McClaughry: Sierra Club war on methane-emitting cows

By John McClaughry

Here’s the latest on the climate change battlefront. Guy Page of the Vermont Daily reported last week that “The Vermont chapter of the Sierra Club is standing with the national Sierra Club petition to the Biden administration to regulate dairy farms of 500 or more cows under the Clean Air Act, due to air pollution and climate concerns. If approved, the regulations would affect about 30 Vermont farms, at least to start with.”

“The Sierra Club wants the Biden administration to (among other things) “initiate a rulemaking to implement standards of performance and emission guidelines to reduce methane emissions.”

 Guy reported that “A Vermont Sierra Club spokesman confirmed that its state chapter supports the national organization.”

 An essay by Sierra Club Deputy Director Bruce Hamilton explains the Sierra Club’s concern with the climate impact of cows, hogs and other agricultural animals. “As the threat of climate disruption becomes increasingly urgent, it makes sense that every source of greenhouse gas emissions should come under scrutiny. Both the reckless burning of fossil fuels and unsustainable agricultural practices are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions.”

“The single greatest source of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions is livestock, particularly factory-raised animals. Cattle are responsible for about two-thirds of livestock emissions,” Hamilton says.

So the climate craze has targeted Vermont dairy farms, as if getting rid of their methane emitting cows  will make any detectable difference in the planet’s climate, while wrecking Vermont’s dairy industry.

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  1. I just had a great idea. We give every member of the Sierra Club big plastic bags, which they can affix to the south bound end of north bound cows.The Club members then follow the cows around until the bags are full of methane. The Club members then tie off the open end as quickly as possible, and bring them to a collection facility where the methane is used in methane burning power generating plant. Simple ! Problem solved, and it gives purpose to someone who evidently need something to do, you know, a real job ?

    • Patrick your suggestion should also be carried out for our and other state regulators to confine the gasses they expel finding ways to restrict & regulate. Less talk means lower Co2 and probably lower CH4 from both ends of the human processing system. In this way the Sierra Club could do meaningful service to the world.

  2. Bagging the cow/pig effluent is a great idea.

    Congress and the Sierra Club can supply the bags

    The farmer will allow the animals to fill said bags

    Then the bags can be sent to Congress and the Sierra Club for proper processing – since they alone know the proper methods

    They can then ignite these bags to heat their buildings in the winter!!
    Free Heat – with no new Effluent.

    Methane now gone, Carbon Dioxide – good for the trees!!

  3. When I was younger, “leftists”, liberals, etc., etc., were smarter and more compassionate. Now the “woke” movement attracts younger people who don’t really care about equality or much about other people.
    There are so many more serious problems than dairy farms emitting methane.
    I myself believe that plant-based protein is a better idea. That doesn’t mean that I want to deprive my neighbors right to dairy farm.

    • What about beef cattle ? I love steaks.There is nothing better than a flavorful, tender, medium rare, steak ! Unless it’s a second flavorful, tender, medium rare, steak !

  4. Saying that farms should be regulated doesn’t mean the regulation must be extreme. If every producer of methane or other greenhouse gases cried out that they couldn’t afford it and they were only a tiny part of the problem, you could never get anywhere. All production must be looked at if there is going to be a reduction, not just the biggest sources. However, the impact of those reductions on the viability of the industry being regulated and the small family farm must be taken into account.

    • The problem with these proposals is they keep coming out of a bag of tricks – pseudo science manufactured like a plandemic, like a “shot,” and so much more for far too long – studies bought and paid for to keep the money flowing for – wait for it – the politicians and all those non elected (not meaning much lately – elected that is, but time will tell on that too) committees chosen by the elected – wow what a scheme. Feasibility studies (and the like) and someone they just happen to know gets the job! Connect the dots – it’s our money they keep sucking up and they keep it in circulation among themselves. That’s if they are good little minions of course!

  5. Sierra Club put the Farms out of Business, remember—- NO FARMS NO FOOD Starve ya greenie BUMS I’ll Grow my own AND KEEP IT FOR ME AND MY FAMILY.

  6. Well, they wouldn’t be able to use plastic bags Patrick Finnie. If y’all think that this is funny, just wait until the Global Warming Solution Act committee get’s their collective “stuff” together. Our state government will be sued out of existence.

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