Klar: Is the Randolph locker room dispute settled?

The Allens have settled their case; the community battle roils on…

by John Klar

Several girls on Vermont’s Randolph Union High School Girls Volleyball Team made national news last year when they objected to a biologically male student who identifies as a woman watching them undress. One of the girls, Blake Allen, spoke out publicly in an interview with WCAX in Vermont, and then on Tucker Carlson and many other national and international programs. Blake’s father Travis was fired as a coach for facebook comments that “misgendered” the gawking student as “him.”

Blake and Travis Allen

The Allens were targeted by toxic woke activists for standing up against this invasion of the girls’ privacy. Students were not allowed to possess opinions that differed from the school’s far-left and decidedly un-scientific ideological gender flip, emboldened by Vermont laws that similarly ignore women’s rights in favor of unsettled (and unsettling) trans-ideology. In this the Allens are and have been ahead of the ideological curve, together with many European and other countries that have put the brakes on this extremist “social justice” movement to evaluate impacts on society.

The dishonesty displayed by Vermont’s extremist wokesters has been on full display in the Blake Allen case. Pressured politically, WCAX removed Blake’s truthful interview, while Seven Days and VTDigger fabricated a false narrative portraying Blake and the other girls as agitating transphobes. But then VTDigger interviewed “Rabbit,” the biological male deluded that he is a girl. Rabbit related facts that are exactly consistent with what these girls alleged — that he was watching them change and he refused to leave when they asked for him to stop watching them. He portrayed himself as the victim, and insisted they were hateful because he is a girl and had a right to watch them disrobe. (Of course, Rabbit didn’t mention that the same thing happened the year before, with some other girls he was highly inappropriate towards).

The framing of this controversy has been dominated by liberal school administrators allied with an extremely progressive Vermont media engaged in bizarre proaganda, seeking to ignore these girls’ rights in favor of trans-gender theory. This is not rocket science—it’s not science of any kind. Science measures facts; trans-ideology rests on feelings. But girls feeling violated or threatened are verboten feelings.

Similarly, Vermont laws have for years permitted minor children to choose to switch genders using experimental hormone blockers, without parental consent. It is not hateful to harbor concerns for these children. Indeed, it is hateful to set these legitimate warning signs aside in pursuit of the feel-good insanity of trans ideology. The FACTS are that: minors should have limits on what decisions they make, as to sexual consent, smoking and drug use, when they can marry, and when they can take life-altering drugs; hormone blockers are experimental, and there are no long-term studies of their impacts on children; no amount of hormones and/or surgeries can change a person’s immutable gender, or the hormones that accord therewith; disclosures for gender hormones (one each for the binary gender hormones of testosterone and estrogen) list the numerous risks these children undertake, including cancers, lifetime infertility, and a myriad of unknown side effects.

RUHS continues to impose its unjustified and extremist ideology on biology-believing students, and deprive kids of any divergent opinion. The dispute of which the Allens have been the center will continue to divide and agitate normal learning of core subjects in favor of blistering attacks on anyone who dares question the New Orthodoxy.

Fortunately, Alliance Defending Freedom undertook to protect the Allens from these unconstitutional violations of their civil rights by school authorities. Layne Millington invoked the Southern Poverty Law Center as authority to label ADF a hate group. But the SPLC defines a hate group as any organization that does not endorse LGBTQ+ ideology (religiosity). Which is to say, Millington and his woke cronies are failing children by denying them a proper traditional education in core subjects, and define anyone who dares take issue as hateful. This is Draconian moral compulsion, by the Woke Cult of Stupid. Millington is the hater, and he has displayed this to the surrounding community repeatedly with his infantile antics. (As part of the settlement, Millington’s rants against those who disagree with him will be taken down. As if his slanders can be cancelled as easily as he and his ilk seek to erase biological facts).

Blake Allen and her family are heroes for standing up FOR children being ideologically and chemically experimented upon, and for defending women’s rights to 1) free speech, 2) fairness in sporting competitions, and 3) privacy while disrobed. In the interview I had with them at their home on May 28, I asked them about their feelings about this dispute, and whether they harbor any regrets about standing up for what is right. As the interview shows, this family have made sacrifices on behalf of others, and have been unfairly attacked for doing so.

And they’d do it again…..

The author is a Brookfield best-selling author, lawyer, farmer and pastor. Reprinted from the Small Farm Republic website.

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  1. The loud left propaganda machine shames everyone who doesn’t back their perverted agenda. This mouthy micro-minority seeks to overthrow the nuclear family. So hip and woke are they that sexual mutilation is more than just a fad. Its way of gaining attention for their culture war against heterosexuality. Propaganda and sabotage thru the useful idiot journalists of Ft Digger, 7 Daze, etc.

  2. As of today, BLM is bankrupt and missing $8.5 million. In NYC and Chicago, the residents are in a rage over being pushed to the back of the line in favor of the “new arrivals.” Corporations, such as Target, Northface, Anheiser-Busch, are losing billions in market cap in the wake of going “woke.” The majority is now speaking Truth to power with their wallets – the most effective and expedient way to eliminate the NWO. Stop feeding the beast and it slithers back to the abyss from which it came.

  3. Marriage before the age of eighteen now demands parental consent. How then can these permanent physical changes be allowed without it?

  4. The pendulum swung way to far to the left, to be expected pushback is happening evidenced by the billions of dollars lost by Budweiser and now Target. Cudos to the girls in the high school for standing up to the woke agenda.

  5. Vermont has it’s own special liberal elitist mentality. These people have assumed control over our legislature, school boards, education system and more, destroying the fabric of society- Truth, Family and Women.
    These people have switched from staunch supporters of feminism, women’s rights and women’s equality to worshiping at the altar of mental illness. Misogyny was a buzz word a mere 24 months ago, heralded by the left as the worst crime in American society. Now misogyny is an accepted, even demanded practice and ideology of the leftist, and reverence, special accommodation of the mentally ill is demanded- or else.
    Bravo to the Randolph Girls who stood for what they believe in and know is the truth.
    Blake Allen and Reilly Gaines have it figured out- and are willing to speak out to counter the lies of the leftist elitist ideology destroying the United States.

  6. Pretty sure the legislature WANTED to pass h.659 a couple of years ago to allow puberty blockers without parental consent and were trying to get it into their transgender bill of rights but I don’t think it’s been passed. Maybe someone can pointe to the law?

    • H.659 was never taken up in committee. No need for it, as under Article 22, and H.89 and S.37 passed this session, child mental and physical mutilation “gender-affirming care” is the “standard of care” in Vermont, and is legally protected. Parents will be coerced into complying; youth are told to reject their unsupportive parents and become part of their new Trans family. We will see a flood of “patients” from states that have banned these immoral, unethical “medical proceedures”.

  7. Of course it’s settled, the pervert is right in the name of trans rights, everyone else is bigoted for questioning it

  8. Did I miss it? What was the outcome of the settlement? Blake won-but won what??? Did she get a public apology from anyone? How about the VT and/or National Media-did they publicly apologize to Blake? I understand Blake is going to a different high school in the fall, tuition free? What about the other girls on the team? Will they get offered the same deal or are they going to have to deal with this same biological boy or another future boy problem and possible acts of violence?? It doesn’t sound like the problem got solved at all. The girls are still not safe if they allow biological boys into a girls locker room!!!! And I’ll say it —a biological boy is stronger than a girl and dangerous participating in girls sports to where they can seriously injure girls-why is this even allowed? Are you waiting for someone to die?

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