Leahy promises no global pandemic treaty without OK by Congress

Sen. Patrick Leahy, at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland yesterday, speaks on the Senate’s bipartisan support for aide for Ukraine. In a letter to a constituent, Leahy promises that any new powers granted to the World Health Organization in the global health treaty will need to be ratified by the Senate.

By Guy Page

The World Health Organization (WHO) – a United Nations organization – is holding its 75th World Health Assembly this week in Geneva. A subject of discussion – and some worry, decision – is a global pandemic treaty that critics like Matt Staver of The Liberty Council and James Rogulski say threatens national sovereignty. 

Not to worry, Sen. Patrick Leahy wrote to a constituent in a recent letter. No treaty can bind the U.S. without Congressional approval, Vermont’s retiring senior senator said. However, critics say treaties are already in place.

The WHO wants a robust global health treaty (pg. 14) to strengthen its ability to respond to the next pandemic. The final treaty would go to a WHO membership vote in 2024. 

As part of the multi-year treaty preparation process, amendments proposed April 12 by the Biden administration would make the member state process less collaborative. For example, the WHO would not need a response from a member state suspected of pandemic activity before taking steps – such as sharing information with other member states. While the amendments appear to stop short of handing over national sovereignty, they do shift some decision-making powers to the WHO. 

According to the Liberty Council, “Covid-19: Make It the Last Pandemic,” a report published by the United Nations in May 2021, claims that the “pandemic” would have been prevented if the WHO had been given more global authority. The report states, “In its current form, the WHO does not possess such powers …To move on with the treaty, WHO therefore needs to be empowered — financially, and politically… The treaty should possess an adaptable incentive regime, [including] sanctions such as public reprimands, economic sanctions, or denial of benefits.” 

180 miles away from Geneva, in Davos, Switzerland, Sen. Patrick Leahy is participating in the World Economic Forum (WEC). Its agenda is focused mostly on climate, although one session will address the ongoing need for Covid-19 vaccination in developing countries. 

Not surprisingly, then, many Vermonters are wondering if Pat Leahy, over in Switzerland, will be making decisions this week on America’s sovereignty regarding a global health treaty. The short answer appears to be “no.” However,  a letter from Leahy to a constituent does show his awareness of the treaty process, his support of its goals, and his confidence – possibly misplaced, the constituent suggests – of Congress’s ability to prevent any actual loss of national sovreignty to the global health police.

The letter by Sen. Patrick Leahy to a citizen was forwarded to Vermont Daily Chronicle this morning, with this note: 

“Following is Pat Leahy’s reply to my message about the WHO international plandemic treaty usurping national sovereignty. As you can see he’s delivering the message that the Senate would need to ratify to take effect, but if I am understanding James Roguski, the treaty was already approved, and the amendments to the treaty that will be discussed and voted on in two days would not require Senate ratification. An executive order could approve it. Even an EO may not be necessary as the amendments may take effect after 60 days. This deserves further parsing.”

The following is the full text of Leahy’s letter:

Dear Mr. – 

Thank you for contacting me about the ongoing discussions about reforming the World Health Organization’s global pandemic response in a new treaty. I support efforts to improve global pandemic preparedness while maintaining Congress’s unique role in ratifying treaties.   

During the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been over 520 million recorded cases of COVID-19 and an estimated 15 million deaths globally. These numbers are astonishing and heartbreaking, but cannot encompass the emotional, social, and financial hardships that this pandemic has caused Americans and all people. The widespread impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has also demonstrated the urgent need to improve pandemic preparedness internationally. The world is interconnected and we must prepare for and battle global health emergencies together with our international partners. That is why the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations’ health agency, has and will continue to play a crucial role in responding to and preventing pandemics.

In February 2022, discussions about improving the WHO’s response to pandemics began with a target date of May 2024 for a treaty to be adopted by member countries of the United Nations. The WHO has previously adopted regulations for public health events that may cross borders and affect several countries, which are known as the International Health Regulations. Many critics have argued that these rules are sufficient for localized epidemics but inadequate for a global pandemic. Discussions about proposed regulations in the new treaty are ongoing, and I will continue to y monitor their progress.

The United States Constitution states that the President “shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present concur.” I take this congressional oversight role in the treaty process very seriously. As discussions surrounding the new WHO pandemic treaty continue, I will work to ensure that Congress exercises our appropriate oversight role.

End of letter. 

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  1. It seems that the United Nations is always seeking to expand it’s authority over sovereign nations. That was not it’s original intent. It was purely a place to exercise political diplomacy, not a system of governance, we have our own, and should not be divesting any of the powers that “we the people” have vested in it. The U.N. should be reminded of it’s original, and sole purpose. Not to long ago the U.N. wanted the U.S. government to sign onto an international commerce in small arms treaty. Our Senate rightly opted out of that one as well. If the U.N. just does not get it, that beautiful building in N.Y.C. would make a great headquarter for any business.

  2. It’s all part of the march toward “globalism”. The “New World Order”. Frightening.

  3. Another reason why democrats and Progs want to disarm Americans. As long as we are in possession of millions of privately held firearms and ammunition neither the democrats nor the United Nations will be able to run over our countries sovereignty. It’s the same reason that our country will not be invaded. Those who wish to disarm us are both ignorant and sheep. Beware of what you wish for if you no not the consequences of your dreams. America First!

  4. I would not trust either Sen. Leahy, the United Nations, NATO, the WHO (controlled by the CCP), Bill Gates, whose money infects all these organizations, Fauci, or the diabolical WEF – the ‘planners’ and instigators of the global reset. It is quite clear now, and these elitists say it out loud, they want world dominance and power to run the globe according to their professed superiority!
    An absolute NO to these amendments snuck in by this administration of ours!
    Nations are now realizing their sovereignty is threatened and the citizens are demanding they maintain their independence from a one body world governance!

  5. Too bad the Senator did not feel so strongly about the required Congressional approval process for the Paris Climate agreement, first under both Obama and then again by Biden. They dodged Congress by saying Paris is not a treaty.

    • Good point. Paris Climate looks as dead as its sponsor, John Kerry. It will never become a treaty unless the Democrats get a super majority in the US Senate. The Founding Fathers warned about entanglements but unfortunately Globalism is alive and well.

  6. Senator Leahy quotes the Constitution to the WHO/WEF? Yet, he forgot about it presiding and judging the impeachment trial of the sitting President – never did find out why Chief Justice Roberts was unavailable? He also forgot our Bill of Rights, and God given rights, when allowing the Biden Administration to mandate medical treatments or lose your job, forfeit right to travel freely, forfeit rights to conduct business, etc. His failure to uphold the Consititution on behalf of his contingency is enough to impeach and strip away future protection and earnings. How did he earn the moniker “leaky Leahy?”

  7. When exactly are people going to wake up and say no to all of this?

  8. There’s not enough coordination between nations already? Did Leahy notice that virtually every country responded to Covid in exactly the same way–by locking down their citizens and pushing mass vaccination?

    Last I checked, I didn’t vote for anyone to represent me at the WHO. They have no authority over sovereign governments. There’s nothing more to discuss.

    • I disagree with the statement that all the countries responded the same way.

      Countries in Africa responded entirely differently by ignoring it and they seem to have fared significantly better than other countries. In fact when writing an article to the WHO during the request for comment period that was my point. That not every country responded in the same way and some fared way better than others in fact the ones that followed the who recommendations are the ones that ended up with the worst numbers, and if I believed in any of this horse **** the most death. My comment to the WHO is listed below:

      WHO treaty proposition response:
      “What substantive elements do you think should be included in a new international instrument on pandemic preparedness and response?”

      The only substantive element that can be included are recommendations.

      My evidence for this is the covid response in itself and outcomes. Most countries followed the general recommendations of the WHO. However there was great disparate outcome between countries individually showing that a one size fits all approach does not work. In fact those countries that followed the WHO recommendations more closely had worse outcomes.

      In order for there to be true freedom in this world an individual must take responsibility for themselves and for their actions and be able to make choices in those actions so as to affect their own outcomes. This is the basis of sovereignty of which the WHO has no say in.

      Must I remind the council of the universal declaration of human rights?

      I stopped reviewing it this time at article 15 because all of the articles up to and including article 15 applied to restrictions that have been applied during the covid response due in part to the WHO’s own recommendations.

  9. So the WHO has “a crucial role..responding to & preventing pandemics”? And THIS from a guy whose wife won’t allow him to operate their wood stove? (8 YEARS ago?)..The WHO TOLD us there was NO “human to human” transmission AND covered up for China and OUR “gain of function” Fauci involvement so that we STILL don’t know the whole truth of Bio-Weapns labs overseas (Ukraine’s 30+ “labs”?)..Write, call & e-mail our 3 Stooges early & often, concerned, but calm & polite, early & often..

  10. It’s my understanding that the amendment to the WHO constitution that President Biden has proposed is being voted on this week that gives the WHO more power to shut down or lock down or make decisions on global pandemic and other health decisions for ALL nations in one arm. The amendments that are being talked about will be discussed at this week’s meeting and then sent on to the national legislators for discussion and inclusion or no inclusion starting with the next legislative session.

  11. Friends, This is a “use it or lose it” moment for freedom.

    “Several new amendments proposed by the Biden administration would expand the authority and resources of the WHO at the expense of U.S. taxpayers. Of particular concern are amendments to sections 2, 3 and 5 of Article 12 of the IRH, which deals with “Determination of a public health emergency of international concern, public health emergency of regional concern, or intermediate health alert.” These amendments would enable the WHO to declare a public health emergency unilaterally. For U.S. citizens, it means that a public health emergency could be declared by an unelected official, allowing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to detain, examine and potentially medicate Americans suspected of being ill. The WHO would have the authority to introduce surveillance systems, compliance measures and implementation of medical response worldwide. This is a violation of both the inalienable rights of individuals and the sovereignty of nations. It would also remove both transparency and accountability as the WHO is immune to every form of legal process.”…

    …”The WHO has a history of failing the people of the world. By redefining a pandemic, the organization claimed swine flu was a severe public health crisis and pressured governments to accept a vaccine that caused narcolepsy and other serious side effects. During the COVID pandemic, the WHO’s responses were fraught with errors. The organization suppressed early treatment and promoted the use of medical interventions that were neither safe nor effective. It also launched an aggressive and all-encompassing “misinformation” campaign that resulted in blatant censorship including the silencing of dissent. This suppression of discourse blocked potential solutions that could have saved countless lives.”…

    *Click the link below to take action*

  12. We get what we accept. We’ve had three decades, if not 75 years, to accept Nazi-fication and Marxist way of life here in the great ununited private personal spaces of oligarchs and their servers…and we accepted it, increment by increment. This cannot be undone overnight, and our election system is a farce – total theater for us minions, who have accepted the teat in place of actually being able to care for ourselves as grownup Spiritual Beings do.
    Undoing this means full stop, and reorientation totally to what you DO want, and then putting it in place…in your own lives, and in community groups. Going around, and not engaging with the bully on the block.
    No government or their representatives will EVER do this for you – they are a purely responsive entity – as Mammon’s minions are… NOT original thought, creation, nor does it have an iota of God in it anywhere. Those are just words now.
    We let go of God and let the Devil in.
    Now we need to learn to save ourselves as Grown Up Spiritual Beings do…and help those who ask along the way. The rest are lost and not worth our time.
    You either hear and see, or you don’t.
    And others do not want to wake up and so will not.
    Leahy has long been a spook in the shadows working to expand Mammon’s domains, and used Vermont as the springboard for his nefarious global domination. He’s been promised security, luxury and all the littles he wants in exchange.
    Right now, he’s securing his spot on the global coup table.
    If not orchestrating it.
    Qui bono?
    Follow the money.
    Get thee behind me Satan.