LaMarche: U.S must abandon Ukraine

Instead of gawking over headlines, buying a sunflower, or hanging a Ukrainian flag up, let’s look at this soberly.

by Kolby LaMarche

I apologize if this headline unsettles you, but it’s necessary. And, to some of the public, this very headline may cause fluid to seep from the mouth in total rage and agony. I understand that many of you deeply care about the impact of this conflict on the Ukrainian people, and so do I.

But of all the wars that are occurring right now why Ukraine? Why not Afghanistan, or Central African Republic, Ethiopia, or Libya, Somalia, South Sudan? Syria? Remember Syria? Back when that conflict and the influx of refugees that came with it captivated Vermonters.

Instead of gawking over headlines, buying a sunflower, or hanging a Ukrainian flag up, let’s look at this soberly.

It is time for the United States to abandon Ukraine. When, other than World War II, has our engagement or aid been helpful in creating long-term national and global stability? Where have trillions upon trillions of our great American dollars gotten us, our image, and our principles?

We must get over this total bed-wetting fear we have about Russia. It is no longer the 15-member strong Socialist Republic bloc; its economy is in shambles, plagued by civil unrest and internal government conflicts. They are still stuck in a war with little significant progress. Despite this, despite our nearly $800 billion annual military expenditure and all of our allies across the world, we still anxiously fret over Russia.

This isn’t about democracy – that is something the U.S. simply can’t get right. This isn’t about national security – our enemies lay further East. This, simply, is about quick corporate profit. And I beseech you to play their game no more.

The Ukrainians will not be the ones who reap the greatest benefits of our support. Arms industry operatives like Lockheed Martin or Raytheon Technologies will, so long as this war continues, rake in billions. And even after the war ends, profit will be for the taking. The multinational firms BlackRock and JPMorgan are setting the groundwork to have enormous influence in post-war Ukraine under the guise of “support”.

When this war dissolves, the Ukrainians will be ensnared by the corporatists of the West. Unexploded American cluster munitions will stain their countryside in blood. Resentment towards the West by Russia and its supporting states will reach a tipping point. But the West will still, as always, claim victory for peace. But at what cost?

Currently, 133 billion crisp U.S. dollars and growing. Critical U.S. pocket change that has the potential to eradicate poverty, feed every American, house the homeless, provide quality care to our veterans, and heal American infrastructure to strengthen it against the impacts of a changing climate. But we’ve opted to shovel it off to corporations.

If we honestly care about the future of Ukraine, if we care about U.S. interests, then we must respect Ukraine’s autonomy and refrain from further engagement as we open a path that enables the Ukrainian people to shape their destiny and find their own solutions to the challenges they face. We have certainly given them the tools to succeed. Meanwhile, we in the U.S. must strategically target our vast economic resources on providing relief to marginalized Americans desperately in need. It’s time.

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  1. This is the truth!
    Thank you for speaking out.

    I am beyond tired of all the Blue & yellow handkerchief wearing word salad weasels who are driving electric cars to fix the weather and stealing every tax dollar they can to help pregnant men in Ukraine fight climate change. <>

  2. Thank you Kolby Lamarche for writing truth to power. This is an outstanding commentary and should be printed in every newspaper in Vermont.

    • I agree. But fat chance with this being published all around Vermont. As Red mentioned with the comment about “pregnant men” – the mainstream media here wouldn’t ever even suggest the reality that men cannot become pregnant in an article at this point.

  3. Wow, so many pro-Russian ‘patriots’ here!
    What other countries do you all think Putin has the right to invade?

    • I’m not pro-Russian, I’m against having a president of United States send all of our tax money and depleting all of our munitions in detriment to our country to a country he uses as his personal ATM.

      • Should we stop supporting all of our allies? Israel? Taiwan? The Philippines?

  4. Belt and Road initiative is what we should be caring about… Too many in our gov have profited from it though, and too many in Russia will too.

  5. Kolby, this is an excellent, desperately needed primer for further discussion of this issue. Kudos!

    There is no greater evil on this planet than the U.S. government, it’s vile alphabet agencies, the military industrial complex, and the multi-national corporations that own these.

    Also, we should acknowledge the evil that are the U.S.’s puppet “news” media, and its NATO and EU vassals.

    The U.S has existed for 240 years and we’ve been at war for all but 14 of these years yet Russia (or any other nation) is the problem?


  6. We obviously do not live in an ideal world. Putin has shown overt aggression towards Ukraine and other countries, in an obvious effort to reconstruct the Soviet Union.

    While we ought not commit troops, giving aid in terms of both “guns and butter” is a reasonable and prudent means of countering Putin’s efforts to dominate.

    My father’s generation spilled both blood and treasure in combatting the aggressors of their time (WW II) . There were plenty is isolationists in his day and in my grandfather’s day (WW I).

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