Letters to the Editor: Parents rise up / Dem threat to public safety, free speech and elections


Parents take back schools at the ballot box

The Covid pandemic forced students to learn from home and parents got the opportunity to see what they were being taught.  Suddenly education became a hot topic and woke parents up.  It was the major issue in the Virginia gubernatorial election where the Democrat candidate defended a progressive ideology and teachers’ union while the winning Republican candidate opposed dumbing down students and focused on education quality. 

Shock waves crossed the nation when liberal voters in San Francisco recalled three school board members with a 70+ percent margin.  Voters were upset these members were more concerned about advancing a politically correct agenda than educating kids.  Nationwide, parents are challenging school boards for promoting progressive policies that all kids are equal regardless of IQ and cancelling advanced courses for gifted students resulting in dumbing down students by teaching to the lowest level.

Grades and aptitude tests are also being eliminated so low achievers can graduate.  Graduates can’t read at grade level and in some districts over 75 percent are illiterate.  Students are taught about white supremacy, diversity, equity, racism and transgender inclusion instead of math, English, and science skills needed to succeed in life.

A backlash is brewing across the country.  Parents are demanding school boards not trample on their kids’ education and freedoms.  Parents being labeled “domestic terrorists” by the Biden Administration further fueled their anger.  They’ve had enough.  Now the ballot box is being used to take back their schools and reject the progressive ideology that’s taking over our country. – Frank Mazur, South Burlington

Democrats’ true colors

This is a vital year in our nation’s history.  We’re down to the nitty-gritty of actions that will determine if we remain a free nation.  Since Inauguration Day of last year, we’ve seen the true colors of the Democrat party.  Their platform promotes lawlessness by defunding and ‘handcuffing’ the police and politicizing the organization.  

 The Democrats have successfully used Covid to perpetuate excessive fear while maintaining strict control through mandates and harmful lockdowns.

 Rather than holding open meetings, our Democrat legislators seek refuge in zoom meetings which severely limit, if not cancel public attendance to monitor the meetings.  Any concerns or dissenting opinions of policies are being crushed and as we see daily, censored or ridiculed.

 What may be the end goal in keeping people’s anxiety level high, is to proclaim that in order to keep people ‘safe’ we must exclusively use mail-in ballots in our elections.  There goes election integrity right out the window!  Ballot harvesting and ballot traffickers stuffing ballot boxes will cancel out legal votes.

 Without regard for American citizens in need,  the Democrats have flung open the southern border to allow anyone and everyone to freely enter our country, with absolutely NO vetting.  Drugs, sex traffickers, terrorists, sickness and disease and who knows what all is freely and deliberately allowed to enter our country!  And to top it off, our tax dollars are being used to transport these illegals all over the nation, many flown or bussed during the dead of night and dropped off with no warning to local officials.  This puts a huge burden on communities who are already suffering from a mismanaged and collapsing economy.

 Republicans must have a clear agenda to focus initially on these three issues:

1) a strong police force that defends law and order and which remains free from politicization.

 2) freedom to speak and confront (without reprisal) issues that concern people’s lives  – jobs, informed consent in their medical decisions and awareness of their children’s school curriculum.

 3) insure election/voter integrity by voting in person on Election Day showing a valid ID. – Kathy Wagner, Sandgate

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  1. Unfortunately we have too many Rino’s in DC who like things the way they are…Just look at the the last vote on Vaccine mandates…Skipped by Goober Graham, Romney, Inhofe & Burr…We’ll never get anywhere with these types Not representing us in D.C….Stop electing these grifters…Primary them and we need to get rid of Cocaine Mitch and which-ever way the wind blows McCarthy as well!…They’re in it only to enrich themselves.

    • The senate term is 6 years. Once the RINOs fool and bamboozle the voters, we’re stuck with the damage with no way to recall them. Then there’s the lesser of two evils, thing. I held my nose and voted for Romney against Obozo. Great choice, this is why primaries are so important and people hardly show up to vote. What we get is an uninformed and lazy electorate, but after the facts are known everyone complains. Maybe if we put the horse in front of the wagon instead of behind it, we might end up with better government leadership by paying attention and voting in the primary for better leaders.

  2. We cannot even get rid of our own “grifters” here in Vermont, much less the Nationals! If you feel you don’t want certain representatives, I suggest you start with the two Senators from Vermont. Bernie is a disgrace to Humanity!

  3. Term limits is the solution. Those in the “ruling class” will never allow the vote to the reach the floor of the House and the Senate.

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