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Liberal D/Progs demand new State of Emergency, mask mandate

Highest 14-day total of cases in nation cited as need for drastic action

STATE HOUSE CENTER OF MASK MANDATE DISCUSSION – On Saturday, Suzenne Pelletier (right) and Margie Harris protested against mask mandates. Today, lawmakers will hold a press conference calling for universal mask mandates. Page photo

by Guy Page

Liberal Democrat and Progressive members of the Vermont House and Senate will hold a press conference at 4:30 pm today demanding Gov. Phil Scott reinstate the State of Emergency and impose a universal mask mandate. They cite Vermont’s 14-day average of cases being the highest in the nation.

“The numbers of infections in our communities are growing and just last weekend Vermont reported a record-high single-day total of 345 cases,” a press release from Sen. Kesha Ram-Hinsdale (D-Chittenden) issued today says. “Our state’s approach to this virus used to be celebrated nationwide, and now the CDC reports that Vermont has the 14th highest seven-day average case rate of any state. The data shows us that the current plan is not working.”

While providing detail of growing number of cases, the press release makes no mention of vaccination, including Vermont’s 89% vaccination rate among eligible recipients. No response to today’s demands has been issued yet by Gov. Scott, who in recent weeks has said the conditions are not right for another State of Emergency. He also said he believes mask mandates won’t make a single person mask up who is not already doing so.

The lawmakers’ press statement is republished verbatim below:

Press Conference: State Legislators To Call For Governor to Reinstate the State of Emergency Order

4:30 pm on Monday, October 25, 2021

ermont State House, Room 11, 115 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05633


Representative Mari Cordes,, (802) 989-9267

Senator Kesha Ram Hinsdale,, (802) 881-4433

What: Members of the Vermont House and Senate will be joined by education and medical professionals to discuss the ongoing impacts of Covid-19 and call for the Governor to reinstate the State of Emergency order.

Who: Representatives Mari Cordes, Erin Brady, Elizabeth Burrows, Kevin “Coach” Christie, Caleb Elder, Tanya Vvhovsky, Selene Colburn, Michelle Bos-Lun, Senator Kesha Ram Hinsdale, President/President Elect of VT School Nurses Association Becca McCray, MSN, MA, RN, NCSN, Kelly M. Landwehr, Dr. Laura McPeake, Kelly Adams and Yves Dubief of Essex, Anne Sosin, George Till, MD.

Why: The impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic have not subsided for our communities and the Governor’s vaccine-only approach is proving to have drastic health impacts across the state. The numbers of infections in our communities are growing and just last weekend Vermont reported a record-high single-day total of 345 cases. Our state’s approach to this virus used to be celebrated nationwide, and now the CDC reports that Vermont has the 14th highest seven-day average case rate of any state. The data shows us that the current plan is not working.

Children 0-9 currently have the highest incidence of Covid-19, with record cases in schools. Every positive case in our schools has a cascading effect on Vermont’s families, causing anxiety as they wait for test results, losing time and wages to keep a child at home, and consistent instability in our learning environments. Educators, parents, and healthcare workers are exhausted and feeling dismissed and disregarded by the Scott Administration.

State legislators, and education and health professionals, call on the Governor to step up and do his job to protect vulnerable Vermonters. It is long past time to declare a state of emergency once again. In doing so, we ask for a universal indoor mask mandate, increased state-funded staffing for contact tracers statewide, increased healthcare and social work staff in schools, and expansion of the GA motel voucher rules to allow all those who are unhoused during this pandemic to have safe shelter. We cannot pretend that the pandemic is over in our state; we must take action now.

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  1. Masks and “vaccines” are tools of libprog dehumanization and abusive control. They are NOT instruments of “health”. It is time to eliminate lib/prog/dumbocrats from our lives.

  2. This outcome only supports the fact that mask wearing and COVID-19 Vaccines do little to stop COVID, as Vermont’s population is largely vaccinated. We already did the mandates, to include mandates on how many people are allowed to sit at a table in a restaurant and guests allowed in your home, masks, remote learning for k-12 for a year, many workers telecommuting, social distancing as marked by indicators in grocery stores and and so on. Medical offices and vet offices refusing to let people sit in the waiting room and making them wait in cars.

    If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome, then our representatives are as looney as the day is long. Here is am article that discussed the fact that places with high vaccination rates have more COVID-19. Vermont is referenced in the article. Could it be that the vaccination itself produces a positive PCR test? Just a thought worth investigating.

  3. The people of Vermont need to wake up and vote these Prog Cultists out of office… this is about politics not health care.. The lemmings keep voting in their Prog Overlords…Ignorant people can learn from their mistakes, but stupid is just that, Stupid.

  4. Can’t you guys understand that the vaccine itself is causing the problem because it inhibits ace two receptor that has a normal function of preventing all of the side effects from the vaccine. Go to my website and read peer reviewed science learn some truth.

  5. For once the Governor is right. I’m not wearing a mask I sucked it up and got the shot so I wouldn’t have to.

  6. Are these pinheads just trying to set themselves up for another “work from home” Zoom session? Go to work you ———-

    • Another thought if I may. I see a room with whips, handcuffs, black leather lingerie, and medical masks. If you’re into that, go for it, but don’t demand it of everybody else.

  7. They correctly state “the current plan is not working,” then advocate to run even faster toward the cliff–demonstrating they have no understanding of what is actually driving the record case counts. And that is: enrichment of escape variants by vaccines that do not sterilize the virus but instead encourage faster mutation. Until those making policy grasp this fully, they will continue to play pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, putting us all in peril.

    Pause the vaccination program and TREAT this disease. Or take a cue from how the Amish handled things:

  8. With 78,928 kids in VT public schools and, 174 alleged COVID case amongst them , that is 0.22%

    Medically and scientifically , I wouldnt think that would WARRANT what our best Lefties desire at the Dome.

    • We need to immediately quit giving over to their deceptive language of “cases”. A positive result on a sketchy test does not mean a person is sick, or even is carrying the virus!!

      Are any of these kids actually ill, or is this all smoke and mirrors? After two years of this nonsense, I am convinced it’s the latter.

  9. Could this possibly be a political rally to remind liberal voters to be fearful? A stunt to keep these people relevant and prepare for the elections in one year? Many of these legislators have used gaslighting and grandstanding in the past, why not now?

  10. Are our legislators aware of the effects mask wearing can have on eye health? And can they offer suggestions to their constituents to help avoid symptoms related to poorly fitted masks ?a I hope so as those effects are becoming a new medical concern .

  11. a mask mandate has nothing to do with slowing the virus. it would appear the masks and the vaccine have run their course in whatever help they may offer. people need to be as healthy as possible. it is the people with comorbidities that really need to be careful in their actions. for everyone get outside with some sun and watch your diet and rest. with over 80 per cent vaccinated it looks like something is going on there.

  12. Michelle Bos-Lun is a Westminster West Resident . Psyco Communist . First term Elected , Un Opposed .

    • She’s not the only one. “The First Church of Feel the Burn,” and all things left are flourishing under the “Golden Dumb”. Term limits, and boot them out !

  13. It’s TIME People !! It’s TIME to take a stand against this Tyrannical Government !

    • When I go to Town Meeting, I look around and see that more than 75% of those that attend and the squeekyist wheels are “Naturalized Vermonters”. A lot of real Vermonters have given up trying to fight the tide. If we are to take back Vermont, we need the natives, and conservative minded naturalized Vermonters to show up at the polls, and concede nothing to the lefty, flakes ! Vote them out !

  14. Masks and vaccines don’t work. Vaccines actually do more harm than good and are likely the cause in driving positive cases. I know it’s a bold statement, but dig deep down in yourself, you know it’s true. Let’s cut to the chase here.

  15. They stood up to declare their administration and their plan is an unmitigated failure. Following the CDC and dog-torturer Fauci to the letter has created a worse mess than imagined. The Governor will not declare an emergency because the Biden bucks are no more. The Left/Prog Bolsheviks are losing their revolution, so they must double down and repaly the game from the start. The freak of misery coalition is wailng and gnashing of teeth. They are the ones to be cast out and cast aside as the social piriahs they truly are from here on out. The next step is to remove each and every one of them from their seats and remove their power. They are nothing more than complicit co-conspirators of the most evil criminal syndicate structure on earth.

  16. How about if you want a vax or to wear a mask you are free to exercise those rights. Trying to mandate that I, or anyone else also do this isn’t acceptable.

    And if your vax or mask actually works to protect you then why are you so intent on forcing others to do this as well? You do you and I’ll do me. Simple.