Mayor Weinberger comment on Kyle Rittenhouse shows disdain for facts, law, Constitution

The following press statement was received from Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger.

Mayor Miro Weinberger Statement Following the Acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse

Burlington, VT – Today, a Kenosha, Wisconsin jury found Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all five charges in the gun deaths of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and the wounding of Gaige Grosskreutz. Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger made the following statement:

“It is disappointing that Kyle Rittenhouse was in no way held accountable today for his role in two deaths in Kenosha a year ago. Our anger over this heartbreaking loss of young lives should also be focused on the permissive gun laws that make it possible for a seventeen year-old to easily access and openly wield an AR-15 style rifle, and in opposition to the public officials and loud voices who encouraged vigilantism in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake. It is in our power to forge a future where such tragedy and discord cease to be a part of American life.”

Editor’s response:

Mayor Weinberger – the same Constitution guaranteeing your right to speak out without fear of government recrimination and in confidence government will protect you against unlawful citizen recrimination also guarantees Kyle Rittenhouse the right to bear arms. Vermonters are shocked and disgusted that the elected leader of our largest city displays such public disregard for the facts and the law surrounding this act of lawful self-defense.

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  1. The amazing thing to me is that after our justice system did it’s thing and returned a verdict, that so many elected leaders from states and cites thousands of miles away, and having nothing to do with Kenosha or Wisconsin, feel the need to weigh in on a jury verdict. People like Weinberger, Nadler, Cuomo, De Blasio, Newsom, Let’s go Brandon, and Kamala should just keep their mouths shut and worry about their own states and cites. But instead they seek to undermine our justice system and cause unrest. They are almost as bad as the rioters and looters in places like Portland and San Francisco that they encouraged last night.

    • In a recent VTDigger article, Mayor Weinberger expressed his concern over the increased number of shootings in Burlington this year……A sentiment that is shared by others in Burlington.

      According to the 2021 Downtown Safety Survey, conducted by the City of Burlington’s Church Street Marketplace, 53% of survey respondents say they feel unsafe or very unsafe in the Downtown at night. Most concerning, the Survey reported that 51% of respondents say they have been a “victim of crime or harassment during, coming from, or leaving work Downtown.”

      Seems like Mayor Weinberger needs to tend to the crime in Burlington as opposed to fretting over jury decisions in other cities…….The Mayor can start by telling us who”s committing the shootings and other crimes in Burlington that have him concerned and people of Burlington to feel unsafe.

      What can the people of Burlington and those who used to visit the Queen City expect Mayor Weinberger to do to keep the city safe?

      • Disappointed in The Mayor’s response considering the situation in Burlington. Used to enjoy shopping in Burlington and walking Church Street but wouldn’t consider doing that in any way today. Very disappointed in his copying the response of national media. I’ll bet he didn’t watch the entire twisted media coverage!!
        Thank you

  2. The leaders that allowed a boy of 17 to have to protect himself from being killed by a violent mob of adults, some of which with a history of violent criminal behavior, are the ones who should have been on trial. The leaders in Kenosha, as well as other Democratic cities, failed to protect their citizens on many occasions, against violent mobs. All of these leaders should be removed from office immediately for their failure to protect the public.

  3. Weinberger and Kenosha Mayor John Antaramain (D) have more than a few things in common, it appears. Weinberger was also faced with public protests during the “summer of love” 2020. Burlington’s protesters demanded the same anti police crap as Kenosha protesters, the same kind of paid actors participated. Fortunately for Weinberger, things stayed relatively calm- and Weinberger didn’t have the riots as police stood down watching the carnage. Burlington’s result was semi peaceful because of luck, not any actions taken by the Burlington mayor. Kenosha could have easily happened in Burlington.
    Weinberger’s comments are nothing but political posturing, playing to the socialists that still lust after more control over Burlington. Sixteen months after Burlington’s encounter with the “summer of love” protests, elected officials still can’t figure out how to fix the damage done to their police force and their city….by the elected officials of Burlington. Mayor Weinberger wants people held accountable. How Ironic.

  4. In the “Leftist World”, the acquittal or conviction by a “jury of peers” doesn’t mean a damn thing if it conflicts with their own perception of “right and wrong”, regardless of what is truth.

  5. Thanks, Guy, for your brevity and clarity. Also liked all these comments.
    It’s been so long since i left my hometown, i should probably just stop right here.
    Burlington is still under Bolshevik siege, looks like. Makes me want to swear.

  6. With a mayor like this and a city council of social justice warriors, anyone can see why and how Burlington has become such a cesspool. What is it that makes people ignorant enough to vote for those who steel their freedom, censor their words, tax and regulate them to death and turn their cities and towns into wastelands of drugs, crime and filth. Good going Vermont! Burlington, the east coast’s answer to Seattle, Portland and every other democrat/prog run cesspool.

  7. Which is more likely:

    1) After carefully reviewing all the evidence for 3 weeks, all 12 jurors got it wrong or…
    2) Miro is once again pandering to his Communist base in Burlington.

    I’m not a betting man, but…..

  8. Vermonters better wake up soon..

    Our educational system is as bad as it gets.

    No concern for students’s all about indoctrination into the socialist agenda.

    The Golden Dome is a cesspool of socialists filled with an obsession for power over the hard-working, law abiding taxpayers.

    They are teaching children to hate their parents and at the same time stripping parental rights.

    They are hell bent on the obliveration of the constitution of the USA. They realize that our constitution is the only deterrent to the complete takedown of our Republic.

    We are on the verge of becoming another Venezuela.

    People better wake up because none of this socialist movement is beneficial to the masses in spite of their false promises.

    Time to vote Bernie and the rest of these “CRAZIES” out of office.

  9. Let us assume for a moment that Mr. Rittenhouse was unarmed, but otherwise present for the purpose of defending a property from the violent mob. And let us assume he unwisely attempted to engage the criminals wreaking havoc under the guise of protesting the shooting of Jacob Blake. And let us further assume that as a result Mr. Rittenhouse was beaten to death or nearly so by the convicted pedophile and other violent criminals who engaged with him. Would those individuals have been convicted of that crime? Or would they have been treated like most of the arsonists and vandals who burned that city that night and were never charged? Mr. Rittenhouse should never have been there with a firearm, but he was 17 years old. What excuse is offered for the career criminals who attempted to seriously injure or kill him? Apparently to those on the left, none is required. These people want to 1) abolish the police; 2) open the prison doors; 3) disarm law abiding citizens; and 4) criminalize the act of self-defense. What could possibly go wrong?

  10. Vermont, you voted in three of the worst reps in DC, Leahy, Sanders and Welch. Leahy brought you submission to the communists in DC. Sanders brought communism to Burlington, making it a “soviet sister city”, and Welch has had his hand out for communist pay-offs since day one. Weinberger is one of THEM, not one us. When are Vermonters going to stop voting for trash? And that includes disgusting rinos like Phil Scott.

  11. First of all, had the police been allowed to do their job, we wouldn’t have to defend ourselves against rioters and looters seeking to kill anyone who get’s in their way…Second, the 2nd amendment does not put constraints on the right to bear arms, but rather, laws by politicians who oppose it…“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”!!!

    It is the Democrat politicians who have blood on their hands in this and many other matters where police have been ordered to stand down and allow groups like BLM and Antifa to ravage cities, burn police precincts, loot and pillage as well as maim individuals…Kyle Rittenhouse decided he wasn’t going to lay-down to lawlessness while Democrats continued to divide and tear down this nation over lies of systematic racism…It’s high time we began fighting back against the political evils being played out in our nation…That’s what the 2nd amendment was for…People like you, Mayor Miro Weinberger, who seems to side with lawlessness.

  12. Maybe The Mayor was attempting to overcome his liberal shame for moving timely and appropriately on that homeless camp in the old Sears lot in Burlington.

  13. Why is anyone surprised with the usual “Orwellian” response from the Burlington Mayor or the socialist Council? These are Statists – so, we expect these behaviors / responses with the State an their leftist belief system is threatened. . Of course, the Mayor leaves out the important facts to the case. The “mostly peaceful protesters” who attacked Rittenhouse were (1) felons with criminal histories, (2) were carrying concealed weapons, including an illegally concealed handgun, (3) threatened and assaulted Rittenhouse prior to the shootings, (4) did not allow Rittenhouse to continue his retreat but pursued him and attacked him, (5) all of them were engaged in looting and burning property, and (6) one of them aimed his illegally concealed firearm at Rittenhouse before he was shot. He’s accustomed to this type of mob.

    The surviving “mostly peaceful protester” lied during their testimony and had zero credibility. And, both prosecution and defense witnesses effectively supported Rittenhouse’s defense claims.

  14. How soon we forget that EVERYTHING was Kosher in the drive to remove one Donald J. Trump, WE were locked down yet RIOTERS allowed to burn, loot, & destroy with (now VP) Kamela even helping pay their bail. What would Mayor Miro DO when the mob’s outside HIS house & threatening HIM? But not to worry, these Dem Operatives, PAID for their travel, expenses, & bail funds will NEVER again take to the streets while Dementia Joe/Kamela run the show as there’s NO need now AND they hate cold weather to boot. If ever there was shown a need for 30 rd. clips it’s when crowds of rioters/looters/arsonists surround community protectors while the “authorities” are TOLD to stand down & disorder allowed by orders from on high. Meanwhile Joe/Kamela/Nancy/Chucky will try and chip away at our civil liberties, given to us by God as affirmed by a “bunch of old white guys” in 1776. They are practicing with one “health emergency” (mandatory vaccines) and soon be followed by other “health emergencies” like “epidemic gun violence” (confiscation/ammo restrictions, etc.) and a “climate emergency”(fuel shortages/inflation/no travel) to speed us to the “New Normal” and Great Reset. I’m certainly NO flag-waver but these folks HATE this country and gleefully admit it, and hate the “deplorables” like us out in flyover country, get ready, it”s NOT going to get ANY better until we OUST the “party” that’s been running the show, we all MUST VOTE them OUT. They are now weeding OUT anyone who doesn’t COMPLY in the Military, Law Enforcement, Health Care, any & everyone who resist the Great Reset so brace yourselves, our only remedy is in the courts (scared Judges/Juries?) and at the ballot box, there’s NO room for apathy anymore, our lives & way of life depend on it.

  15. Nevermind that Rosenbaum, with 2 felony convictions for Sexual Misconduct With a Minor, was armed with a pistol.
    Nevermind that he fired at and pursued Rittenhouse around a corner.
    Leftists condone Palestinians defending against Israeli seizures. So do I. Rittenhouse was defending private property.

  16. This seems a lot like Mayor Weinberg is just virtue signaling, which maybe shouldn’t be such a surprise. If he intends to be relevant in Burlington politics, he needs to appeal to the hard Left in the city. The rest of the citizens who live in or visit Burlington need to fend for themselves. Hopefully they can keep a low enough profile to avoid becoming a target for the criminals looking to rob, assault and control.

  17. Another political POS. The truth is the truth, Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self defense. You obviously didn’t watch the whole trial to see ALL THE FACTS!! Or, you choose to ignore them. Who is filling your pockets to set up this narrative?

  18. Again Burlington’s Mayor is clueless when it comes to the Law and the Constitution,
    really the mayor is far from ever being a leader !!

    He can’t even handle the city council, that makes him look and act like the babbling
    fool he is, he cowers at any evidence of a conflict …… pretty pathetic.

    His comments just goes to show how feckless he really is, the Mayor of a city that is
    in dire straits., kind of says it all.

    • Miro, cannot even control his progressive city council. The mayors job is to lead. HE has no cohones, and does not do anything to protect the residents of Burlington. As a result, there is no police chief, there are only 52 officers by my count. Saturday night at the OK Corral, is a precedent. Those who are elderly or conservative, independent, or libertarian in their beliefs, have not had any representation for 40 years!!

  19. That Kyle Rittenhouse acted out of a need to preserve his own life was evident very early on. This case was a political witch hunt to divert attention away from the actions that were not being taken against the real dirtbags that were vandalizing, starting fires, looting, and those that allowed , some would even say encouraged, to lay waste to urban areas. The politicians that refused to take action after the first broken window need to feel the retribution for their lack of action at the ballot box. That Mayor Weinberger parrots the liberal left media’s falsehoods is not surprising. He needs to be voted out as well. Remember the “Covington Kids?” Can ya’ll say defamation of character ? Kyle Rittenhouse knew the truth, and it set him free!!!

  20. Wow, I’m not a betting man but if I were I would bet you that Wennieberger doesn’t stroll around city park in beautiful downtown Burlington at 1am in the morning. It’s so easy to be so judgemental when you (Wennieberger) where not in Kyle’s shoes being hunted down by thugs! At least Kyle was reying to do his part from keeping his city bring burnt down nto the ground. Just like you mayor wennieberger and the mayor of Kenosha didn’t allow the police to do there jobs. What is your next move wennieberger, erect statues of the 3 heros in Kenosha????

  21. Most of us ordinary folks, including the mayor got our news about this trial from the usual media sources, some biased. The 12 unanimous jurors get their information in the courtroom, by the stringent rules of a criminal trial. When someone is facing murder charges for an undisputed killing and is using an imminent threat self-defense argument, it is almost as if the normal presumption of innocence is denied them. It is entirely up to the defense to convince a jury that 2 conditions were satisfied: that the defendant was in imminent threat of serious bodily harm and that he was acting lawfully and in a place he had a lawful right to be. That can not be said for those who presented the threat to him. This jury was put under tremendous pressure by some grossly irresponsible media organizations to render a guilty verdict to prevent further unrest. TWELVE UNANIMOUS !!!!!!

  22. It looks like Miro watched MSNBC to get his facts – you know, the network that followed the jury bus to their hotel and were barred from the courtroom? I just wrote him to ask him to not speak out and make fools out of all of us when he makes a fool out of himself. Please write him and give him your comments here – there are so many great ones.

  23. Would anyone on the Left care to comment on this self defense case in Kenosha – (from wikipedia)

    Chrystul Kizer was arrested at age 17 for the alleged murder of Randall Phillip Volar III claiming sex trafficking and abuse. During her arrest, she claimed he was her pimp. On June 5, 2018 she shot him twice, set his house on fire, then stole his car.[1] Kizer was arrested and incarcerated at Kenosha County Detention Facility to await trial.[2][3] Kenosha County prosecutors charged her with first degree intentional homicide, use of a dangerous weapon, and four other felonies.[2] They contend the murder was pre-meditated. If convicted, she would face a mandatory life sentence in prison.[2]

    Her lawyer claims she was a child trafficking victim acting in self-defense against her pimp. Critics offer different opinions.[1] Her case received renewed notoriety in December 2019 after The Washington Post interviewed her, and after the George Floyd riots.[4] Community activists posted her $400,000 bond, and she was released in June 2020.[1] A trial date is not set.[5]

  24. Well, look at this. Condemning a legal citizen while not a mention of the felon who had a loaded glock. Huh. Not surprised. He’s just another trash politician who doesn’t think he serves the people . He’s only trying keep the left fake narrative going. Maybe the Mayor should take a look at his OWN city and clean up the mess there before he condemns the democracy that occurred in that Kenosha courtroom. If I had a nickel for everyone one I’ve heard say they will not go to nor shop Burlington, I could move out of Vermont. Shame on him.

  25. We can’t be silent here in Vermont. We all need to take action to make sure our freedoms don’t disappear. We need to remember that across this country all democrats in every state and in our federal government (and I say that intentionally because the moderates will side with the progressives when push comes to shove) have an agenda to tear down the US constitution and rewrite it to follow their Marxist ideology and among other rights-take your freedom and your guns away because they have gotten a taste of power and they don’t want to give that up. Then where will we be? We will be unable to stop it if they keep their majority. So in Vermont, we need to kick them out of the offices they hold in the Vermont house and senate. That’s the only way. The mayors too.
    That mayor in Burlington is ignorant of the truth of what happened in Wisconsin and he should be educated to the facts and apologize but if he doesn’t then he should be kicked out as well.
    I don’t know about you but I’m sick of nobody apologizing or taking responsibility for what they wrote or said about that 17 year old that I hope that that now 18 year old sues them all for defamation. And if that means the mayor of burlington too-so be it!!!

  26. It shouldn’t surprise us, but even still when you see the facts (the whole facts) I am amazed how blinded many on the Left and Progressives really are. When the Prosecution (willfully) doesn’t present Compulsory Evidence to the Defense, certainly is grounds for a mistrial. Certainly grounds for the Prosecution to be disbarred. When Left media show the Prosecution’s evidence and statements on the news, yet do not allow people to hear the Defence evidence, they are certainly no real journalist. Political left voices calling Rittenhouse a White Supremacists, before the evidence and the trial, only to discover he shot 3 white men, (all who were going to hurt him if he had not taken the action he did). It is a sad day that Left / Progressive agenda from many is to see White Privilege in every action a white man takes. It would have been interesting to see the Political comments, the medias narrative if Rittenhouse was a Black 17 year old, and he shot 3 Black men. This might not have even gone to trial. So who is dividing the country ? ? ?

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