Mask-free towns outnumber masked 3-1

Count now 47 mask-free, 15 with public mask mandate

Small towns on both sides describe lack of enforcement

By Guy Page

St. Johnsbury, Bennington and a large number of smaller towns have joined the ranks of Vermont municipalities that have voted no on a mask mandate or have simply opted to not bring it for a vote due to lack of interest.

According to the Vermont Daily Chronicle Mask Mandate Scoreboard, 47 selectboards and city councils have either said no or are unlikely to raise the issue – an effective “no.” Municipalities like Bennington and Rutland City that passed resolutions strongly urging the wearing of masks, but stopped short of a mandate, also are in the “no” column. 

Towns of both sides of the issue say lack of enforcement figured into the decision. 

“The board voted for a town wide mask mandate, but there is no real way to enforce it,” a Danville town official said. “This allows businesses to make a decision for what they want to do, with a backing by the board.” 

The Orange County town of Chelsea has been struggling with having enough police coverage to investigate property crimes such as theft from businesses. Asking police to enforce a mask ordinance was clearly a bridge too far.  

“Our Selectboard chose not to approve a mask mandate,” Clerk Karen Lathrop said. “Small towns have no way to enforce a mandate or a budget with which to hire someone to enforce them.”

The one new addition to the “yes” list since yesterday – the town of Norwich, which is a bedroom town for Dartmouth College and the nearby Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center – included a plethora of exemptions. According to the Valley News, the rule does not apply to schools, churches, private residences or offices where people are separated from the general public. Also exempt are stores, gyms or theaters that restrict entrance to those who have been vaccinated for COVID-19.”

Starting yesterday, Vermont filmmaker and activist Bradford Broyles has prepared a holiday shopping guide for Vermonters seeking to bring their business to mask-free towns. It will be updated periodically, the most recent version included in each daily Mask Mandate Scoreboard. 


Brattleboro – Nov. 23
Burlington – Dec. 2
East Montpelier – Dec. 6
Essex Town – Dec. 6
Montpelier – Dec. 8
Norwich – Dec. 8
Rutland Town – Nov. 24
Thetford – Dec. 6
Waitsfield – Dec. 6
Warren – Nov. 25
Williston – Dec. 7


Barre – Nov. 30
Bennington – Dec. 14*
Brandon – Dec. 7
Burke – Dec. 6
Cambridge – Dec. 7
Charlotte – Dec. 6
Fairfax – Dec. 6
Halifax – Dec. 4
Hardwick – Dec. 2
Hyde Park – Nov. 29
Middlesex – Dec. 7
Morrisville – Dec. 6
Rutland City – Dec. 6
Shelburne – Dec. 7
Springfield – Dec. 6
St. Johnsbury – Dec. 13
Stowe – Dec. 6
Waterbury – Dec. 6

No Action or Discussion Scheduled

Middletown Springs



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  1. Don’t worry folks….Phoney Phil and Lurchy Levine will come to the rescue in January to protect us all from the Moronic variant. Went to a grocery store in Burl yesterday….only one without a mask and they didn’t call me out. Masks are nonsense. Most people have been exposed to this killer virus 2-3 times now and are jabbed to the hilt.

    Let’s Go Brandon!

  2. The Danville Selectboard apparently used a letter from the Health Center to mandate masks. I don’t know if they advertised, or even had, an Open Meeting ~ just saw their decision posted online. Executive fiat ~ 🤷‍♀️. Needless to say, I won’t be complying!

  3. all in favor of a boycott of towns that have a mask mandate. one more reason to avoid Burlington

  4. Encourage legislators, bar and restaurant owners, and other community leadres to check out the links below. Covid fears have been hyped and simple cost effective prevention and early treatment options are available. Says who? Dr. Malone inventor of the mRNA delivery system used by Pfizer and Moderna. Robert F Kennedy, director of Children’s Health Defense, and more doctors coming to Vermont Jan. 14-15.

    12/6/21 Dr. Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine delivery method used by Pfizer and Moderna, is saying over 500K American covid deaths could have been avoided? start about 4 min. in.

    Nov. 21, 21 A member of the renown Kennedy Democrat family released a book decrying Fauci. It rapidly depleted the entire stock. Go to for some potent excerpts and a free link to the newly released book by Robert F Kennedy’s, of Children’s Health Defense.

    10.13.21 Canada’s One America News Network released this story about the highly effective treatment ivermectin has repeatedly proven to be against Covid – dramatically restoring very sick patients to health and preventing huge population segments from contracting it. See time stamp 4:35 – 10:35

    This is why a representative team of 10+ doctors and lawyers from the International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists will be here. Mark your calendars now to hear what they have to say at Capital Plaza, Jan. 14. TBD Venue for Jan. 15th. for more information

  5. Here in Maryland; We have 23 Counties.
    Montgomery, Prince George’s Counties & B’more City have the MASKerade Rules.
    There are 5 Liberal Counties here along the I-95 Route. Dense Population, Crime Drugs & Welfare. Socialist Utopias. Only 2 of the 5 have the Mask Bull Spit.

  6. Many businesses in those “free” towns, however, require masks (and it seems that most concert venues require vaccination), and many businesses in the “masked” towns don’t. This is no way to live, and Governor Scott is responsible for this travesty. Ban mask requirements statewide! Meanwhile, it is our duty to disobey.

  7. Essex Junction is different than Essex Town, right? I don’t see Essex Junction separately on the map, but I thought they said “no” to mask mandates. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
    Thanks to Bradford Broyles for making this map!

  8. Headline could be amended – over 4 to 1, Vermont towns reject mask mandates (63-15).