Mazur: Hoovervilles and Bidenburgs

By Frank Mazur

It is arguable that Hebert Hoover’s policies as president led to the depression.  Unemployment was at 30 percent, and Hoover portrayed an image of mean-spirited and uncaring.  The homeless called their make-shift shanties Hoovervilles, and the turned-out pockets of men in food lines were called Hoover-flags.  His tariffs were blamed for international trade-wars.

Similar to Hoover, Biden’s string of failures creates doubts about his leadership and competency.  His pledge to unify has turned divisive, partisan and mean-spirited, and his communication is sporadic and often confusing. 

Homelessness is destroying our cities with addicts taking control and threatening residents. Bidenburgs proliferate. Biden killed energy independence, driving up the cost of gasoline, power, and products made with petroleum.  His heralded Covid remedial plan is non-existent, but Covid spending has shed billions to fraudsters.

Biden’s open border policy lures illegals.  Crime rates are up, police are demoralized and the judicial system provides instant immunity to criminals unless you’re a Republican.  Store shelves are bare, and prices are increasing with inflation at a 40-year high.  Government schools are indoctrinating students with woke culturalism and divisive white guilt, while objecting parents are considered domestic terrorists.

United States’ foreign policy is in total turmoil.  Iran is almost nuclear.  Ukrainian independence is threatened by Soviet nationalism. Taiwan is nervously waiting for China’s invasion.  The Afghanistan retreat was an embarrassment.

American confidence in Biden has decreased significantly.  Hopefully, the midterm elections will cease our descent from Biden’s “self-inflicted madness”. 

The author is a South Burlington resident and former Republican legislator.

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  1. There’s a big difference in Hoover and Biden which casts asides all similarities…Malicious intent…Everything Mr. 10% does is to divide and conquer…Nothing is currently being done for the greater good of all America…Nothing!…Opposite…And it’s not senility when you have Obama and his ilk pulling Joe’s strings.

  2. Just how in heavens name did an idiot like boornie mittens sanders ever get elected so many times by Vermonters?? I just find this mind boggling that an avowed do zero wanna be neo faux marxist got so far in Vermont and in Congress!!

  3. Im pretty sure the biden regime actually wants to purposely tear down America as we knew it to the very bottom and rebuild their woketopia. Personally, and in sure many of you feel the same, i will never abandon or give up on the stars and stripes or our great constitution. One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all!

  4. Yes, Don’t forget to thank a Biden voter for your misery. Just the blank look on Biden’s face in the picture above should tell you all you need to know. And our republican (?) governor voted for the destruction of America.

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