MA men busted for holding man against his will / armed heroin dealer gets 3 yrs

State police yesterday arrested two Springfield, Massachusetts men for unlawfully restraining a Williamstown man in a room for two hours.

On March 29, troopers responded to a report of two men who were holding another man against his will at a residence in Williamstown.  An investigation revealed Eu’Kali Glover, 19, and Danarius Davis, 19 coerced Joseph Donald, 25 to stay in a room over the course of a few hours, police say.  

Glover and Davis were taken into custody and transported to the Middlesex State Police Barracks for processing. Glover and Davis were later lodged on bail.

Armed heroin dealer gets three years – Ramzi Kori, 21, of Burlington was sentenced this week to serve three years in prison after his convictions for possession with intent to distribute heroin and for being a felon in possession of a firearm.  United States District Judge Christina Reiss also ordered Kori to serve a three-year term of supervised release after his incarceration.  Kori may face additional incarceration for a probation violation that is pending in Saratoga County, New York.  

According to court records, on July 6, 2021, law enforcement conducted a traffic stop on a Land Rover, seeking to arrest the registered owner of the vehicle who had an outstanding federal arrest warrant.  Kori was the sole occupant of the vehicle. A Burlington Police K-9 alerted to the vehicle, resulting in a search of the Land Rover.  

In bags located on the front passenger seat, agents found 6,850 bags of fentanyl-laced heroin, a loaded 9 mm Sig Sauer handgun, and $2,500 cash.  An examination of Kori’s finances determined that at the time of his arrest, Kori had over $50,000 in various financial accounts.  Government witnesses reported that Kori had been dealing heroin in the Burlington area since 2020.

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  1. It’s apparently been a bad week for Vermont Police. The perception of racism in policing, first alleged by UVM Economics professor Stephanie Seguino in an incomplete and biased study- and confirmed by such notables as Keisha Ram, Xusanna Davis and other stakeholders is borne out by photos published with news reports. A shooting in one of Burlington’s parking garages last weekend, this incident and assuredly others just add to the fervor over racism in policing.
    Apparently there is not enough violent crime being committed by caucasian skinned people here in Vermont. While some of Vermont’s more progressive State’s Attorney’s have seemingly established racial quotas for prosecution, police and criminals are not complying with progressive demands for racial equity in perpetrating crime….
    We need to pay more attention to reality and folks like John Klar than we do to grifters such as Seguino, Ram and Davis. We need to ignore the media propaganda presented and understand what exactly is going on with violent crime in Vermont. Simply adding unconstitutional firearms laws, while ignoring crime because of skin color is absurd and illogical. We cannot react and legislate by emotion- as is being proven, on a daily basis.

  2. Too many Soros-supported prosecutors have signed on to the guilt trip of “we can’t keep locking up our young, black men”. Meanwhile liberals wring their hands over the overdose death toll, despite the tens of thousands of Vermont tax dollars spent on Narcan. The plain and simple fact is that organized criminal gangs from southern New England and regional cities like NYC and Philadelphia are primarily responsible for supplying Vermont with deadly fentanyl, other opioids and cocaine. It just happens that these organized groups are primarily made up of non-white individuals. With that being the situation, along with Vermont’s “lack of diversity”, the PERCEPTION of race bias in law enforcement cannot be helped. The statistics are clear on this. We can make the choice to persuade law enforcement to turn a blind eye and continue to allow the roughly 200 Vermonters to die from overdosing on synthetic opioids annually, in order to deter the PERCEPTION of racism. Most of the prosecutors al already onboard with this strategy. We have made the choice to trade lives to avoid hurt feewings.
    That Federal Judge Reiss gave a heroin dealer with a gun violation only 3 years in prison is part of the problem. Meanwhile, the Vermont Legislature continues to blame inanimate firearms for our crime problems, punishing the law-abiding. Who votes for these people?

    • @ S Lowry

      Why? Because they can. I suspect they perceive VT to be wide open to them, buyers probably are willing to pay higher prices, and should they get caught they will get a slap on the wrist and be sent on their way to do it once again. Catch and release……..

    • …they know that the police are shortstaffed and that they have been told to turn a blind eye and to ignore their well-honed intuitions of who to pay attention to. It’s nothing new, the downcountry gangs have been doing business in many Vermont cities and towns for decades. And recently they have used the pervasive progressive narrative that “all cops are racist” (even the black ones) to their advantage.

  3. Three years for this fine young “man” (using that word VERY loosely). That’ll teach ’em! It’ll be at LEAST a week or so until he’s out gang-banging & distributing again here. Prior to that, it’ll be his cousins! THANKS, idiot VT democrat legislators!!! Uh-oh……is the word “idiot” threatening to you??

    Oh well. TOUGH! Call the cops – before you defund them again, Einsteins.

  4. Sure do wish we could get some Mafia selling drugs and whatever else they do up here we can’t go on arresting all these upstanding black young men

  5. 3 years for 6,850 BAGS of JUNK? Who’s he think he iS? Hunter Biden? Surely it must have been for PERSONAL USE! And the $2500 in CASH? It just MUST have been a recently cashed PAYCHECK! And the gun? Damn those “background checks” REALLY work GOOD! Surely the NEW 30 day wait period would STOP stuff like THIS? Poor “Ramzi”! He’s just a “UVM”! Inderprivileged, Vulnerable, & Marginalized and misunderstood! THIS is racist & systemic racism, pure & simple..He’s a GOOD boy! A VERY good boy!

  6. Good thing he wasn’t a white kid who just walked into the Capiyol on Jan.6th like Matt Perna who had never even had a parking ticket! Our “Justice” system was going to give him 2-3 YEARS for just being waved in (ALL on unreleased video HE shot w/cellphone), broke NOTHING & hurt nor threatened ANYONE..He just committed suicide from the strain. Yet a HEROIN DEALER w/illegal gun, cash, and 6850 BAGS & a criminal RECORD gets 3 years? In the halls of justice the only justice is in the halls, “special” prosecution for CONSERVATIVES I guess..

  7. Thanks Kathleen..Seems the spellcheck & “auto-correction” feature isn’t working so good! For some reason I CANNOT SEE what’s being written here UNTIL/After I POST it..If we don’t imprison DEALERS vs. junkies w/small amounts we’ll just see MORE of these punks coming up here to make bank..

  8. We get what we accept.
    This didn’t happen overnight – it was seeded and we supported it.

    When we can look in the mirror and SEE the reflection, and realize WE are the problem – WE ACCEPTED THE LITTLE CORRUPTIONS AND COMPROMISES – in our elections, in our courts, in our cops, and most especially IN OUR LEADERS AND LEGISLATORS.

    We’ve been beat, coerced and bullied now for two years this month and WE ACCEPTED IT.
    WE need to OWN IN OURSELVES the corruption and compromise we accepted, to go along to get along, that seated the demons in their seats of leadership, and accept that we are being led by a nation of incipient demons now. I mean that quite literally.
    NAME the DEVIL.

    Those with compromised souls are doing Satan’s work for him enslaving humanity for the harvest of their souls.
    And so many are paying for the privilege to do so.

    Wake up. If you deal with the Devil you can expect to pay the Devil in kind.
    Vermont is being led to hell.
    Literally. By demonic minions.

    This is war – a spiritual war – for our souls.
    Who owns you?

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