Long weekend of gunfire, shooting, threats

Six gun incidents in four different communities

Participants in Friday evening car chase-shooting in Grand Isle flee on foot. State Police photo

By Guy Page

Police are investigating six separate dangerous, unlawful gunfire and gun threatening incidents across Vermont that took place between Friday and Sunday. 

All of the incidents occurred in residential areas. No-one was killed and one person is known to be injured. At least one of the shootings was drug-related and involved out-of-state residents shooting what police called “assault-style rifles.” 

Three gun incidents took place in Burlington. Unlawful gunfire “is not a trend we want to see continuing from 2020 and 2021, but it looks like it is,” Police Chief Jon Murad told WVMT Morning Drive radio show host Kurt Wright this morning. 

The other three shootings took place in Grand Isle, Springfield, and White River Junction. 

Incident #1: 6 pm Friday, April 22, on Adams School Road in Grand Isle. 

State police say the shooting involved a drug-related dispute between two groups of people who were known to each other. Police learned that one group of individuals was traveling on Adams School Road in a Volkswagen sedan with New York plates when they encountered the second group of individuals driving in the opposite direction in a vehicle described as a silver or gray Range Rover with Pennsylvania license plates.

A man inside the Volkswagen then opened fire on the Range Rover. Police have collected evidence that shows multiple rounds were fired from an assault-style rifle. The incident occurred in a residential area, and bystanders were present, but no injuries have been reported to passers-by, and VSP is unaware of any injuries to the occupants of the Range Rover.

The Volkswagen was subsequently abandoned by its occupants, and police have seized the vehicle. A state trooper later encountered the Range Rover and initiated a short pursuit before the Range Rover was able to escape, last seen headed toward the greater Burlington area.

Investigators are continuing to look for the individuals (see photo above) who left the scene on foot. Police ask that anyone who has information that could assist investigators; who may have witnessed the shooting; or who sees the Range Rover call the Vermont State Police in St. Albans at 802-524-5993, or submit an anonymous tip online at

Incident #2: 7:30 pm Friday, man shot in face in White River Junction motel. 

A 22-year-old man was shot in the face Friday evening at the Super 8 Motel on North Hartland Road in White River Junction on Friday evening, according to a Hartford PD news release cited in media reports

Officers responded to a 911 call at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Responding to a 911 call at 7:30 pm, police found James Luce, 22, of Quechee on the floor of a guest room, according to a police news release. 

Luce is reportedly in stable condition. The suspected shooter and witnesses are reportedly cooperating with investigators. Two years prior, police had arrested Luce for a domestic disturbance in which he fired a shotgun. 

Incident #3: 3 AM Saturday, Valley Street in Springfield – the second shooting there this month.

At 3 pm on Saturday, April 23, state police were notified of a disturbance on Valley Street in th Windsor County town of Springfield involving multiple reports of gun shots.  A dark colored vehicle with no lights on was seen leaving the area traveling north on Valley Street toward Brook Road.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting disturbance are under active investigation. No one is currently in custody and State Police have not been made aware of any injuries. Anyone with information should call 802-722-4600, or submit a tip online at

Tuesday April 5 someone shot at a home on Valley Street. No-one was injured. Police detained a person of interest, but by Wednesday no-one was in custody. 

Incident #4: 11:38 pm Saturday, threatening with gun at downtown Burlington bar

Dispatchers at the Burlington Police Department received multiple 911 calls about a black male patron with dreadlocks who produced a firearm and pointed it at employees at Reuben James Bar and Grill on Main Street. 

Jahi Bennett-Gooden

Police officers responded and identified the suspect on the street. There was a brief foot pursuit, after which officers apprehended the suspect at gunpoint and by use of physical force. He was identified as Jahi Bennett-Gooden, 25. 

During the short foot pursuit, the suspect allegedly discarded a holster. When apprehended he was in possession of a fanny pack; officers are working to obtain a search warrant because they have probable cause to believe it contains a firearm. 

During the apprehension an officer was seriously injured, suffering what is preliminarily believed to be a torn ACL. That officer is expected to be assigned to limited duty for some time, further affecting the BPD’s patrol staffing. 

The suspect was not injured. Bennett-Gooden has been lodged with pre-trial conditions, and is expected to be arraigned on Monday. 

Bennett-Gooden was the subject of a previous press release on April 22, 2020, when he allegedly robbed the Champlain Farms at S. Winooski Ave and Main Street and discharged rounds inside the store. An officer witnessed him discharge additional rounds at the building and its occupants as he fled; she was able to apprehend him in front of the Roxy Cinema. 

Since then he has had 13 additional police involvements prior to last night’s incident with a variety of Chittenden County law enforcement agencies. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the Burlington Police Department at (802) 658-2704.

Bennett-Gooden is a previous resident of Philadelphia and Saranac Lake, NY. His social media cites him as a father and a former Community College of Vermont student. Today, he is scheduled to appear in civil court for a child support hearing

Incident #5 – Sunday at 5 am, gunshots, yelling, and fast cars on Pine and Maple streets in Burlington. During the investigation, police discovered a U-Haul truck there that had been stolen in Winooski.

Incident #6: Sunday at 8 am, gunshots heard on Pine and King streets. No further information available.

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    • Kind of disrespectful to accuse VT Daily of predictive programming. Save that charge for the corporate media.

  1. Well atleast gun yielding criminals are practicing cultural equity, diversity and inclusion of individuals in their social groups.

  2. Welcome to: The New World Order of Vermont!

    Brought to you by your unfriendly, criminal-lovin’ democRATS who Vermonters sent to the legislature to “diversify” Vermont. Having fun yet?

  3. ANY and ALL gun related crimes should be a MANDATORY jail sentence. No pleading down to a lesser crime.
    And keep the drugs flowing in!

  4. Gee what has changed with regard to laws in Vermont?

    Suddenly all this shooting going on? In Burlington no less….

    And the answer from Montpelier will be more counseling needed and the abolishment of being able to hold a firearm.

    Do you hear that flushing sound? That’s Vermont going down the toilet.

  5. I’d like to know what police officer says “assault style rifles” furthermore I would like that officer to go back to firearms training.

    • The same law enforcement who reported a person with a “long gun” entered the Tax Dept in August 2019, which prompted an all day lockdown and swarms of law enforcement shutting down the Capitol complex. False flag/training drill and never mentioned or investigated again.

  6. This liberal den of iniquity is turning into quite a crap hole. Am I supposed to feel sorry for them ? Why not cut the police and their funding some more ? Still thinking about disarming the police ? You reap what you sow .

  7. If only he’d misgendered someone on Twitter, we could finally put this menace away.

  8. They had to get a search warrant for Bennet-Gooden’s fanny pack? After he resisted arrest and tossed a holster during the pursuit? Because of his rights? Or because of his race?

  9. Don’t know that these were drug related, but WARNING – these scenes do increase with commercialized cannabis. Couple of short clips of slides on cannabis concerns…

    All the slides can be found in the drop box below with their blue ribbon primary source information included in the dropbox below.

    Vermonters, please call upon the Lord. He is big enough to handle these challenges. When the community did this in Kali, Colombia that was experiencing 20 homicides a weekend with 7 major cartel headquarters, united prayer efforts turned the tide. PLEASE PRAY.





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