Levine warns against Super Bowl super spreaders

by Guy Page 

This year, watching the Super Bowl could be more hazardous than playing in it. And a “super spread” no longer means a favorable betting line or a great snack buffet. 

That’s this observer’s takeaway from warnings made today by Vermont Health Commissioner Mark Levine about practicing pandemic safety at Super Bowl parties this weekend. 

At today’s press conference, Levine said he is more concerned about Super Bowl party super Super spreaders than transmission from youth sports.

“it has the potential to ruin all the progress we have made,” Health Commissioner Mark Levine said. 

The Health Department issued the following direction yesterday:

Watch the Super Bowl Safely

If you’re planning to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday, remember: it’s safest to celebrate with the people you live with.

Check out some of the CDC’s tips — like hosting a virtual watch party or starting a text group with other fans to chat while you watch. Make your own special game-day apps and snacks, or get take-out food to enjoy with those you live with (Bonus: supports your local food establishments!)

Gathering with people from outside your own household increases the chances of spreading of COVID-19, especially if you’re indoors, close together, and eating or drinking without masks. Many cases and several outbreaks started with get togethers.

As Dr. Anthony Fauci put it on ABC’s “Good Morning America”: “You don’t want parties with people that you haven’t had much contact with. You just don’t know if they’re infected. So as difficult as that is, at least this time around, just lay low and cool it.”

So, root for your favorite team, debate the best commercial, and enjoy the game safely!

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  2. Levine is a super spreader of bullshit. Too bad he doesn’t understand the molecular nature a viral infection in the critical role that fuel plays in viral development. Control free radical production by turning on fat burning and completely control the inflammatory response with NAC. Inexpensive safe and proven. Too much for the enlightened experts to understand.

  3. If Dr Lavigne is fearful,then I would believe he is spreading fear!!Honestly,we need to be wise about the flu,but it high time to get back to normal and live free!!Health wise,separation and tyranny is bad for the soul!!

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