Man with 23 arrest, probation/parole violations arrested for Church Street assault

A man with an extensive record of violating conditions of release from arrest and probation and parole was arrested Monday for assault and disorderly conduct in the downtown area, police say.

November 6, at about 3:44 pm, Burlington police were dispatched for a report of a male assaulting someone on Elmwood Avenue. Officers found Kyle Pecor, 36, of Burlington on Church Street near Cherry Street. They say Pecor had assaulted individuals near Elmwood Avenue and had approached an individual near Cherry Street and prevented their path. He was taken into  custody for Simple Assault and Aggravated Disorderly Conduct. 

Pecor’s prior criminal history includes: 

▪ 4 Failures to Appear 

▪ 19 Violation of Court Orders or Conditions Charges with 3 Convictions ▪ 5 Felony Charges with 1 Conviction 

▪ 56 Misdemeanor Charges with 17 Convictions 

▪ 1 Unknown Offense Level Charge 

▪ 10 Assaultive Crime Charges with 6 Convictions 

▪ 1 Dangerous/Deadly Weapon Related Charge

Information is preliminary and subject to change. 

▪ 4 Violation of Probation/Parole Charges, with 0 Convictions 

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Burlington Police  Department at (802) 658-2704.

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  1. See a trend, This if Montpelier and Burlington welcome mat for bad behavior,

    Criminals and drug dealers welcome!!!

    We won’t do anything, it’s open season for you to do business in our state!

  2. You don’t stop drug use until you take drug dealers off the streets permanently.

  3. In the not too distant future Mr. Kyle Pecor will cross paths with the “wrong” person. The outcome may be life changing for both. Only then will we get the progressives wringing their hands over, “someone should have done something.”

  4. Welcome to the Queen City, the cesspool of Vermont, be it your homeless or like
    the POS Kyle Pecor a career criminal is welcomed by all the liberal nonsense coming from Burlington’s gaggle of fools, AKA ” City Council “…………..you elect these inept fools, so this is what you get human trash !!

  5. Long ago this creep should have been removed…permanently…from society. Very obvious he will not get better and the public should not have to be constantly abused by him. Time to also remove some judges and prosecutors. If they cannot do their job to OUR SATISFACTION they need to be gone, dismissed, removed, also!

  6. It seems to me that maybe a PR campaign to get shoppers back to Burlington is not really what is needed. Make the city safe for visitors and merchants alike and the word will spread. Otherwise – accept the fact that your policies have killed a once very pleasant city.

  7. How can it even be possible that he is not behind bars? Oops, sorry. Wrong question, wrong city, wrong state.

    How do we compel our legislators to face the absurdity of the law non-enforcement disaster they have created?