Masked to Death

by Aaron Warner

Few things divide Americans these days more than politics.  Perhaps the most politically divisive issue I see on a daily basis is the one surrounding the mask craze, and it is a craze.  Never in my wildest dreams would I think I’d see my fellow countryman and women so quickly rush out to buy vanity COVID19 masks despite the very clear early pronouncement from CDC advisor Anthony Fauci stating mask wearing among the general public is virtually useless. He was right when he said it then, and it’s still true now.  So what has changed? 

Fitness specialist and author Aaron Warner (right) trains a client

Early on in my research, back in March 2020, as the virus began to spread, I sought the most reputable sources of information for which masks were most effective if any.  Any good scientist knows the Random Controlled Trial (RCT) is the gold standard for deriving scientific evidence for determining efficacy or lack thereof. As I poured over the research it was abundantly clear – masks do not work for stopping viral transmission.  Neither in hospitals, nor in communities – nowhere could I find even one study that concluded masks available to the public could help prevent the spread of any virus, including this new one. 

Not wanting to rush to judgment I waited for other studies to come out.  In particular studies that would give us an idea of asymptomatic transmission, which was the other reason for wearing masks.  The first study came from Wuhan, China itself – ground zero of the very scourge.  Looking at over 10 million people they came back with less than 1,000 tested who were asymptomatic.  Of those all were contact traced and exactly ZERO were found to transmit the virus.  But can we trust the Chinese? Maybe not.  However we can trust the Danes and they had a similar study which showed the same lack of asymptomatic transmission. 

So why was everyone slapping this scientifically unsupported face diaper on if the science was clearly demonstrating they don’t work? I suppose that’s the million dollar question.  Here are some facts about masks both from the studies and from doctors who likewise shake their heads at a public craze that is doing more harm than good. 

  • Both n95 and surgical masks have been shown ineffective in preventing the transmission of viruses in more than one RCT.
  • Meta-analysis of all studies regarding masks and viral transmission prior to 2020 (going back to the 1970s) show they do not work to prevent viral spread in hospitals or communities. 
  • Size matters.  Viruses can be measured in microns or nanometers.  They are 30 times smaller than the apertures available to them in both n95 and surgical masks. Trying to stop the spread of a virus by comparison is like trying to keep a mosquito out of your yard with a chain-link fence. 
  • Assuming they actually worked, which the science overwhelmingly proves they don’t, masks stop being effective barriers around 20 minutes or once the moisture builds up on them, whichever comes first. 
  • The CDC states masks are rendered useless the moment you touch them with your hand.  Look around and all you’ll see on people’s faces are useless masks. 
  • Mask manufacturers print on their labels “This product is not a respirator and will not provide any protection against Covid-19 or other viruses or contaminants.”
  • As well as…”Wearing a mask does not reduce the risk of contracting any disease or infection….change/remove immediately in contaminated.”

That’s just refuting they do anything positive.  Even more alarming are the harms caused by masking, both directly and indirectly, and especially against our children. As a certified Cardiovascular Fitness Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine having worked with dozens if not hundreds of people with compromised cardiorespiratory and pulmonary systems, it’s common knowledge that exercise elevates your heart rate.  As heart rate elevates oxygen intake decreases.  This can be measured with heart rate monitors, pulse oximeters or simply by noting the difficulty breathing upon exertion.  It’s settled science.  There is no argument about this.  

Perhaps this is why the World Health Organization has stated on their website since the beginning of this fiasco to not wear a mask while exercising.  I am still stunned as I drive through the Ivy League campus in Hanover at how many students and athletes are wearing them while out running.  It is insane. Literally.  Especially given the clear evidence I just listed about their utter uselessness other than as the superficial palliative virtue signal Dr. Fauci said they were back in March. 

To be clear, masks can cause more harm than good, especially when used improperly.  Broad use of masks, especially when exercising is linked to: 

  • Hypoxia (lack of oxygen delivered to the vital tissues of the body) 
  • Hypoxemia (lack of oxygen available in the blood stream) 
  • Headaches 
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Increased likelihood of transmission (due to moisturized barrier, chronic touching of masks, etc.) 

From an athletic safety standpoint these are reason enough to not use them.  They also obscure one’s vision, inhibit communication, and contribute to the likelihood of both bacterial pneumonia and skin irritation on the faces of kids already humiliated by a world full of adults who have lost touch with reality. 

Add in the collateral damage they have and continue to cause both by what they symbolize and how they are being used to control a people who are born to be both brave and free and the need to resist their mandated use becomes an act of courage and patriotism.  The collateral damage I’m referring to includes: 

  • Teen suicides have skyrocketed to 3,000 attempts each day in the US
  • Mental illness, once a marginal issue, is becoming common place
  • An obese and sick nation grows sicker by the day
  • Families have been denied access to loved ones and cherished gatherings 
  • Small businesses, once the backbone of America, are being fractured across the land

Let’s also consider the misuse of the term “pandemic” to describe what’s happened in Vermont.  By definition there are three criteria for something to rise to the level of pandemic, one of them requires an “enormous number of people dead”.  As of this week the percentage of Vermonters dead from SARS-Cov2 is less than .03 percent. Not 3%, but .03%.  Add to that most all of them are over sixty years of age with co-morbidities and we have an epidemic of common sense more than a pandemic level crisis. 

I will write about how these masks, lockdowns and overreactions to this otherwise weak virus have caused more harm than helped in later articles.  However, in the meantime, Vermont’s policy on masks should be lifted for good. The science is conclusive and the only reason to wear a mask in Vermont during cold and flu season is to keep your face warm or hide from your neighbors. And with the spontaneous explosion of Karens in the Attorney General’s office it’s no wonder people would choose to hide behind one. 

The author is a Hartford resident, a boxing instructor, and a certified Cardiovascular Fitness Specialist and Cardiovascular Performance Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

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  1. At this point, wearing or not wearing a mask for most people is a political statement driven by a political opinion as much as a fear of contracting a disease. As such, what do you suppose the left would think about a mask with a caricature of Kathy Griffen holding severed heads of Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer. Would that be as “funny” as Donald Trump’s head ? To those that would perpetuate this form of “freedom of speech” don’t be surprised, or insulted when you see a mask with a contrary opinion to your’s, people are turning their faces into walking political billboards.

  2. I’ve encountered people wearing TWO masks outdoors, driving by themselves wearing a mask etc. It just gets crazier by the day. And then they get mad if you don’t want to emulate their style of crazy.

  3. Just took a car ride on this first warm day and encountered people walking all wearing masks.
    It’s as though they believe the virus is all around them and could attack at any moment. The government logic says that you can enter a restaurant with a mask on, sit down and take it off, get up again for the rest room you must put it on, return to the table and take it off. The government science must have proven somehow that the virus is only dangerous at certain elevations or while you are move. If you sit at the bar, the virus sees the plexiglass and can’t find the huge open space left to pass food and drinks through. All of this has to be more than ignorance. How can this many people be so afraid and uninformed to follow all of this government crap. And, why would anyone allow an unproven foreign solution to be injected into their body not knowing the result with the speed at which it was produced and yet no one has been able to cure the common cold which is also a corona virus. The old phrase from Star Trek applies more now than ever, “Beam me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here”! We are now in a full blown idiot apocalypses brought to us by a lying media, dishonest social media giants and corrupt politicians. God help us, Please.

  4. Given that masks were said to be off no use in transmission of influenza over decades—how is this virus that much different in the efficacy of masks to prevent infection?

    The vast majority of people wear masks inappropriately—masks actually have to filter on inhalation and exhalation. And that can only occur with very careful attention to the mask fit and facial anatomy. The multitude of comments on fogging of glasses is just one common example of malfitting and ineffective mask function. Men with varying degrees of facial hair are also examples of ineffective filtering that are confounding studies.

    Look at the graphs of states’ COVID cases and when those states instituted mask wearing mandates. Some states showed continued rises in cases, some demonstrated lowered rises, some showed no changes, some showed delayed responses either increasing or decreasing —in summary it was a random effect with no demonstrable relationship to the institution of mask wearing.

  5. Aaron – FABULOUS article and thank you for the time it took to find the true and logical research and then put it together. PEOPLE wake up!! I use to think the Zombie Apocalypse was just another Sci-Fi movie series, but they are all walking around in plane sight for God’s sake! Focus on those who tried to bury this science, mocked, tormented, smeared or killed those trying to get it out there! AND YES – exactly the same as this death cocktail those same people are now forcing into your arms under the guise of the same fear mongering with the masks. BOTH are dangerous!

  6. Have some common courtesy. If you stop one person from getting Covid by wearing a mask then you are a good citizen.. It’s not about “freedom”, it’s about basic respect for others.

    • I also favor wearing clown noses and garlic around your throat as a common courtesy to those people believing in such remedies.

  7. Pathetically in accurate. For ever instance this fellow posts on how masks are useoless O can post a thousAnd. Wish I had the time. I hope that not all subscribers of this paper are gullible enough to believe the unsubstantiated, invalid, outlandish, options of Mr. Warner.

  8. Please post then with sources! As for respect – that goes both ways – I respect those who make the choice to mask up – in turn I deserve to be respected for not masking up – it isn’t a one way street…

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