Levine: vax more effective, better tested than ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine

by Guy Page

At the June 29 press conference, Gov. Phil Scott and Health Commissioner Mark Levine were asked about the degree and motivation of ‘vaccine resistance’ in Vermont, and the option of non-vaccine therapies including ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. The following is a transcript (conversation begins at about one hour, 15 minute mark.)

Guy Page, Vermont Daily: Governor, Commissioner Levine said today anyone who’s not vaccinated is at risk and that relatively few Vermonters are vaccine resistant. I personally know dozens, maybe even hundreds, of quote-unquote vaccine-resistant Vermonters who are concerned about long-term health risks of vaccination and are pursuing other means of protection. So I’m wondering if in addition to vaccination would you or Commissioner Levine also publicly advocate for non-vaccine therapies such as ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine .

Scott: that’s probably above my pay grade at this point. I know vaccines work. I had one. I was vaccinating myself. I don’t know if you were, Guy, or not. But I go to where the numbers are, the data, and the science shows me that vaccines are effective, they’re safe and and we’ve seen how we benefited in this state as a result. So I’ll keep going back to that. But I’ll let Dr. Levine weigh in on the other.

Levine on vaccine skeptics: With regard to the first part, we’re not just saying there aren’t that many Vermonters who are totally resistant to getting the vaccine. We’re using some national survey data, we’re using some New York Times data, to try to put that together as best we can. But it does seem like Vermont in stark comparison to many other states does have a much lower percentage of people who would fall in the vaccine skeptic, vaccine-resistant category. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Perhaps the circles you’re in, you know more of them than the average Vermonter might know, but either way, statistically speaking across the state it’s certainly not the big portion of the 90-100,000 we were talking about earlier.

Levine on ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine: With regard to these therapies, these drugs are used both in therapy, meaning treatment for someone who chose to be unvaccinated and got [Covid] versus trying to prevent becoming a case at all. I don’t really want to comment on hydroxychloroquine at all, because I think that has been really discarded, and that the risk benefit ratio is markedly in favor of risk not benefit.

With regard to ivermectin, I do believe that there is some data out there. The problem is most of the data out there is anecdotal or comes from smaller studies. When you start looking at some of the clinical trials that have been performed, it doesn’t fare as well and specifically in the situation of prevention as opposed to treatment it’s certainly not been embraced by most of the treatment community, though there are notable exceptions that are very prominent on the internet. But from the evidence-based medicine scientific community it has not fared as well, especially in the area of prevention.

 If I were a Vermonter who was trying to weigh the potential risks and benefits of getting a vaccine versus taking a drug that frankly – a drug that hasn’t had a lot of utility and human treatments in the past in a very select way – I would choose the vaccine because we now have much more [information] than we ever get from clinical trials of drugs. We have millions and millions of people experienced and we know that the benefit risk ratio is way weighted towards benefit.

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  1. Fortunately, these two will be arrested shortly for “Crimes Against Humanity”. How dare they think we are that stupid to believe their lies…we’ve done the research and they evidently ignore it…aaarrggh!

  2. YES, the vaccine is “better tested” because this virus was introduced by China with the assist from Fauci & power mongering democrats in order to create fear, mayhem, & death. To have treatments available was NOT wanted – to wait YEARS for a vaccine was….Trump just slowed down their devious plan.

    Is it unusual that this virus detrimentally effected older people (who generally have MORE immune response from typical viruses such as influenza) & not young adults or children? It’s the NEW WORLD ORDER – the young are easily indoctrinated = just as if shaping clay. The older populations are patriots & learned, experienced,…..don’t want THEM around any longer. They are also a drain in terms of Social Security – using up $ that could better go to those who do NOT want to work, but who will obey the government’s every word!

    Those two innocuous already FDA-approved drugs would have SAVED hundreds of millions of lives if first utilized. All the economic impact, people reliant upon the government for $$$, the means to a PHONY, FRAUDULENT election would never have been possible! REMEMBER: OUR GOVERNMENT BANNED HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE FROM EVEN BEING TRIED! “Oh, it needs to go through YEARS of clinical trials!”

    The democrat party are evil & bent upon the destruction of the USA & the rise of Marxism. TRUTH!

  3. I have no faith in this unhealthy-looking health commissioner! Ivermectin and HCQ have been around for decades and have a great track record of success. Yes, Mr. Levine there is ‘some data’ out there. Mr. Levine is just picking and choosing the appropriate ‘science’ that follows the left’s narrative.
    I wonder if he knows that the creator of the mRna jab, Robert Malone, has been cancelled because he himself recently was warning of the dangers of the gene therapy. Or does Levine bother to read about the thousands that have died from the jab? Is the media bothering to report on this and other debilitating side effects of this jab?
    Do your own investigating my fellow citizens.

  4. What a liar Levine is! The ‘vaccine’ has never been tested. We are the guinea pigs. For him to state that the covid vaccine is tested is an outright lie. Approval was rushed through, with our government granting the ‘vaccine’ makers complete legal immunity. It is not even a vaccine in the traditional sense of the term..
    Hope more people listed to VT Daily.
    Thank you.

  5. So this Doctor and other could have saved millions of lives for $2-4 Below are his results. This would be along the lines of propaganda.

    When you look at world maps you find some area weren’t so affected by Covid-19……why…here’s the reason.

    Science is supposed to be tested and question, that’s the basis of scientific theory. When people say don’t question the science, you should immediately wonder am I getting fed propaganda and lies? Chance are you may be.

  6. So Sorry Guv’. You and the good doctor Levine have lost any credibility with a good portion of your constituency. While you did a barely adequate job of handling the liberal hysteria, countering with liberal “science and data”- the damage to Vermont from your lockdowns will linger for years to come.
    As to Invermictin and HCQ, both were dismissed as a treatment option seemingly based on the possibility it may work, cited by Trump. It still remains to be seen if either drug works and India’s current use of both drugs should provide ample evidence, should an objective mind look. I doubt there’s an objective mind left anywhere in the State or Federal government.

  7. I’ve no doubt that I know more “vaccine skeptics “ than you De. Levine but I guess that is indeed due to the circles in which we hang out. I do want to be assured however that should I contract Covid that I will easily be able to obtain and use human-grade Ivermectin and not have to either just sit around and see how sick I become or have to dose myself with Ivermectin horse paste! How about ensuring that we all have the option of easily getting Ivermectin? After all, it’s not just us vaccine resisters who might contract Covid but even the compliant vaxed who also seem to contract the latest Delta variant. So how about promising us that it will be made available?

  8. It truly is a shame to realize the level of corruption that has permeated every level of our government and our institutions. The money these officials are making from this scam has to be worth it to them as they have no integrity and/or ethics. They invited the CCP into the State House! It appears Vermont is a captured and controlled territory and under the rule of an unknown, illegal entity. It’s either mutiny or military intervention – these traitors are burrowed in like ticks.

  9. Hmmm…. Unknown experimental vaccines vs. decades old medications with PROVEN and KNOWN side effects that are minimal risk. Yeah – OK Levine!

  10. This whole thing is over as far as I’m concerned. There’s a vaccine to help everyone who wants to take it. For the others that don’t. Well it’s their life. Stop telling people how to live their life. And there is data stating that hydroxycloroquine helps. But it’s for treating Covid.

  11. Absolutely laughable. Fauci conducted a study in 2005 that provided that hydroxycloroquine was effective in treating SARS, which is related to COVID-19. I find it even more disturbing that Mark Levine refuses to discuss the connection between vitamin D deficiencies relative to the risk if getting COVID-19. Swedish countries test yearly for vitamin D deficiencies. Vitamin D deficiencies are linked to how much melatonin is in someone’s skin, which means the darker your skin is, the more at risk they are at being vitamin D deficient, which puts you at a higher risk of getting COVID-19. Why isn’t this information being shared by the good doctor.

  12. Guy, I would also like to know why they are pushing vaccination for those who have had it and have natural immunity.

  13. Love Levine’s comment to Guy:…..”Perhaps the circles you’re in”…What circle might those be, Doctor? Vermont citizens who love the Constitution or who loathe Marxism & socialism? How about those who appreciate safe streets & a law enforcement presence? And those who KNOW full well China is responsible for this in corroboration with Fauci & dimocRAT operatives, are they those trouble-makers who supported the last POTUS, or who don’t believe the world is ending in 10 years unless Vermonters keep composting their garbage, or even those who KNOW there are TWO genders in this world – not 124 – and that MEN cannot become WOMEN ’cause they wish to……

    Yeah, those kind of folks are generally hesitant to get vaccinated(!?)


  14. He is Probably just another CGI . or AI. Clone . . .. I am so happy the GWSA Tzar’s Car Burned up . To funny

  15. Just have to share this once again – April 10th 2020 – Sec of States Order on HCQ and more. Does it rise to the level of a controlled demolition by controlling the function of a pharmacist? Report on health care professionals who RX HCQ under penalty of what (?) and the timing was so interesting as well. These whatever they are are guilty of crimes against humanity for sure!! Nicely hidden among other interesting medications:

    Employ Enhanced Drug Utilization Review to Curb Inappropriate Prescribing

  16. My daughter and her family and I caught covid un 2019 after eating dowhtown at a cihinese restaurant and then shopping at 2 oriental shops and it was bad enough
    we will not get vaccinated

  17. Our leading health professional Dr. Levine hangs his hat on the New York Times editorial pages????????? Since when do we make decisions based on what a news papers say? We are in serious trouble. Where are the hour long debates between Dr. Levine and opposing opinion professionals? There are hundreds of counter opinions by medical professionals but they are silenced by government agencies that will revoke their licenses if they speak out. There are peered review studies in Japan that has proven that the vaccine spike protein has migrated from the injection site which it is NOT supposed to do. The spike protein itself is very damaging to the organs of the body if they are allowed to attach to ACE2 receptors in the body. This has been confirmed that this is happening. Heart infections, blood clots and mini strokes have been confirmed. I’m sick and tired of knowing more than our bureaucratic doctors. Where are the hour long person to person debates that are required for the public to make informed decisions?? The authoritative mandates for vaccine compliance have filled the silent majority with terrible resolve. Where are debates to answers to questions such as ; does the mRNA instructions keep making the spike protein forever? When the vaccine spike protein migrates to ACE2 receptors in the ovaries and male testes which it has, does it damage reproductive function? Why has 82% of pregnant women who received the Covid 19 vaccine in the first trimester have had miscarriages’? Where are the debates and discussions with the researchers who have published this data? I want to see Dr. Fauci debate these “conspired quacks” in hour long debates. We demand such things before volunteering our consent. Why are we using the PCR test to determine infection rates since the inventor of the PCR test states that the test can not quantify infection? Why is anti-dependent enhancement syndrome not being debated. ADE has the potential to fatally strike all vaccine recipients this fall. In previous animal studies using mRNA vaccines it was found that the majority of animals died after vaccination once they were exposed to a variant “in the wild” up to a year later because of ADE. Where are the debates and discussions?????? Stop complaining about vaccine hesitancy and address these very troubling issues Dr. Levine and Dr. Fauci. How can the FDA approve of an experimental vaccine using mRNA that has had disastrous effects in animal trials over decades? FDA approval at this point is equivalent to asking inmates at Auschwitz to take a shower. Never again!

    • Exactly and well said! I just saw a presentation about research done by La Quinta Columna. Biostatistician Ricardo Delgado, Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano and other researches confirmed the presence of graphene oxide nanoparticles (a toxic chemical) in vaccination trials. This team found the same particles in the PCR test swab (yes, the one they insert into your nasal cavity), and mass produced masks. The research suggests that this chemical is producing the COVID-19 symptoms. I recommend listening to the presentation, which is in Spanish, with English subtitles. The symptoms include blood clots and bleeding, as reference in your post, as well as other COVID-19 symptoms.


  18. Well said Don. Agree 100%. They all are puppets, paid-off from the Chi-comms. Some are black-mailed and/or threatened. But, the House of Cards is falling down. The Truth has come out and is circulating in rapid speed. They are running scared and the criminal drug-pushers for the experimental shot as well as the Marxist-pushers for the Critical Race Theory will be putting more pressure on the population. True American Patriots know what’s going on and we are on to all them and their tactics. Its a repeat of history from the beginning of time. However, very soon many of the States in the Northeast will be falling. Only a matter of time.

    In the meantime, we have 21 U.S.C. Section 360 and the Nuremberg Code of 1947. Stay informed and fight for your rights.

    Liberty is from God not men.

    • Thank you all for your comments…it is great to know that we have so many Patriots in the state.
      Yes, please support Guy so we can continue to fight the battle before us…it’s almost over!

  19. Christine thank you for the link. Good information that would never see the light of day on twitter and Facebook. Just think about children who might be wearing Graphene impregnated masks all day long in schools. Google Graphene to see all the potential nefarious manipulation that is possible with this substance. It is suggested that Graphene is present in the vaccines themselves. Furthermore, Graphene research scientists have been experimenting with that substance to aid in brain functions. And that targeted 5G technology can manipulate it once its inside the body. This is not conspiracy this is searchable facts. I for one will only use a washable cloth mask from this point forward, Why would there need to be Graphene in vaccines or the Covid19 testing swabs? Where are the discussions???? Support Guy Page in his effort to let free speech flourish.
    Todays riddle: Why are there no knock knock jokes about America? Because Freedom rings!

  20. Dr Levine is clearly derelict in his duties and needs to be fired immediately. There is actually plenty of information out there about therapies to help a person through a covid infection and it after affects. Dr Bruce Patterson and Dr Peter McCullough to name just 2. Dr McCullough also testified before the TX senate so that is widely available. If Dr Levines ONLY answer to the China virus is take the jab, he is the most ignorant Dr in the entire world. HIs BIAS is showing, just like Scotts.

  21. His comments on Hydroxychloroquine didn’t age well….not even for a few months. “I don’t really want to comment on hydroxychloroquine at all, because I think that has been really discarded, and that the risk benefit ratio is markedly in favor of risk not benefit.” These people want you to die if you don’t get vax’d. This is really disgusting and really terrifying (I believe intentionally). Look at the low number of deaths per million in Africa where this and other treatment drugs are used frequently. Almost no deaths, with very low vax rates. Now many states and countries are deliberately making these drugs (both preventative and treatments) less available and more expensive. Then when you die, that will be used to scare more people to get the vax. This is pure evil.

  22. The data on the Pfizer vaccine shows that there is no mortality benefit from it. In fact, there were more deaths in the vaccine arm than in the placebo arm.

    So spare me the bullhockey about vaccines being effective.

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