LaMarche: The big scary MAGA myth

Vermont Democrats sound the alarm, “we risk losing every ounce of progress”

by Kolby LaMarche

On June 16 of this year, I received a startling email. “Must I live with constant fear and trauma for the rest of my life?” the subject read. 

I had initially been concerned; it all sounded a bit mentally unstable.

To my great relief, it was Emily Bower, now-former Communications Director from the Vermont Democratic Party.

Bower went on, saying “The constant threat of gun violence has defined the majority of my life.” She continued, writing “The fear that leaving my house might result in tragedy weighs on me, as I know it weighs on countless others.” 

As someone who has written fundraising emails, I understand the use of urgency and hyperbole. That’s a given, in moderation. But Vermont Democrats have taken fear-mongering to a whole new level. Here is a sample: 

October 30,  “MAGA extremists and their special-interest donors are expected to out-raise Democrats in the 2024 election cycle. We have to keep them at bay here in VT.”

August 15, “Without the support of grassroots donors, we may not have the resources to defeat MAGA Republicans up and down the ballot next year.” 

May 23, “Phil Scott deliberately screwed up expanding paid family leave for all Vermonters – failing to address the struggles of vulnerable communities living paycheck to paycheck…donate just $5 to fight back against Phil Scott’s heartless extremism.

April 23, “The creeping extremism of the right poses a bigger threat every day. Now is not the time to take a step back…we risk losing every ounce of progress we have made for VT.”

On May 26, 2023, Burlington Councilor Joan Shannon, now mayoral hopeful, had had enough. VDP’s attack on Phil Scott had, rightly, gone too far for her. “Dear VDP, please stop embarrassing me and other Democrats,” Shannon wrote, “we can present a positive vision and do not need to vilify those with whom we disagree.” 

The Vermont Democrat’s belief in fearmongering about MAGA Republicans winning enough elections in Vermont to reverse their “progress” is absurd.  

And as far as their “we have to keep [MAGA] money at bay”, really? 

As the Democrats like saying, let’s be clear: In their July financial filings, the Vermont Republican Party had raised $37,558.44. The Vermont Democrats raised $73,236.90, not to mention Saint Patrick Leahy’s coffers and that of many other Democrat powerbrokers. 

The Democrat’s approach to fundraising is nothing but a dated rehash of the post-2016 playbook, a tired and uninspiring tactic that reeks of desperation and a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. 

They’ve resorted to lying to Vermonters to make a quick buck and use a shock-and-awe technique, trying to wrongly convince Vermonters that their beloved state might fall into the hands of MAGA Republicans. And, unfortunately, it works on some. 

For a party that prides itself on progress, its approach is not only disingenuous, it’s abusive and anti-progress.

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  1. Emily Bowers: “Must I live with constant fear and trauma for the rest of my life? ”

    No, Emily. There is help available. You have an anxiety disorder called “Agoraphobia.” See a psychiatrist immediately and do not project it on the rest of us.

    From the DSM V (the Democrat bible listing all their mental disorders):
    A marked fear or anxiety about two (or more) of the following five situations:

    – Using public transportation
    – Being in open spaces
    – Being in enclosed spaces (e.g., shops, theaters, cinemas)
    – Standing in line or being in a crowd
    – Being outside the home alone.

  2. Democrats and liberals in general seem to all share a confusion between what are legitimate concerns of a rational society and what are the often-observed synthesized victimhoods, phobias and paranoias of the left. It is no more irrational to avoid going out into the world because of fear being the victim of a gunshot than it is to fear being injured in a transportation accident. You can certainly behave in a manner that would increase your odds of either occurrence. You can drive or cross the street while distracted by your handheld, digital friend or you can venture into a democrat-run city where there is little law enforcement activity. This phony, publicly-expressed fear of firearms is just another facet of overt virtue signaling to promote an agenda of restricting the Constitutional Rights of others and has no basis in statistical reality. An example of a RATIONAL fear is that of a female athlete who is forced, by leftist social policies to compete with a biological male, like the field hockey player in Massachusetts who was injured last week by a shot made by a biological male. She had 2 teeth knocked out and was hospitalized. We are told however that these kind of fears are unfounded and simply constitute transphobia and intolerance.

    • I liked how your example of a rational fear was like the most irrational thing I could think of. To think that a high school field hockey game a state away affects someone who probably graduated high school 45 years ago perfectly encapsulates the irrationality of the extremes of both parties. Your example is reminds me of a progressive walking down the street in summer with a mask on. lol the boy field hockey player can’t hurt you and boys have been playing field hockey in the USA since Title IX was passed decades ago.

  3. Seeing how the Rutland county Republicans couldn’t rub two nickels together, as a citizen, I’m much more worried about progressive’s pet projects and their constant worrying rather than a voiceless minority yammering about a good old days that never really existed.

  4. Those deplorable MAGA Republicans believe in things like liberty, the constitution, civility, the rule of law, fiscal responsibility, non entangling alliances, peace and diplomacy instead of war. They are just terrible people! They must be stopped.

  5. Re: Emily Bowers: “Must I live with constant fear and trauma for the rest of my life?”

    Yes, Emily be afraid, be very very afraid.

  6. Everyone should be scared, because the Sky is falling, and will continue to fall as long as we have DemocRATs in charge, just look who’s steering the ship in DC and they believe with the country in debt, inflation out of control and open borders everything is fine…………………………… wake up people, we are on a slippery slope on becoming just another third world country !!

  7. Sure. While these Regressives and partner in crime Marxists continue to lie to Vermonters, the real issue remains: Far too many Vermonters fall for this fear mongering since they lack the critical thinking skills necessary to see through it. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups (George Carlin) – Regressives know and use this to manipulate the masses. Sorry Vermont. It’s going to be a long struggle to take back your state from Statists.

  8. August 2022: “The Vermont Democratic Party announced Emily Bowers as its new communications director. In this role, she is responsible for overall VDP branding, communications and coordinated campaign messaging. Bowers comes to the Democratic Party from Charity Clark for Attorney General’s campaign, where she worked as deputy campaign manager and previously, as a field organizer in Florida for President Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. She graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelors degree in journalism and digital communications, political science minor.”

    In other words, Emily is projecting Orange Man and America First patritots as domestic you-know-what. The Truth is she campaigned for The Biden criminal syndicate, she colluded to get pervert defender, Charity Clark, elected, and as a DNC officer, she is a participant in the lucrative Soros-Sam Bankman-Freid laundry services. A batchelors degree in journalism? Did she not master the competency on journalistic integrity and reporting facts? Must be she switched out for the elective on mastering propaganda, unethical deception practices, and fraud. Her hands are dirty nonetheless and just as indictable as her co-conspirators.