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Lawmakers question need for job subsidies

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VT DiggerCompetency questions delay sentencing for Aita Gurung in meat cleaver murder case
NBC 5$25M in federal funds headed to mobile home parks across Vermont
NBC 5Vermont baseball player ready to take next step in minor league journey
Seven DaysVermont Lawmakers Question Job-Creating Subsidies at a Time of Low Unemployment
WCAXVt. kidney donor to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro
NBC 5Burlington City Council divided on best approach to community input on police oversight
WCAXChatbots in Class: Vt. colleges weigh risks and opportunities of ChatGPT
VT DiggerAfter Covid pause, 70% of Vermont communities set to resume in-person Town Meetings

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  1. “Maybe this isn’t actually the right time for a program like this to be operating,” Rep. Emilie Kornheiser (D-Brattleboro) told colleagues last week.

    OMG: Hopefully common sense is making a comeback. Hopefully her party won’t crucify her.

  2. Town Meeting… Ahh, the essence of small town New England politics. The feeling of a consequential involvement in the political process. Everybody likes to think that their input is heard, considered and acted upon. However, if you live in a town where it is not possible for all citizens to participate in the process due to a venue that can not host all that want to be heard, is an old time “Town Meeting” the proper way to conduct town politics ? The town I live in holds town meeting in the graded school gym which has a capacity of about 200 people. There are about 1200 registered voters. Does anybody see a problem here ? It is actually possible to pack a venue like this to influence the outcome of a vote, just get all your like minded allies to be there at the beginning, and stay long enough to vote on your interests, thus preventing the opposing interest from being able to vote. Does that sound like vote rigging ? Ahh, that probably never happens anyways….. Right ?