LaMarche: America’s masochistic fetish for getting ripped off

by Kolby LaMarche

A couple of weeks ago I told you that the U.S. should abandon Ukraine. And while I mentioned the important issue of corporate interests, and provided recent headlines, I must sample to you a second reason.

I have grown increasingly suspect that America has some sadistic fetish for getting ripped off. From an estimated over $2 billion worth of COVID-era fraud to more than $3 billion being fraudulently ripped from our social security each year, U.S. taxpayers are robbed blind. 

John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, for example, estimated that $19 billion of the foreign aid given to Afghanistan in the last decade was lost to fraud, waste, and abuse. In recent years, audits undergone at the Department of Defense revealed that 62% of DoD assets could not be accounted for, totalling over $2.1 trillion.

I get it, though. When you run a government worth trillions, some monies are likely to become missing. But that is why oversight is critical to maintaining course on large-scale investments. Seems like a no-brainer, right?  

Three days ago, Senate Democrats once again demonstrated their reluctance to prioritize accountability, as they joined forces and heeded the White House’s call to block legislation that aimed to establish a ‘watchdog’ for overseeing aid spending on Ukraine.

The Democrat’s argument: the Pentagon Inspector General and the Government Accountability Office are already “undertaking multiple investigations regarding every aspect of this assistance.” Yes, the same Pentagon which routinely, and dramatically, fails every audit.

Setting aside government incompetence, the significance of independent oversight cannot be underestimated, and equally important is the evaluation of the character and credibility of aid recipients. Let’s look at the ‘hiccups’ and the character of those to whom we are sending your tax dollars:

I could go on, but it’s safe to assume you get my point. Ukrainian corruption isn’t new. In fact, it has a long-seeded reputation for being heavily corrupt. Why then, if not for our fetish of being ripped off, would the U.S. even think about sending billions upon billions of your dollars there? I’ll leave it to you to render the true answer on that.  

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  1. Wel if I had to guess, I’d say we are getting ripped off to cover up corruption that our government has been involved in and doesn’t want the public to know about!

  2. The Crown, the Vatican, NATO, and the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned about decades ago. The big picture shows they are being depleted of resources and losing bigly. Most Americans swallowed the same hogwash, Russia bad, just like orange man bad. No peace talks, just blood running everywhere and assets wasted in the name of freedom and democracy. Being that African nations are now making deals with Russia and China – those nations are now erupting into bloody battles. Resources and money…a fight to the death. Soon, many will realize what dirty deeds done to us and many around the world, and more imporantly, by whom and why. Our leaders are sweating and babbling like fools – their time to install their nefarious plan is running out.

  3. The truth is hard but simple. As the saying goes: If good people do not stand up against greed the people will suffer. Thanks Melissa….

  4. So, Kolby, should we also abandon Israel, Taiwan, South Korea, and all of Africa? Anyone who supports Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has blood on their hands.

    • …in this case, “supporting Ukraine” means supplying them with the evil, horrible cluster munitions that moonbats fought so hard to eliminate from use. Should we supply them with land mines and poison gas too?

      • No one is suggesting that; however, the author seems to be suggesting that we just turn our backs to Putin’s invasion of a sovereign country, and sit back and watch him orchestrate the slaughter innocent civilians because he doesn’t like the level of corruption in this pro US country.

        The sad part is that he’s not alone, let’s hear from all you pro-Russia right-wingers. Why do you support Putin’s war?

    • Yes, Brian. Until we get our own house in order. You can slander anyone who diverges from the orthodoxy of sunflower support, but I truly don’t care.

      • No slander here. You’re either with the Russian invaders or you’re against them. You’re either with our allies, or you’re not. You have chosen to support the Russians and to preach about it. I choose to support Ukraine’s sovereignty.

        Which country do you think they should invade next?

  5. US taxpayers are robbed blind right here at home by other American citizens who know that there’s a sucker born every minute. Should we start naming names on both sides of the fence?

  6. Having spent a little bit of time in that part of the world back in the Soviet era, it occurs to me that we in the United States do not know what oppression is. Whether the oppression is done by the Soviet union, and its satellite states, or by Putin, a Member of the Soviet establishment, the result is the same.

    And unbridled Putin is just as dangerous as an unbridled Soviet Union. It is entirely likely that Putin’s ambitions will be no different than Stalin’s or Hitler’s’s. Let’s not kid ourselves. We cannot revert to isolationism no matter how much we might want to.