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Montpelier city to discuss legalizing prostitution

By Guy Page

The Montpelier (city) Police Review Commission and the city council are tentatively scheduled to discuss legalizing prostitution within the city limits. 

The posting for the June 22 city council meeting is revisits a PRC discussion begun last October. At that city council meeting, the PRC recommended:

  • Montpelier City Council should support H. 268 of 2021, which repeals consensual prostitution laws while retaining felony human trafficking laws.
  • Montpelier should repeal its prostitution ordinances, which criminalize housing for sex workers, the act of sex work, and a safe workplace for sex workers.
  • MPD should continue to deprioritize the investigation of consensual sex work and instead prioritize human trafficking, coercion, and when force is at issue.

Since then, Burlington has voted to remove prostitution prohibitions from its charter. The House this week passed the proposed charter change. It is now up for Senate review. 

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  1. The Domino effect, one falls and they all fall. I assume most of Vermont’s major cities will surcome to the lore of prostitution. I am sure they will make it a taxable profession. I have to laugh at the hypocrisy, the State can’t allow prostitutes and the field of prostitution to be seen in a negative light, but it allows and encourages the endless intimidation and demoralization of anyone with a moderate to conservative thought.

  2. Leaving in place legal prohibitions on adult, independent sex workers is a form of class warfare. A rich person can complete screening processes with services such as P411 and access high-priced providers on sites such as Tryst – or, for that matter, Twitter. Level the playing field. #sexworkiswork #decrimnow

    • Those aren’t legal either, and you are hiding behind a pseudonym. Just as Marina Brown, transwoman and political controller of Liberty Union/Peace and Justice Party, former candidate for State office, sometimes does.
      Fascism thrives on deceit.

      • Right here, and it is false that i control any party. Your obsession with me is clear to anyone with eyes to see. Get a hobby or a life.

      • My “obsessiveness” is to expose what trans activist Marina Brown, partner Laura Potter, and Liberty Union are really about. The defense of looting and rioting in cities, where poor/working class people, mostly Black, had lives ruined by BLM/Antifa.
        How Aaron Diamondstone in his hypocrisy wouldn’t like his heating and cooling business in Brattleboro destroyed, but “NIMBY”, when it comes to wrecking the lives of countless families in cities across the U.S.
        How Laurelai Bailey, who set-up Julian Assange and others and then turned State’s Evidence to avoid prosecution lived with Brown and Potter in E. Charleston when even leftists were disgusted at this criminal’s antics. Brown and Potter took in Bailey.
        How Marina Brown has threatened people to not associate with me, to eliminate mentioning that Brown is trans. How lawyer Kira Kelley harassed me to keep silent.
        How Brown pulled me into Liberty Union Party and I eloquently defended that party, not knowing its true nature. Brown knew that I opposed violence yet pulled me into aa party that defended the destruction and violence of Antifa/BLM as “defensive”.
        How Flora Westbrooks life of 30 years was destroyed when her styling salon was burned by the criminals of Antifa.
        There is much more.

      • I sat quietly for a year while you spread your delusional conspiracy theories about me. I will not do that any more.

        I have not threatened anyone. That is either a lie or a delusion. Not my problem to figure out.

        I have asked person after person to try to talk to you to get you to leave me alone but you refuse to be reasonable.

        Grow up and stop drinking if you are drinking again.

      • Quite sober and whistleblowing about the danger that you and Liberty Union represent. You’ve been threatening for months and people will testify. This country needs the Bill of Rights, not Marxist fascism.

  3. Monkey see, monkey do. Little Burlington East is once again proving that they are as loony as anywhere else.

  4. If anyone has witnessed the naked Bicycle ride in Montpeculier, one could understand why someone would need to pay for romance! Aside from that, the little city has been going down hill for years and if passed this will help it along. I would imagine the drug trade would be expanded as well. It’s not like there isn’t a drug problem already. With the home of the state capitol and the legislature in town, Montpeculier could be party central between January and May. If you have watched any Zoom meetings of these so called law makers, the Capitol Plaza might have ladies of the night as regulars at the bar to lift the spirits of these overworked elites. It will cut down on traveling expenses though because most of the men will want to stay in town. I guess this could be part of the Clean Heat Standard, after all these night workers will have to be clean I hope as they generate the heat in town. All these law makers have plenty of taxpayer funded expense money to pass around. Another great way to keep the economy going. If you are a member of the club, life is good. I’m thinking of the poor o;d law maker the courts dragged through the mud over claims of prostitution. I guess he was just a little a head of his time. I guess prostitution now is good!

  5. May I suggest we call it the Combat Zone, like the one in Boston many years ago. I remember it but by the time (1980?) I went there to one of the remaining clubs (which was a nice place), it had mostly been cleaned up. It attracted, and was in fact a MAGNET for, many MINOR GIRLS AND BOYS who went into prostitution and, of course, included drugs and crime. Total abuse. Most of that crime disappeared when the Combat Zone was cleaned up. SMARTEN UP PEOPLE. CHECK IN WITH PEOPLE WHO KNOW SOMETHING. Spreading this stuff out temporarily across a whole city just hides the abuse under the banner of “individual rights”.

  6. Maybe instead of pushing this immoral nonsense they could work on reducing gas prices and heating costs for next season…yeah, didn’t think so. Vote these progressives out or Vermont will be nothing more than mini californication!!

  7. Of course they are. Why not? Add it to their burgeoning homeless population, drunken fights and piles of human feces, out of control off leash aggressive dogs and all the rest of their charming offerings. Sad really. Was there recently and noticed how many vacant storefronts there are. And of course the masked minions everywhere. I guess as long as the prostitutes are vaxed and masked they will be good with that!

  8. Empty store fronts? The forces that drive the pandemic restrictions beyond reason are left fascist. Antifa are their Brownshirts. Large corporations will benefit by taking advantage of the closed businesses. Walmarts, etc., will control more.

  9. Can’t wait to meet all the nice folks from away who will be coming here to run start-ups for weed & hookers. Quality of life is going to skyrocket! Probably gonna start locking my car though. Thanks, Progs! <3

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