MAGA-VT campaign endorses candidates to national convention

The following email was sent today by Chet Greenwood, MAGA Vermont co-chair, to Republican electors of delegates to this summer’s Republican National Convention.

“Going to the Republican National Convention should be an honor.  The Co-Chairs of the MAGA campaign [Greenwood, Rick Cochran, and Laura Benner] were asked to provide a preference list to the campaign from a delegate list of 40 people who applied, all of whom are Trump supporters.

“Our first criteria was to name those who worked the hardest for the Trump Campaign.  These were the ones who worked the sign waves,the phone banks, the petition signing, the fair booths and organize the rallies.  Several candidates participated in all, or most, of these events, including Pam and John Ackerson, Rachel Stringer, Laura Benner, Maryse Dunbar, Gregory Thayer, Norman (Pat) Boyden,Marianna Gamache and Rick Cochran. Chet and Sherry Greenwood along with Anya Tynio have also managed a County Fair for Donald Trump the last 4 years.  That is a probable list of 12 names of candidates who earned their way to Charlotte.

“Others who earned their way as in our second criteria, those who just work hard for the Trump campaign AND the VTGOP, Wendy and Chuck Wilton, Bob Frenier, Mark Candon, Linda Kirker, Bob Orleck, Carol Nedde, Kay Trudell, Deb Ricker, Lawrence Zupan and Zachary Zupan.

“We tried to be objective and not take personalities into consideration because we know and like most everyone on the list.  In all it was a good slate of candidates and very difficult to make a list as was requested.

“In closing, I would like to endorse 3 people who were left off the campaign list you received last evening:  Gregory Thayer, Maryse Dunbar and Norman Boyden. No one has worked harder at all of these events than these three.”

Photo: Rachel Stringer of Colchester earned the endcrsement of the Vermont MAGA Campaign for her earnest participation in pro-Trump events such as this sign wave in Essex earlier this year,.

Full disclosure – editor Guy Page is a voting delegate, as he serves as vice-chair of the Berlin Town Committee.

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