Levine underplays heart disease accounts, says vaccine ‘extraordinarily safe’

Vermont Health Commissioner Mark Levine at Tuesday’s press conference

By Guy Page

Fact: vaccination and increased incidence of heart disease among young people are linked. 

Fact: Compared to previous strains, the Omicron variant is both less deadly and more likely to be transmitted to, and by, both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Fact: with the Scott administration’s participation and approval, many Vermonters are being forced to choose between keeping their jobs and getting vaccinated against a less dangerous strain that breaks through vaccine protection with ease.

Fact: forced job loss wreaks financial, mental and social havoc on individuals, families, the social safety net and the Vermont worker-starved economy. 

With these four facts in mind, at Tuesday’s press conference the Vermont Daily Chronicle took issue with Commissioner Mark Levine’s claim that “the time for thinking about [vaccination] is passed.” We asked Gov. Scott:

“Commissioner Levine said of vaccination, ‘the time for thinking about it is passed.’ Some of my readers are thinking, ‘not so fast’ given some new developments. A 49 year old New York Times editor died on December 18th of a heart attack, a day after he had a booster. Locally, a healthy vaccinated 19-year-old son of a friend of mine is now experiencing heart palpitations that he’s never had before. Also, experts are saying that Omicron is both less dangerous and more likely to result in breakthrough now.

“So my question is, if these developments are true and relevant, how is it still ethical to ‘incentivize’ Vermonters, to use a term you used a couple weeks ago, to vaccinate by taking away their livelihood?”

At Gov. Scott’s request, Commissioner Levine answered:

“I don’t know about these two cases you’ve mentioned. If they are related to the vaccine,it’s tragic. We certainly want to ascertain they were, but the reality is we now deal in hundreds of millions of doses of vaccine when we look at adverse effects and the data from millions, hundreds of millions of doses does not really support a policy that would say these are dangerous and shouldn’t be used. If anything it’s the complete opposite, that they’ve been extraordinarily safe for newly developed vaccines, and efficacious.

“I think your comment on Omicron was the fact that there will be more breakthrough cases, a term we don’t like to use, but you’re right and the reality is yes this is a more infectious variant, and even people who’ve been vaccinated can more easily get Omicron.

“But again that’s not what the vaccine was designed to do – prevent a case of Omicron. The vaccine was designed to prevent a case of Omicron from ever getting so serious that someone would end up in the hospital or God forbid die from it. And the data is backing that up throughout the pandemic with every variant strain that we’ve had. 

“So again keep your eye on the right ball – the ball is vaccines are meant to prevent severe outcomes.  So just like you can get a cold from getting Omicron and most people who have been vaccinated who get ill get a cold or a mild flu-like illness, their lungs, which are the main place that this virus can do a lot of damage, are very protected. They’re not presenting to the same degree as others who are unvaccinated with shortness of breath, with the need to have x-rays for pneumonia, with ICU admission. So I do believe the data still supports the vaccine very well.”

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  1. Thanks for asking. Next time ask, “why are you punishing people with natural immunity?” Punishing is what they’re doing here, not “incentivizing.”

  2. You’re not going to find something– adverse events from the vaccines– that no one is looking for and that hospitals and physicians deny.

    Are we tracking all adverse events from the vaccines? Not to assign blame, but to gather statistical data? No, we absolutely are not.

    Instead, hospitals and medical boards are muzzling doctors and threatening them for speaking up about anything they see.

  3. VAERS conservatively reports over 800k adverse events, over 20k deaths and a 20+X incidence of myocarditis. How can the head of Vermont’s response team be this ignorant?

  4. Senator Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) held a Congressional oversight on November 2, 2021 with many witnesses testifying on the Adverse effects they have dealt with, including survivers of family from people that died. This was on YouTube (not sure if they have removed that hearing. They compared 25 years of data from adverse effects from a Flu vaccine, and Covid vaccine from January 1, 2021 – November 2, 2021 from CDC and FDA data. THE NUMBERS ARE STAGGERING !

    VAERS Safety Comparison
    (from Nov 2, 2021)
    {government data from CDC & FDA}
    Charts by Senator Ron Johnson

    FLU VACCINE (25 year average)
    Adverse effects avg : 7,596 per year
    Death avg in USA 78 per year
    Adverse effects:193,712 (25 years)
    Average deaths : 1,196 per year
    This is global data from CDC & FDA

    COVID – 19 Vaccine 1/1/21 – 11-2-21

    Adverse effects (2021) : 818,043
    (Unsure how many are in USA)
    Death : global 17,128
    Death : USA. 8,083

    COVID VACCINE: 108 X (greater chance) of adverse effects than from taking the FLU VACCINE

    COVID VACCINE: 220 X (greater chance) of death than from taking the FLU VACCINE

  5. When this Omnicron thing first appeared it was proclaimed by officials in the countries it hit as to having “very mild symptoms” much like a bad cold. What happened between then and now that makes everyone scared about it?

  6. If I were in the room with Levine, I would ask: “The current number of VAERS-reported post-vaccine fatalities—over 20,000—represents a 10,000% increase over an average reporting year, which far outpaces any reported background death rate resulting from increased uptake of vaccines. How is that large an increase not even worth an investigation?”

  7. You know what is safer than taking the jab? Taking Vits. D, C, zinc, quercetin, and chicolate (just for the magnesium of course🙄). And ivermectin once a month as a preventative. So simple, so cheap, no heart attacks.

  8. …Well if they’re so safe, then force the pharmaceutical companies to accept liability claims…I thought not…

  9. As reported Wednesday, “A Vermont Covid Summit organized by will be held Jan. 14-15, bringing leading doctors, attorneys and ethical leaders to interested Vermonters.” I’m betting Scott, Levine, et al have no interest in attending . . . they only want to “hear of” their narrative. Good leaders want to hear all sides of the available information before charting a course of action.

  10. My sister, the fitness nut, RAN up the Mt. Washington toll road. She took the poisoned “vaccine” and inflammation of the coronary arteries caused her to have a serious heart attack. This happened shortly after her husband died from “vaccine” induced blood clots. Levine is a dangerous fool.

  11. Why are they still ignoring natural immunity? Why in heaven would I get a jab if you have had covid and your natural immunity is 27 times greater than the jab (the jab will wither in a few months and require boosters)??
    If we do simple math by watching the Digger numbers of reported cases … lets say we have been
    reporting numbers for a year and a half…(and its probably longer) thats 546 days.. if the daily average reported in the Digger is 300 that means we have 164,000 people with natural immunity…
    and the number is probably larger than that. That means 35 percent of Vermonters have natural immunity. So why are we driving everyone to the jab?? What are we missing here?

  12. Kudos to Guy for asking, at least..I would recommend EVERYONE read RFK Jr.’s book “The Real Anthony Fauci” that just came out, a REAL eye-opener to say the least..Levine’s brushing off adverse events is Stalinistic, as “Uncle Joe” said, “one death is a tragedy, a million..a statistic”.. But Levine is WRONG about Omnicron’s damage saying “the lungs…are very protected” as Omni stays in the UPPER respiratory tract & NOT the lungs, duh! Note he DID NOT answer about taking away the livelihoods of those refusing the “vaccine”! NOT a PEEP as they are TOTALITARIANS, willing to DENY basic rights to people refusing a virtually untested & hastily made, never used widely before “vaccine” platform..The NY Time’s editors buddies have sworn to avenge his untimely & unnecessary death by EXPOSING those shoving this travesty down Americans throats, “tragic” as stated by Levine. Just look at the deaths per million, USA–2107 Per Million, Sweden, 1444, Germany, 1126, Cuba, 650, Japan, 139, Kenya, 97, So. Korea, 47, Hong Kong, 28, Tanzania, 0.86..Nevermind the decrease in mortality, OD’s, Suicides, etc. they are NOT even factored in..US Citizens (some) are MANDATED to get the Jab yet 1.9 MILLION entering the USA ILLEGALLY not even tested & sent all around the country in late-night flights? This could be the worse “approved” drug since Thalidomide w/repercussions untold & unfolding before our very eyes & Scott, Levine, etc. may not face accountability but, IF the Vt. legislature ditches “qualified immunity”, may have to face myriad lawsuits for their actions someday. Like the good book says, “sow the wind, reap the whirlwind”..

  13. So now Dr Levine says that the vaccine was never intended to prevent Covid, just to prevent serious illness or death. Hmmmmm. So in that case, why all the vax mandates? If the vax isn’t going to keep people from getting or spreading Covid, then what is the rationale for forcing them to get it? What’s the rationale for preventing them from accessing entertainment venues, restaurants and all the other places that ban the unvaxed? It’s obviously not going to keep Covid from spreading by just permitting entry by the vaxed.

  14. Levine and the Vermont Department of Health certainly have done well parroting the narrative given them by the CDC, but that’s not what I thought a Health Commissioner did. His non-answer responses to so many questions brought to him is shameful and indicative of the accusations of following fauci’s orders.
    The DOH, under Levine’s “leadership” has certainly failed Vermont citizen-subjects and taxpayers.
    As we approach the peak of the omicron variant’s effects in Vermont, so much more than testing, Scolding for “vaccinations”, counting positive cases and testing yet again should have and could be done. IVM and HCQ aside-(It violates fauci’s and Pfizer’s orders)The benefits of Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc, along with other supplements should be at the forefront of public information, not buried deep in the DOH website. I get that there’s no money in vitamins, Tests and positive cases-are bringing home the bacon for Vermont’s Healthcare industry- but maybe the Health Commissioner should really concentrate on Health, not money, nor what a politician tells him to say.
    The credibility of information from the VT DOH and most of the Health Care industry has been shredded- and we allowed it to happen.

  15. “they’ve been extraordinarily safe for newly developed vaccines, and efficacious” Tell that to my family member who delivered her baby two weeks early, just 4 hours after having the jab….and my other HEALTHY family member who was in the ER 8 days after the jab with Pericarditis. Safe??? He should be prosecuted for malpractice.

  16. Levine and Scott have already been bought and paid for. They have pushed the poison for the last year +. And they can’t stop now, but they are such good liars and many still trust them. I believe God will make things right. And they will be shown as the CCPs Vermont connection.

  17. “And if the [Delta] virus does come into Vermont, even if it’s a variant, our high vaccination rates create a wall of immunity that stops it from spreading further.” —Dr. Mark Levine, May 18, 2021

    But now the vaccine is about preventing serious illness only? Someone is talking out of both sides of their mouth.

  18. According to verifiable statistics from India and Africa, Horse paste is safer and more effective than the jabs. Sad commentary for medical science.

  19. I pray to God these demons suffer the full consequences of their evil deeds very soon. Crimes against humanity.

  20. So I have a question. Are people still having mild cases of polio. Or did he Vaccines eradicate it. Or was the vaccine a money maker for Big Pharma just like all of them. If coronavirus had a cure, we would no longer have the common cold. Just wondering.

  21. It’s all about the spike protein. It never made sense to me to have every cell in one’s body produce spike protein. It’s not attenuated either. The body now attacks itself because the protein is migrating to all parts of the body. I know of a pathologist during autopsy seeing organs of the body being attacked by lymphocytes in vaccinated people because for example the heart healthy tissue is being attacked because the cells in the heart have produced spike protein where it should not be.
    I’m sorry to say Trump messed up.

  22. I’ve posted this before. These are my personal experiences with those who have had experiences from the jab.

    – 1 friend triple jabbed. Normally healthy. Has lost 20 pounds over the past few months and fears he may have cancer.
    – 1 coworker experience severe vision loss after jab
    – 1 relative had diverticulitis after second jab
    – 1 close family member had cancer and given 2 years to live. Post jab passed away in two months.

    I wish I was making this stuff up.

    These ‘shots’ make protect you from the rona but at the expense of your natural immune system.

    Caveat Emptor folks.

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