McClaughry: Heating Oil Price Crunch

By John McClaughry

According to the Energy Information Administration, the price of heating oil, a fuel most commonly used in New England to heat homes, has gone up by 65% since October 2021. Counting propane and kerosene, 58% of Vermont households rely on petroleum heating fuels, other than natural gas.

The average price for the heating oil was $5.46 per gallon in October 2022 compared to $3.30 in October 2021. Inventories of distillate fuel oil, which is refined to produce diesel and heating oil, are at their lowest levels since 2008, causing the Biden administration to propose forcing fuel vendors to maintain a minimum amount of fuel in their tanks in order to prevent severe shortages.

How the government forcing fuel distributors to have more fuel in their tanks creates more fuel is more than I can understand…… Read more at

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  1. Remember when stealing, murder, lying under oath, etc. were considered intrinsic evils? Well, not anymore!

    Today, fuel oil, believing males cannot become pregnant, and NOT aborting your own baby in utero are all intrinsically evil.

    So nix the wailing about your fuel bills – you voted in the new “gods”. And now you must follow the new commandments.

  2. Eliminating humans to save the planet seems to be their ultimate goal. But will they be able to survive when all the “useless eaters” are gone? I guess they think their money and their robots will provide everything they need…..maybe they’ve been reading too much science fiction.

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