Lawrence: why does Digger author dislike Trumpsters?

by Ron Lawrence

There is so much talk about division these days.  I guess that’s what sells newsletters.  For my part, I have made it a point in my life to talk to people with different perspectives on the world than my own.  There are numerous examples, but a common thread throughout is how often we make poor assumptions about the other. 

I was recently been identified as a “right-wing antagonist” in another opinion piece in VTDigger.  I’d like to know what the author finds as so objectionable.  I’ve been lumped in with a crowd of “Trumpsters”–like supporting President Trump is a bad thing. 

And, seriously, just what, exactly, is the objection to President Trump? For many of us, President Trump actually did what we all knew was possible right along.  We simply haven’t elected any officials, Republican or Democrat, with the backbone to follow through with their promises.  Trump told us what he was going to do, and why.  He effectively controlled the Southern border.  He made us energy independent.  He single-handedly breathed new life into our economy through his policies and through his personal charisma.  He made NATO members start paying their fair share, turned things around with a crazy North Korean dictator, and he succeeded in identifying the Chinese Communist Party as the enemy that they are.  Compare this to where we are now.  What’s not to like?  Do you really object to these policies?  Or perhaps it is simply that President Trump was effective?

Why should people be so demonized for supporting him?  One very poor assumption is that Trump supporters support Trump, the man, at all costs. Nothing could be further from the truth.  We support Trump because Trump believes in our American ideals.  His actions conveyed his beliefs that our government belongs to the people, that personal liberty is integral to our prosperity as a nation, and less government is better because it exerts less coercion on our lives.  His actions definitely spoke louder than his words.

Another poor assumption is that many Republicans don’t support Governor Scott simply because he didn’t support Trump.  Well, that’s not quite right either.  But, how can our Governor expect unity when he has made such a show of his vote for Joe Biden?  How does he model unity when he doesn’t show for GOP events, work with GOP leadership, or calls half of his Party “racists”?

The Governor could turn this situation around in a heartbeat.  But that rests squarely with him and not with the Republican Party. 

So, all you purveyors of equity, inclusion, and social justice, if you are sincere in your claims to promote justice, you should try actually talking to a conservative.  You just might find your assumptions being challenged. 

The author is an active Republican who lives in Essex Junction.

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  1. VTdigger is jealous of your viewership numbers and fears your success and the truth. VTDigger is so biased and force-feeding us their ideologies down our throats.

    Thank you, Vermont Daily Chronicle, for your news coverage. As the saying goes, bad press is good press!

    • Time to repost :(from last April )
      Vermont Daily testimonial by Monique Thurston:

      “Just in time!

      Vermont needs Vermont Daily like an anemic patient needs a blood transfusion. It is frustrating to be a Vermonter today.

      Montpelier is like a mill – run by activists and lobbyists of all sorts who grind into oblivion those who do not fit their political agenda. To the Democrat/Progressive majority, taxpayers are an inexhaustible supply of money for their schemes.

      Now Vermont Daily and True North gives Vermonters another choice than the “mainstream media” reporting of VTDigger, Seven Days or WCAX, whose sympathetic bias to the power structure is evident in the slant they give to the news as well as the news and opinions they choose to ignore. Adding insult to injury, VTDigger and Seven Days eliminated reader comments thereby squelching all but their point of view.

      Vermont Daily Publisher Guy Page is determined to give his readers a “bigger picture “of what is going on in Vermont. Now we know that a new VTDigger editor tweets about affluent neighborhoods full of “rich boring white people;” that Elizabeth Cady, opposed to the national Black Lives Matter movement’s Marxist roots, won her race for school board in Essex; and that H39, a bill that proposed to require that Climate Council members with connection to the renewable industry need to declare their conflict of interest, is still languishing in the Energy and Technology Committee.

      And in a victory to free speech, readers ‘ comments on articles are allowed and lively debate is encouraged. Springtime in Vermont! ”


  2. I agree with Mr Lawrence 100%. We find it unprofessional that a supposed journalistic outlet , like Vtdigger would be so abusive of hard-working people in Vermont , that CARE about issues facing its people.

    I used to challenge some of their assumptions and opinions on social media until the blocked me from any comments . Comments that were NOT laden with rhetoric that Vtdigger uses against people that don’t tow the Lefty-line , like they seemingly demand that we do. They’ve also blocked MANY other concerned Vermonters that share the views of Mr Lawrence and myself.

    Not a way of winning new readers at all.

  3. Ron Lawrence tells it like it is! “mean tweets cause hurt feelings” who really cares? Trump got the job done in spite of overwhelming odds. Bad mouthing former President Trump and his supporters appears to be fashionable among the elite and those who would aspire to be considered the elite.I am proud to be a Trump supporter and am grateful for the hell of a jog he did!

  4. AMEN. At one time in this country it was considered rude to ask someone who they voted for. This allowed people to make a choice based on their own best judgement. When this turned out to be a poor choice on their part- which we all experience- they could learn and grow and choose more carefully the next election. Without enduring ridicule, shame, and exclusion. There was no need for such division or such extreme devotion to a pack, clan or “side”. We made our vote and we didn’t need protection from our pack if we happened to learn later we got it wrong. I wish there were a way to drop all party titles and run on policies and opinions alone bill for bill point for point. Vote for the decent, the wise, the honest, the discerning, the courageous, the humble, the men and women willing to lead, brave enough to recognize and admit their fumbles and then proclaim how to fix their mistakes and shortcomings. Any candidate who knows all of the answers to everything and needs no opposing opinion, is not a good candidate AT ALL in my opinion.

  5. In all fairness who cares what VTDigger thinks? Anne Galloway was paid off by facebook….oops sorry she got ‘grants’ when the scamdemic started. If facebook doesn’t approve then digger won’t print it. It’s complete garbage.

    Yay for VDC though! You rock!

  6. When I hear it’s the elites who hate Trump and those deplorable conservatives, it makes me wonder just who these so called elites are? The ones I’ve suspected of thinking they were elite were the types that had to hire someone to change a light bulb in in their home. These are the educated fools that think they know more than others but aren’t bright enough to know they aren’t. When it comes to those inclusive, bleeding heart types, most of their decisions are made with emotion and the urge to show how virtuous they are. These are the urban dwellers who live where life is easy, the police are just down the street, the city is lit up at night and the sidewalks are plowed.

    Yes and there are the rural elites too. Many of them escaped some over crowded state where the only difference from one town to the next is the sign telling you you’re in another town like around Boston. These people found the quiet solitude of Vermont on a ski trip, sold their city house for an enormous amount and moved their trust fund to the local bank and now think they are a Vermonter. They still vote for the same things that drove them out of the over populated, crime ridden hell they escaped from, these are the elites. They got into local politics to save us backwoods Vermonters and look at what they’ve done!

    I can spot one of these elites a few yards away either by the clothes they wear, by the Prius they drive or by the smug smirk they always seem to have on their face. These are the Biden supporters. You know this because of the Bernie Bumper sticker displayed beside the COEXIST one right next to the I love Vermont sticker.
    I’m sure many of them just don’t get it and are fine people but they’re not Vermonters.

    I’ve been around for quite some time and I know a few things myself. First, I don’t want to be with an elite person if trouble is brewing, I don’t trust them. Second, if they can’t fix anything what good are they? Third, why would I want to hang around with someone who knows everything, I’m still learning. Fourth, If you don’t like me or call me names because I’m not like you I’m glad I’m not. From what I’ve seen of these elite people it reminds me of how much I miss my old dog. She loved me no matter what, changed my life for the better, was always happy to see me and trusted me with her life. I just don’t get the same feeling from those elites. They’re just not my people! I like Donald Trump for his love of America and what he did to improve it. He stepped forward, not for personal gain but because he could see the wrong way our country was going. If you can’t see that, you must be an elite snob. If you voted for Joe Biden and the democratic mess we are in now, you owe us all an apology. I wish I could bring back my old dog. I guess I’ll have to settle for Trump 2024!

    • As someone who moved here a few years ago from a big city, I would like to challenge you on a few things. First of all I dislike Trump’s personality but I liked Trump a lot as a candidate. On a personal level he is a know-it-all, born-with-a-silver-spoon bully who messes up everywhere he goes and then walks away from the problems he creates. In other words, he is just like the insiders who hate him. As a candidate and president, though he was wonderful. He exposed the cosy insider-ism, the casual bigotry against America’s middle class and the insane corruption running through almost every level of our political system. For that, I think he will go down in history as one of the best presidents in many decades.

      I moved here not knowing how to fix things, but I learned how. I don’t have stickers on my car and I don’t discuss politics with people I don’t know very well personally because I don’t care what your politics are. We have a system of private voting for a reason.

      So I send you, and all Vermonters my best regards. Indeed I send you love in brotherhood. You guys made an amazing place that is a joy to live in. I hope I can live here a long time.

      • VTRocks.

        You do not appear to be an elitist so my comment wasn’t meant for you. If you came here to respect our way of life and what we preserved as our homeland you are welcome here. As for Trump’s personality, people in his NYC circle are who they are, not us. I sometimes wish that I had been born with a silver spoon in my mouth. That, however doesn’t mean success will follow. Trump had to deal with NYC corruption, the mafia, politics and an elite circle of snobs to build an international business. He understood who these people are and how they operate. They loved him when they thought he was a democrat. Politicians begged him for money and celebrates all wanted to be seen with the Donald until he chose the other side.

        As a candidate, no one owned him for his own success. Sure he started with his fathers money, so what? How many others could we name that started the same way, Trump could have continued to be the NYC Donald and live lavishly for the rest of his life but he stepped forward instead. His personality has been molded for the public by the corporate billionaire media. The leftist Trump Derangement Syndrome has been driven by innuendo, fake news stories, rumor and jealousy. None of us know the true man, we know the media story. Actions speak louder than words. He acted for the average American by promoting policies to forward the security of America. His story is not over. Was he perfect, no. Was he wrongly labeled by the mainstream media, yes. Was the deep state of entrenched corruption involved in trying to destroy him, yes.

        It is and was the elite snobs on both sides of the political spectrum against Donald Trump and look what he accomplished under attacks from all sides. What could he have done if the whole country had been on his side? The second chapter hasn’t been written yet! As for you, welcome to Vermont.

  7. Why ask why? As Fredrich Nietzsche said: “Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.”

    Yes, that can be said of all of us. But just check out Digger’s Danziger cartoons. Without Trump stuck in his craw, Danziger would be relegated to bathroom wall graffiti… which is where he and Digger are anyway. As another saying goes, ‘throw enough s—t against the wall and some of it’s bound to stick sooner or later’.

    My advice: Forget about them. Become James Fenimore Cooper’s ‘Noble Savage’. “Don’t try to understand them; and don’t try to make them understand you. For they are a breed apart and make no sense”.

    In the meantime – get your house in order… if you know what I mean.

    • That they give Danziger exclusive cartoon access is one more reason I stopped contributing and stopped clicking on the digger. Danziger represents the juvenile/petulent wing of the democrat party…what an idiot.

  8. I did a deep dive into Digger’s Board of Directors and cross referenced their political donations in June of 2020. Out of their 14 board members, essentially the owners of the company,12 of them donated to either democrats or progressives. Not a single donation from a board member to a Republican or conservative cause. The results were posted on News Done Right’s twitter page and received thousands of views and dozens of comments. It’s about time I update the review as Digger is begging for donations like usual this time of year, Vermonters deserve to know how one-sided our “community supported” news operates.

    • VT Digger seems to be significantly influenced by the Johnson Family Foundation out of NYC. The Johnson family is very active in Vermont. Not only does it directly fund Digger and VPR, much of its influence is funneled through the Vermont Community Foundation.

    • “Trump did try to overthrow the govt.”

      Trump colluded with Russians
      Trump’s team broke the “Logan Act”
      Trump stole money
      Trump called all Mexicans rapists
      Trump is a rapist
      Trump, Trump, Trump

      Your side have acted like spoiled toddlers who didn’t get their way for half a decade now. You weren’t right then and you aren’t right now. Trump won the election in 2016 and you would destroy the whole country rather than accept that fact.

  9. They do some good investigative journalism but it is no secret that Digger is run and staffed by consummate moonbats, and no one outside of that worldview need apply. When they first started up and allowed commentary, I gave sent them a check occasionally, but now I wont give them the benefit of a click.

  10. Vermont Digger is a politically biased propaganda rag. They picked their lane and the kids reporting the “news” there are not journalists. They intentionally leave out details and facts to push the Dem/Prog narrative. I hate to say it, but their “reporting” is on par with CNN and MSDNC. They have done good work in the past (Kingdom Con for one.) Once they decided to push the BLM narrative over facts, their credibility as fair, unbiased press went down the toilet.

  11. “So, all you purveyors of equity, inclusion, and social justice, if you are sincere in your claims to promote justice, you should try actually talking to a conservative. You just might find your assumptions being challenged.” AND, noting Mr. Lawrence’s demeanor in this essay, you might pick up on what CIVIL DISCOURSE in Vermont is really like. Come on Digger. Come in out of the cold. Join your neighbors.

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