Essex JP asks Secretary of State about Dominion voting machine hacking vulnerability

Communications ports in Dominion voting machines installed by Vermont Secretary of State’s Office for the 2022 election

Editor’s note: Brian Christie, an IT professional, House candidate, and an Essex Junction City justice of the peace, on October 12 sent this letter to Will Senning, the Director of Elections for the Vermont Secretary of State’s Office. To date, Senning has not responded, Christie said. However, Secretary of State Jim Condos in an Essex Reporter news article dismissed similar statements by another Essex JP as “ludicrous.”

Election fraud will the topic of a talk tonight from 6-9 pm at Valley Bible Church in Middlebury by Dr. David Clements, Law Professor, New Mexico State University, former Deputy District Attorney, 12th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, former Senior Trial Attorney, 3rd and 6th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

Hello Will:

The midterm elections are fast approaching. As you may recall I am a member of the BCA in the newly formed entity of Essex Junction City. I was appointed as a JP during the summer. I recently attended the certification of the tabulators and observed an obvious vulnerability.

In light of the myriad of evidence and reports forthcoming, I have a number of questions and will organize my questions accordingly.

1. DHS-CIS has identified 9 vulnerabilities with Dominion Voting machines

“This is exactly what the DHS-CISA warning is about: that such “malicious code” and “malicious applications” could be installed on a machine without its operators’ awareness.”

What efforts is the Secretary of State’s office doing to patch these vulnerabilities?

What efforts has the Secretary of State’s office made to make all election officials aware of the vulnerabilities inherent to the dominion machines outlined in the DHS-CIS report?

2. Dominion machines in Georgia showing hand count discrepancies

What efforts is the Secretary of State’s office taking to ensure that the algorithms used inside the tabulators are consistently accurate? Will there be a forensic audit of the tabulators after the election to ensure that?

3. Konnech CEO Eugene Yu arrested for storing US election data on servers in China

How is the Secretary of State’s office ensuring that voter records of any kind are not being accessed and stored on foreign servers?

4. Alaska Borough votes to ban voting machines in future elections

Do the Vermont State Statutes require all municipalities, towns, etc. to use electronic tabulators? 

What is the process of banning the use of electronic voting systems and returning to more reliable “old school” methods?

5. The new tabulators I saw at the town office have MAC addresses and ethernet ports. This indicates the presence of a modem. Devices can be hacked even if not connected to the internet.

In the age of quantum computing and handheld computing devices, how is the Secretary of State’s office directing counties and townships to handle this known vulnerability?

6. The Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) violates federal law.

How is the Secretary of State’s office preventing real-time access to Vermont voter roles by domestic and foreign entities?

How is the Secretary of State’s office ensuring the public that everyone in the Vermont voter role meets all of the requirements set by Vermont Statutes? 

How is the Secretary of State’s office preventing identity theft with mail in ballots based upon a dirty voter role? (i.e. many ballots sent to the same address)

How is the Secretary of State’s office preventing non-citizens from registering to vote if they can get a driver’s license?

As you can see, there are many vulnerabilities in the current election system that need to be addressed. 

I am looking forward to your responses. 

Together we can make the election system better.

Best regards,


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  1. I’m not sure that it’s pertinent, but I just received an application for a mail-in ballot from a municipality in which I haven’t resided for 6 1/2 years. So much for the integrity of mail-in ballots.

    • The Vermont GOP has developed a tool for reporting excess ballots. They will be compiling the information and reporting it to the appropriate town clerk or the Board of Civil Authority after the election. You can find it here: https://www.vtgop.org/#/ballots/

      • Since the Vermont SOS has delegated the authority of our voter roles to Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), which is used in 31 states, I don’t think the Town Clerks actually have ultimate jurisdiction over the local roles. We all need to keep investigating these vulnerabilities and getting the word out to WE THE PEOPLE because our vote has been subverted by introducing multiple attack points (i.e. voter roles, mail-in ballots, same day registration, electronic tabulators, etc.)

      • FYI – The so-called ‘administrative state’ has no bounds. It is the consummate Uncle Remus Tar Baby.

        Dear Mr. Eshelman,

        Thank you for your email. ERIC is a public charity non-profit membership organization, not a governmental entity. Its members are 33 states, including Vermont, and the District of Columbia.

        The short answer to your question is that whether you can obtain copies of current ERIC reports depends on whether the report you’re interested in contains data protected from disclosure under federal law. For more information on this issue, please see ERIC’s FAQ here. FAQ 13, and the chart linked to in the response, addresses the protection of ERIC’s reports. If, after reading over the FAQ, you would like to request a report containing data that can be disclosed, please do so by submitting an open records request to the Vermont Secretary of State.

        Shane Hamlin | Executive Director

  2. Makes me really want to know why the memory cards in brand new machines ( just before the primary) were replaced? Why was it that elections in several towns were not certified for weeks? I doubt it was all due to redistricting? If that were the case, all those ballots should have been hand counted. The secretary of elections and the secretary of the state need to answer all these reasonable questions now!!

  3. Thank you Brian for taking the lead here…keep pressing for answers and if you are stonewalled go to the national media. Post here and I’ll forward to Newt and Hannity who are watching Vermont’s process. Keep at it,dig deep including the backgrounds of the 2 fellas in NH who control Dominium.

  4. I doubt that Stonewall Condos will answer. He’s probably being coached by party handlers as how to wait this out until retirement. I applaud these people who are finally looking to crush the lie that election fraud doesn’t happen here. Keep up the good work, we need follow through on this most important issue, the honesty of our elections. i just watched 2000 mules on OAN that you can stream for $5.00 a month if you can’t get it elsewhere. It’s real news and a breath of fresh air in NPR/VPR deep blue VT.

  5. Another question, what’s with all the bar codes and QR. odes on the ballots? Individual votes being tracked? I recommend ditching your mailed ballots and getting a new one on Election Day

  6. Some readers may have heard about cast vote records (CVRs): the timeline of votes being registered during elections. Our old machines were not capable of producing them nor ballot images.
    These new machines can, but the SOS declined to program them to do so.
    But there has been a campaign to reverse this as it is considered essential evidence for revealing programmed election fraud and ballot box stuffing.
    Am happy to report from Will Senning, Director of Elections, has reconsidered.

    “The new tabulators that we deployed this year, which were used in the August Primary and will be used going forward, do create an image of the ballots and a CVR. We will have these available going forward. We are in the process of compiling the files for the August Primary. We will have them for all statewide elections going forward”

    Thank you, Will.
    Great news for Vermont.

    • Mr. Price: Are these ‘new machines’ deployed in all Vermont town’s? If so, is there a way to identify them?

      • And, to the best of your knowledge, are Town clerks still authorized to destroy election materials after 90 days?

  7. All of our voting information, ballots, and results are accessible online through a URL address. A third party, LHS Associates in Salem NH, has full control of it all (along with other New England States.) Deleware Supreme court just struck down mail-in voting and same day registration as unconstitutional. Vermont elections are an illusion of fairness. The day of judgement is upon all. “Luke 8:17 For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid that shall not be known and come abroad.”