LATE BREAKING: Two more shooting deaths in Burlington, SOBU

Burlington Police Chief Jon Murad said two men are dead in shootings that happened just hours apart in Burlington and South Burlington Sunday night, WCAX reports.

Police are seeking to determine if the shootings are related.

The shooting on Pine Street, Burlington is the fourth gun homicide and 25th gunfire incident, police say. Just hours later, the Swiss Motel in South Burlington was the scene of another gunfire homicide.

The names of the victims are not known at this time. Details are sketchy and a livestreamed press conference this afternoon by Chief Murad is imminent, WCAX said.

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  1. We used to go to Burlington annually or semi annually for pleasure weekend trips. No more until the craziness up there stops. There are other places to go where people aren’t randomly killing each other.

  2. What does Bernie and Becca have to say about it. Nothing. In their world there is no Opioid-Out of State Gsng Shooting problem. They wouldn t touch this with a ten foot pole. (Black shooters).(Bernie voters are pro weed and did a lot of recreation Woodstock era drugs.) Get a statement from Miro. He s on top of it. I m sure. Peter Welch is very worried about them burn pits. Maybe we need more BLM signs and protests to defund those nastyPolice.Let’s elect a ‘Progressive’ and attractive Female States Attorney, so it’s hard to talk I’ll of her ideology, and rulings. One thing I know is we need common sense and strength right now. Watch what these Vlowns do with the Opioid settlement Cash. It won t help the addicted, if they can t even admit the problem exists. Trust that.

  3. Get Welsh out… reported by multiple outlets he has become very wealthy at the expense of those who employ him……time for corruption in this gov to come to an end…..

  4. A quick google search of the suspect’s name and subsequently scrolling through the court calendar tells me he was recently arrested and awaiting an October 17th court date for domestic assault. It’s speculative for me to say exactly what he was arrested for and if he should or shouldn’t have been in jail while awaiting his court date but it seems to fit an emerging pattern in Chittenden County; violent crimes committed while suspects were awaiting due process / punishment for other crimes.

    Of course, the news organization dedicated to news in pursuit of truth and presenting the full picture of how things happen, will undoubtedly be digging into this.

  5. Why would anybody expect Burlington to be any different than any other liberal craphole ???

  6. We left Colchester (which is a LOVELY town and the municipality actually serves residents if you can believe it) only because it was next door to Burlington. No regrets there. But now we’re in southwestern Vermont & we see the SAME sickness creeping in – “never-ending low-income housing” “more social programs”, Balint for office”, “Drag Queen Story Hours”, etc. etc.

    People are sheeple. And most want a place at the “cool kid’s table” in the cafeteria -or Town Office or Public Meeting as they’re much older (but definitely no wiser) now.

    Conformity is calamity. Speak up & allow your voices of dissent to be heard – their ONLY retort is to attempt to always intimidate & ostracize you.

    They got nothin’.

  7. Although perhaps many variables are involved in these things, I suggest that the”defund the police”action by the Dem-Prog Groupthink in City Council is the first place to start. Eviscerating the police department and openly degrading and demoralizing its staff is not an effective way to run a city.

    Glad I do not live there!

  8. I guess we can add Burlington to the lengthening list of s**thole cities along with San Francisco, LA, etc..

  9. How many of these murderous thugs have passed thru our County
    “prosecutor???” And How many times have they been slapped on the wrist and sent out on the street to get a gun and raise more deadly hell?

    • Abdikhadir was in custody with “SOBU” police and RELEASED for illegally possessing a 9mm 3 DAYS before killing Mubarak, so there’s at least one confirmed death on their (prosecutor’s, not Police) hands. Sorry if that is hard for some people to hear.

  10. There is a need to establish the prostitution and drug dealing territories in emerging markets. Murders and assaults may or may not lessen as the territories are more clearly delineated.

  11. Regarding police interactions, incarcerations, poverty, emoloyment, healthcare, etc. dems are always quick to point out disproportionate racial statistics. What percent of Chittenden county is people of color? What percent of recent gun crimes are committed by people of color? Is it racially proportional? Maybe in years past the police really were just arresting the perps without racial prejudice? Maybe some of you owe them an apology. Maybe if we elect the right leaders we can make our towns, cities and country great again….

  12. Well, if they encourage drugs & prostitutes, the gangs will move in, and if they don’t prosecute the gangs for prostitution, drug dealing or the ensuing turf wars, they can go after the guns. But don’t worry, you can rest assured that you’ll be prosecuted should you defend yourself from the mayhem. It’s classic communist style anarcho-tyranny. It’s an actual thing.

  13. Q: Who has committed 24 of the 25 shootings in Burlington?
    Q: Was it ALL refugees brought here on our “resettlement” program or only some of them?
    Q: When will we have leaders brave enough to address the facts of this issue, because it’s pretty obvious here in little old Vermont what is going on…

  14. I feel bad for the conservatives who live in Burlington. But, for the majority, you wanted Democratic and Progressives to run your city hall. Well you have them, 100% Democratic or Progressive. Let’s defund the police they said. Well, this is what happens when you remove the police. When I lived in Burlington crime was low. Now taxes are high (and growing) and police presence is lacking. I commend the men and women in Blue at BPD. They shouldn’t have to fight city hall for adiquate staff.

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