Mazur: do BLM supporters know?

by Frank Mazur

Liberals and Progressives herald Black Lives Matter (BLM) with signature flags and lawn signs.  How many really know its ideology and how it’s deluding a whole generation? 

The founders of BLM are avowed Marxists whose principal goal is to overthrow our country’s system of governance and culture.  They’re for open borders, anti-Israel, defund the police, close jails, guaranteed government income, confiscate real estate, transgender/gay rights in schools, cancel culture and free abortions.  They use racial division and unrest to advance their ideology with no place for dissent.

Students wear BLM tee shirts and educators with political BLM pins as their way showing they believe in social justice.  Nothing is said to students about BLM’s agenda demoralizing our nation.  All lives should matter, not advocating racism.

CEO’s contribute millions to BLM as a way to protect their companies from any backlash and charges of racism.  Last year BLM raised $90 million of which 70 percent went back to the three founding ladies.  Recent reports show this money was used for personal purposes. 

BLM’s focus is closer to China’s and the Soviet Union’s principles and goals.  People need to realize they’re being hoodwinked and if this persists, we’re one generation from losing everything.

 The author is a former member of the Vermont House of Representatives from South Burlington.

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  1. I agree with Mr. Mazur, and I do not believe most people know or care to know about the Marxist, anti-family, anti-Israel, pro LGBTQ, open borders, socialist mess inside BLM. They think they are righteous, hip and PC by backing this Trojan Horse juiced with chaos and communism. Just as long as BLM is a social justice t-shirt/banner of the year, who needs to read about co-founder, Patrice Cullors owning four houses and stocking up millions for herself? Who cares if BLM wants the Jews out of their ancestral home. Who cares if Moslem Syria murders tens of thousands of her citizens with barrels of chemicals, and the Iranians are creating terror in Lebanon and Syria, by invite of mass murderer, Assad? The Palestinians inside Lebanon and Syria are just as unsupported by the 22 Arab-Moslem nations as “Palestine” is. What business is it of BLM to have a racist stand on Israel?
    I am sure most of these BLM supporting “white liberals” with their insipid signs on their lawns are clueless of BLM, or just want to be.
    They do not want to hear the common sense context cause&effect behind George Floyd’s murder. It was murder, but he set himself up by being high on narcotics, trying to pass a counterfeit bill, riding in an illegal vehicle and fighting police instruction. They only take the superficial details, the convenient buffet selections to feed their fantasies of this political reality.

  2. Its actually worse. BLM has collected millions in donations, but has not done anything to fund black college students, or black homeless. The BLM leaders have in fact spent millions on homes and things for themselves. They show all the attributes of true communist leaders. And if you state what their behaviors are defined as in law (the Patriot Act) they call you a racist.

  3. BLM is an organization ‘
    Used by an anti USA group, to ENRICH themselves at the EXPENSE of OUR COUNTRY with their ULTIMATE goal of the DESTRUCTION of the USA !!!

  4. The fact that Black lives matter is obviously a moral truth BECAUSE ALL LIVES MATTER, but the organization that calls itself BLM is anything but moral.
    Most pro choice folks (I am pro-choice) proudly proclaim their status because it makes them feel “hip” but rarely do they acknowledge the science that tells us that a “fetus” is a living human being in an early stage of development, in it’s most vulnerable stage. Liberals love to think that they advocate for the “most vulnerable among us” but their denial of this basic biological fact betrays their phony sincerity about womens’ rights. Ignoring the violence and antisocial roots and methods of BLM is an inconvenient truth, exposing the left as the hypocrites that they are.