McClaughry: VT cannabis industry gets huge subsidies

by John McClaughry

The further Vermont goes down the road to legalized state-controlled marijuana marketing, the more interesting surprises come to the surface. The most recent was published by Kevin McCallum in Seven Days three weeks ago. Here’s the headline: “Vermont’s Electrical Ratepayers Are Providing Generous Subsidies to Indoor Cannabis Growers”.

McCallum visited the Clean Cannabis Company in Hardwick. The lighting and control system alone for the 12,000 square foot indoor growing facility cost the new company $450,000. “To help them afford such cutting-edge technology,” McCallum writes, “the men had angel investors of sorts — Vermont electricity ratepayers. Their fledgling company received $77,000 in rebates from Efficiency Vermont, the Winooski-based energy efficiency utility. Most of that money was an incentive to reward them for choosing one of the most efficient lighting systems around.”

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  1. Now that MJ is legal to purchase the legislature will have an excuse for their braindead policies. Lets bring edibles to the newly updated cafeteria to get more funding in the new session.

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