate students at Middlebury College if that is your theory in referring to our Constitution. Encouraging Biden to rule by fiat, “while he still can”, tells the story. Your way became very unpopular with the Nazis and Communists many decades ago. Perhaps Acceptance to Middlebury College and your ilk should be accompanied by a mandated “Warning Label” similar to rat poison or cigarettes.

  7. end game for environmentalists and most lobbying groups is about getting more power and control and not about helping people. getting McKibben more money and influence also part of it

  8. To think these fringe alt left moonbats can control the climate when they can’t even decide how or what to do about covid is laughable at best.

  9. I used to like McKibben.

    Seriously….in the past 3-4 years what has happened to liberals? They used to be crunchy types with some decent ideas. Now they’re just full blown fascists that spew nothing but hate.

    It’s why I switched teams with the convid scam started.

  10. Interesting how leftist elitists express hysteria about “threats to our democracy” at the same time they promote converting to an oligarchy.

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