McClaughry: Election Aftershocks

by John McClaughry

The smoke has cleared from Vermont election. Popular Republican Governor Phil Scott won a 70% victory over a token Democratic opponent. No other Republican came close to winning a statewide office, although Senator Joe Benning, ran a credible race against former Lt. Gov David Zuckerman, who again put himself into the Number Two slot to make another run against Governor Scott in 2024.

Perhaps the most important outcome was in the legislative races. Republicans maintained their seven seats in the Senate, thoroughly overpowered by the 23 Democrats. The Republican membership of the House sank from 43 to 38, with no bright new faces among them. That means the Democrats and Progressives can run anything they want through the legislature, and for all practical purposes Gov. Scott no longer has an effective veto power.

The Democrats announced that 2023 will be the year of a full-scale assault on carbon dioxide emissions. Dozens of the recommendations of the Vermont Climate Council, ardently backed by the Climate Action Network, will whistle through House and Senate. An early one will be the Clean Heat Standard, to drive up the price of natural gas, heating oil, propane and Kerosene. It failed by one vote last May. The Democrats can’t wait to push that through and Scott, deprived of his veto power, will, I predict, find some excuse to go along. I hope I’m wrong about that.

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  1. What a bunch of fools we have elected to ruin our great state.
    What all Vermonters need is dependable, inexpensive energy in adequate supply. This means without subsidy or crazy penalty, just always available.
    We systematically got rid of Vermont Yankee.
    We need every kind of energy source and economic method of delivery and storage to lower our high cost of living.
    Our real problem is not scarcity of energy but the misguided policies of another generation of doomed believers.

  2. Mr McClaughry,you missed a bright new star in the Republican election who won The Caledonia #3 District!Charles Wilson

  3. Arizona – canary in the coal mine. Recount lawsuits being filed all over the nation. Germany invalidated their election. Brazil is on fire. Iranians are rising up. Italy. Isreal. Vermont – don’t get comfortable with the results. The tsunami coming will not miss swallowing up this State. Let it be so.

  4. This is what happens when only state sponsored media is readily available for consumption. Control the narrative is the mantra. They will sink the ship, hopefully I will be gone by the time that happens.

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