Legislature to vote today on $8.53 billion budget

by Guy Page

The Vermont Legislature will seek to adjourn today, but its members first must agree on the proposed $8.53 billion 2023-24 budget.

The budget proposal was reached after days of House/Senate conference committee negotiations. Gov. Scott proposed $8.34 billion, the House wanted $8.53 billion, and the Senate $8.51 billion.

The conference committee totals are closest to the House version, but actual spending allocations don’t necessarily reflect House priorities. For example, the conference committee agreed on the Senate’s plan to spend $9 million on pension debt fund reduction.

Also, the House also will vote on a Senate childcare funding bill this afternoon. The big-spending House paid leave bill was back-burnered until at least next year.

General Fund spending is increased from $2.1 billion this year to $2.38 billion – an increase of about 13%.

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  1. So let me get this straight. Can I say straight? New Hampshire has a 2 year budget of 16B with a population of 1.3M people. We have 650k people and these fools are wasting 8.53B for 1 year? You wonder why the youth doesn’t stick around, businesses leave and the elderly can’t retire? Look in the mirror legislature. The ones that just voted a pay raise and benefits package. These careless agendas and fiscally irresponsible radicals need to be stopped. Why do you think they want immigrants to vote? The handouts giving buys their vote.

  2. Has the budget ever decreased? The Dems make drunken sailors look like pikers when it come to spending.

  3. Here’s an example of the extravagant spending that the Vermont Legislature proposes to foist on the 630,000 Vermonters with the 2024 budget of $8.3 billion. In Arizona the 2024 budget has been created and approved at $18 billion for a state with 7.5 million folks.
    Vermont policy makers are living in Lala land with a Legislature that is out of touch with reality. It’s no wonder people, including me are seriously thinking of leaving.

  4. At the closing of the 2023 Vermont Legislative session, the highlights will be our legislator’s infatuation with crotches of all ages, carbon tax dollars stuffed into drag queen g-strings, purveyors of death, sexualization of minors, predatory lending to minorities, blatant violations of our Constitutional rights, and endless lawfare for generations to come. The freaks of misery have done exactly what their Masters demanded them to do. Now bring on the illegals and tent towns sprouting up in parks, on sidewalks, and in your schools througout the State. Odds are favorable a special session zoom meeting will be coming by July or August as the country and State craters into insolvent chaos.

  5. So, $13,175 +/- per each & every Vermonter…
    As compared to AZ which is $2,400 per person, NH at $6,154 per person yearly.