Krowinski sends budget without ‘homeless hotel’ $$ to Scott, blames him for failing to plan

by Guy Page

House Speaker Jill Krowinski this morning announced she has sent the finalized 2023-24 state budget to Governor Phil Scott, urging him to sign it.

The $8.5 billion budget contains “funding for transitional housing programs that are needed as soon as possible” – but not extended funding for the ‘homeless hotel’ program enacted during the pandemic era. 17 Progressive and liberal Democrat House members have threatened to support a budget veto during the scheduled June 20-22 veto override session. If they follow through on their threat, their numbers and the House GOP caucus would be enough to support the veto.

Krowinski clearly wishes to avoid that possibility. She also places the blame for what the ‘gang of 17’ say is an abrupt, uncompassionate termination of emergency housing funding on Scott’s failure to develop a homeless hotel transitional plan.

Krowinski’s statement appears below:

Yesterday, the Speaker of the House, Jill Krowinski, delivered the 2024 fiscal year state budget to Governor Scott to be signed, weeks ahead of the traditional timeline. Today, she called upon the Governor to sign the budget to ensure funds allocated to assist the most vulnerable Vermonters are available as soon as possible.

“I urge Governor Scott to sign the budget without delay,” said Speaker Krowinski. “Over the last four months, the legislature engaged in a comprehensive process, taking testimony, hearing from Vermonters, and carefully weighing the diverse range of budgetary needs. The budget before the Governor has money that can be immediately allocated to communities in all 14 counties, including funding for transitional housing programs that are needed as soon as possible. Many housing and service providers have stated there is a critical need for additional staff and there are funds in the budget that would allow for wage increases and the hiring of additional personnel. I am calling on the Governor to act expeditiously, delivering critical aid to Vermonters in need of support and those that work every day to support them.

“Several federally funded programs designed to assist Vermonters during the pandemic and ongoing recovery were intended as temporary support systems. One such program, the motel program, has been instrumental in supporting Vermonters. However, we knew that it would not be available in perpetuity. For nearly two years, we have asked the Governor and his administration to present a plan to address the transition of people from the motel program into other housing. No comprehensive plan has ever been presented and now municipalities across the state are forced to manage this transition on their own.

“It is the responsibility of the governor and of the executive branch to ensure the welfare of the state and the health and safety of all Vermonters, and not having a plan for those living in the motels, is a failure of leadership. These individuals and families, who have relied on the motel program as a temporary lifeline, now face uncertainty and the risk of falling through the cracks.

“I implore Governor Scott to recognize the urgency of this matter and take action to allow the state budget to become law. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of Vermonters, providing them with the support and resources they deserve to lead successful lives. Vermonters are counting on a safe transition plan to come forward, and I will continue to use my position to make sure that the legislature provides oversight of this transition, and the administration is held accountable.”

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  1. And I would state truthfully that it’s the homeless who fail to plan – failing completely to remember that voluntarily & within their own control – they made the decision, in most cases of addiction, to abuse illegal & dangerous drugs which ultimately caused them to become addicted to these life-altering substances leading then to a cascade of events that often ultimately leads to homelessness or worse. THEY are responsible for living successful lives.

    Yes, accountability, responsibility, and free will – despite Vermont’s attempts to pretend that such traits are nonexistent, still remain the pillar of humanity and the key to a healthy and successful life. Homelessness is often a self-inflicted wound as is drug abuse, dealing, and living a life of criminality.

    Oh, and by the way Krowinsky, how about YOU and your Soros-funded attorneys & assorted Montpelier politicos REMEMBER that it is indeed YOUR jobs at all times under all circumstances to ensure ALL Vermonter’s health and safety — and that requires prosecuting felonies and imprisoning the convicted, OK, Jill?????

  2. Between Progressives and Democrats, which is the dog and which is the tail? As they are essentially tightly entwined, duplicate the same efforts, and share the same conjucture, I fail to see any difference between the two camps.

  3. For failure to support continuation of a program that funds the luxury and privacy of hotel rooms, with the claim of need based solely on the honor system, I would use the word “credit” for the Governor’s action, as opposed to the Speaker using the term “blame”. Hey Jill…the “emergency” is over. Every business in the State of Vermont has a “help wanted” sign up and no one is paying less than $15/hour. If Vermont wants to continue to portray itself as a tourist destination of some level of quality, the taxpayers need to stop funding the motels as free flophouses. The “privacy” afforded by this program has resulted in many overdose deaths. Thank you Governor Scott for standing strong in the face of all this phony and contrived compassion.

    • You’re absolutely correct and isn’t it terrifying to realize that these radicals are simply biding their time before Duke David reigns over his kingdom of Vermont and inalterably and forever changes the culture and the quality of life in this once beautiful state.

  4. Being BLAMED for anything by the nit-wit Krowinski is an honor. Isn’t she SPEAKER? Does she do anything? Beside giving herself a raise and increasing fees on everything? Reminds you of Bray, who sits up nights trying to find a way to cut the sales tax to 3% while looking to put in a SERVICE tax of 3.5%. Doesn’t that come out to less than 6%?

  5. I commend the Governor for not extending the motel housing. This program has already been extended several times….it was not the Governor who didn’t plan ahead. There was plenty of notice given. Staying there for free could have been an opportunity for some to get their lives back on track. I doubt many did. And since there are other programs available for women fleeing domestic violence and for single mothers and their children – they won’t be left without options. I am glad to see the program end. It certainly seemed to attract crime and drug activity so I’m not really sure that anyone except the motel/hotel owners got much benefit from the effort. Just as an aside – I’d like to see a residence requirement in place for those seeking benefits from the state. I have to wonder how many that were housed during this program came to Vermont because of what we offer in freebies. You should have to be a resident for at least a year before you are eligible for tax funded programs. I know….never gonna happen.

  6. Either by omission or bad deliberate policy, the people who administer the motel program make no effort to exclude individuals who have a track record of trouble. That trouble may be with other tenants or the neighboring businesses or residents and have resulted in a very disproportionate number of visits by law enforcement and/or EMTs at some of these motels. The program might garner more public acceptance if not for the assaults, murders, overdoses, drug trafficking and thievery that has been commonly associated.

  7. Indeed EVIL knows no limits when it comes to the current House of Representatives.

  8. Fear not for the many able and homeless, we have coddled for years. There are job opening everywhere, wages are higher than ever. Give them back their pride and responsibility for self care and most will wright themselves.

  9. Hey Jill!! How about we stop paying for everyone who is moving to this state for the welfare benefits alone? Now THAT is a novel idea. By using the hotels as flop houses, many once revered brands have been lost forever. Think Holiday Inn. There have been no decently priced rooms available for travelers for three years. I am sick to death of everyone wanting more government in their lives because they want to be taken care of. From the unaffordable heat act, daycare for all, and meals for every one at school, but no help for the truly disadvantaged who do not qualify for anything because they actually work. Retirees are not eligible for most programs, but we fund them for everyone else. The education taxes are off the rails. There are no tax savings for us, Therefore many retirees are leaving this state. WHAT are they going to do in the next fiscal year when there is NO money for these socialist programs? Why do we have an eight BILLION dollar budget? I am really fed up with a legislature that WILL NOT do what their constituents ask and hate that we even exist. This is a legislature with a bully as speaker of the house who holds bills and committee seats hostage if they don’t vote HER way. To hell with whether or not we can afford it. Time to get Soros and his ilk out of our state and our legislature.

  10. And another thing….. WE the PEOPLE need to decide your pay for doing your civic duty. NOT legislature and the speaker! WE should be voting for it. NOT you!!!

  11. Hey you leftist liberal Degusting human beings! Look in the mirror if you have a face !! Oh your mirror is Cracked!!
    Wake up Americans wake up!!