Legislature OKS minority student suspension task force, migrant child Medicaid

By Guy Page

The Vermont House yesterday passed S16, creation of the Task Force on School Exclusionary Discipline Reform. The goal of the task force is to reduce minority suspensions and expulsions from Vermont schools. 

S16 would give Vermont educators data needed to reduce minority suspensions and expulsions “at the local level.” Sponsored by Sens. Richard Sears (D-Bennington) and Kesha Ram (D-Chittenden), it would create the School Discipline Advisory Council “to collect and analyze data regarding school discipline in Vermont public and approved independent schools” because nationally “Black students (representing approximately 15 percent of the U.S. student population) are suspended and expelled at a rate two times greater than white students (representing approximately 50 percent of the U.S. student population).”

There was no roll call in either the House or the Senate. Rep. Art Peterson (R-Clarendon) reported to Vermont Daily that he and several others voted against it. 

Yesterday, the Senate notified the House it has adopted the following legislation:

House changes made to S114, improving prekindergarten through grade 12

Literacy, as well as the following House bills:

H421, animal cruelty investigation response and training, and adequate sheltering for livestock.

H430, expanding eligibility for Dr. Dynasaur to all income-eligible children and pregnant individuals regardless of immigration.

H434, establishing the Agricultural Innovation Board, to limit plastic waste and the use of pesticides. 

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  1. Unless the “Task Force” first fully investigates the cause of the infractions that lead to the of the implementation of these suspensions and expulsions of minorities from Vermont schools they are doing no one any favors.

  2. Providing stimulus checks and free health care (other than the federally-mandated emergency medical care) to illegal immigrants has to be unconstitutional. Those people have violated federal law(s) by either coming in here and/or remaining here, therefore forcing U.S. citizens to pay their living expenses through our tax monies meant to fund the greater good of, by, and for the citizenry – I would presume this could be challenged in the courts?

    GOP?????? Anyone??

  3. Wow. So are we assuming that schools are racist if they suspend black children at higher rates than white children? What if black children are more prone to acting out or behaving violently? Given adult crime statistics that might be a reasonable assumption to make. What if the fact that over 70% of black kids are born to single mothers has something to do with misbehavior in school? So unless we have equal outcomes, eg; identical suspension rates, we are deemed to be racist?

    And medical benefits for people here illegally? Why? Sure it’s not the kids fault that their parents decided to break the law but why do taxpayers have to pay for this? I think that if leftists want this they should pay for it privately. Create privately subsidized funds to pay these costs. Don’t require taxpayers to do this.

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